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Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Best of FSK" - October 2010

I set a new single-month traffic record in October with 7717 Absolute Unique Visitors. I set a single-day traffic record of 1067 visitors, when "Worldwide Hyperinflation Race" was cited on survivalblog. It had previously been cited on infowars, but that didn't lead to enough traffic to set a record. "Nazi Social Contract" was also cited on infowars.

I don't mind if you cite content from my blog, provided you put a link back. Even if you don't, I'm not going to send a takedown notice or sue you. "Intellectual property" is not property, although copying without citing the source is sleazy. After a site editor asked me, he included my blog's full RSS feed in "Before It's News" (the economy section). Even though it's the entire article, a couple of % of people come to visit my blog, according to "Before It's News" statistics and my Google Analytics statistics. It leads to a few visits per day.

After a traffic spike, my regular readership tends to settle at a slightly higher number. Some people from the spike stick around.

I had a decent AdBrite month in October, earning $7.52. I'm still not close to earning $20/month to pay for a Linode. If I want to promote freedom as a business, I'm going to have to try something else. My eCPM is around $0.50, which means I earn about 50 cents per thousand pageviews.

I was disappointed that "Robert Kahre Wins Nobel Peace Prize" wasn't more popular. I thought that it was a clever post.

When I wrote it, I thought that "Worldwide Hyperinflation Race" was boring and obvious. I guess it's a catchy title. It's also an accurate description of what's actually happening. Maybe "things I think are obvious about economics" are not obvious to others.

"Posts that are actually popular" is not really correlated with my expectations. That's the value of having regular posts. Some things are an unexpected success. Some things flop.

I thought that my subway encounter with Chuck Schumer was really interesting, but not many people have read that post so far according to Google Analytics.

My most popular posts in October 2010 were, by Absolute Unique Visitors:

  1. Worldwide Hyperinflation Race (2,117)
  2. Did the USA Declare Bankruptcy? (449)
  3. Who's the Richest Man in the World? (385)
  4. The Hunt Brothers' Silver Corner (257)
  5. Nazi Social Contract (256)
  6. Ruby on Rails Sucks! (235)
  7. BMI/ASCAP/SESAC Legal Extortion Scam (187)
  8. The Federal Reserve Caused the Great Depression (183)
  9. The Compound Interest Paradox (176)
  10. The Gold Lease Rate is Negative! (155)
  11. Quantitative Easing 2 (145)
  12. Satanic Death Hospitals (141)
  13. Real GDP is Decreasing, 1990-2008 (123)
  14. Premium Text Messaging Fraud - 91097 and 654654 (110)
  15. The Gold and Silver Taxation Scam (94)
  16. Gold Bubble? (80)
  17. Real GDP Is Crashing, 2000-2009 (79)
  18. Agorist Philosophy Overview (77)
  19. Robert Kahre Wins Nobel Peace Prize (75)
  20. Real GDP is Decreasing, 1990-2007 (74)
  21. Gold/Silver Ratio (73)
  22. Righthaven vs. Charles Johnson (RadGeek) (71)
  23. Calculating Vega and other Greeks in Black-Scholes (70)
  24. The Five Levels of the Economy (66)
  25. The Pat Tillman Conspiracy Theory (65)
  26. Verizon LG enV Touch, Bitpim, and Open Source (63)
  27. The Compound Interest Paradox - a Simpler Explanation (59)
  28. The Fluoride Conspiracy Theory (58)
  29. The Interstate Notarization Act (56)
  30. StackOverflow Sucks! (55)
  31. Are College Athletes Exploited? (55)
  32. The Food Safety Modernization Act (53)
  33. William Shatner's New Sitcom Sucks (52)
  34. Is It Worth Hoarding Nickels? (51)
  35. The Black-Scholes Formula is Wrong! - Part 1/12 - Overview and Background (50)
  36. Gold and Silver Buyer's Guide (48)
  37. The Nymphomaniac Pattern (48)
  38. The Monetizing the Debt Scam (45)
  39. The Communist Manifesto's Successful Implementation in the USA (43)
  40. The Social Credit Monetary System (41)
  41. Repeal the 14th Amendment? (41)
  42. The Tally Stick Monetary System (40)
  43. Does Michael J. Fox Have Tardive Dyskinesia? (40)
  44. Windows Vista Reinstall Update (39)
  45. The Strawman Fallacy (38)
  46. Do Aliens Exist? (38)
  47. Brett Favre (38)
Counting only posts published in October 2010, the most popular were:
  1. Worldwide Hyperinflation Race (2,117)
  2. Nazi Social Contract (256)
  3. Quantitative Easing 2 (145)
  4. Gold Bubble? (80)
  5. Robert Kahre Wins Nobel Peace Prize (75)
  6. Gold/Silver Ratio (73)
  7. The Interstate Notarization Act (56)
  8. The Food Safety Modernization Act (53)
  9. William Shatner's New Sitcom Sucks (52)
  10. Windows Vista Reinstall Update (39)
  11. Brett Favre (38)
  12. Is GM Going Bankrupt Again? (37)
  13. An Example of State Censorship (34)
  14. Carl Paladino (32)
  15. Rick Sanchez (31)
  16. Juan Williams and the NPR Religious Cult (30)
  17. Copyforbid (27)
  18. Foreclosure-Based Economy (27)
  19. "Best of FSK" - September 2010 (25)
  20. Verizon LG envTouch Sucks! (24)
  21. TBA Mortgage Bonds (23)
  22. Eric Holder Promises To Enforce/Ignore Federal Anti-Marijuana Laws (21)
  23. Audience Of Professional Actors At Town Hall Meetings (18)
  24. CEO Attitude (17)
  25. Colbert And Congress (16)
  26. "Competitive Devaluation" Fnord (15)
  27. Market Crop Circles And Pay-Per-Quote (15)
  28. Is The BAC Mortgage Bond Buyback A Ponzi Scam Coverup? (14)
  29. Primetime: What Not To Do (12)
  30. Annoying Baseball Playoffs (10)
  31. Drug Company PR Reps Are Trolling My Blog (8)
I also updated the "Best of FSK" list in the left sidebar. That gives the all-time top posts. I noticed that is biased in favor of older posts. (I have a PHP script that parses out the Google Analytics stats, so this is an easy regular post to make.)

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