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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Transistor, UFO, and WMD Conspiracy Theory

This post is mostly speculative. I find this topic interesting, so I mention it anyway. If you don't like this post, don't use the Strawman Fallacy to discredit other things I write about.

There is an interesting story circulating on the Internet. The person who gets official credit for inventing the transistor won a Nobel Prize. However, the rumor is that he wasn't smart enough to have invented something so clever! Secret research labs had the transistor, 30-50 years earlier, and they intentionally leaked the secret to the general public! They say that Bell Labs was a venue where certain technology was leaked from secret research labs for public consumption.

One rumor is that the transistor was discovered in the wreckage of the Roswell flying saucer crash. Engineers were able to reverse-engineer the transistor, along with some other technologies that haven't been released to the public yet. The Roswell flying saucer crash was intentionally staged so that the key to inventing computers would be leaked to the general public!

Some websites claim that the flying saucer transportation device was invented around 1900 by Tesla. You can create lift by spinning a disk very quickly, which is a different mechanism than what typical airplanes use. However, that requires a tremendous amount of energy. Tesla also discovered a very cheap energy source to power his flying saucer transportation device. Maybe he also invented the transistor. The international bankers who were financing him stole his inventions for themselves, and kept them from the general public. They knew that virtually unlimited cheap energy would wreck their oil and transportation businesses.

In Germany, at the end of World War II, there were rumors that German scientists had also invented flying saucers. They were called "foo fighters". They only managed to deploy a few of them near the very end of the war. They weren't enough to win the war. After World War II, many of these German scientists were moved to secret research labs in the US.

The idea that flying saucers are aliens from another world is a cover-up. That is a subterfuge to disguise the fact that advanced technology is being hidden from the average person. The US Air Force has standing orders that all pilots who see UFOs are not to make any public statements. Doesn't that seem odd? That order sounds like something is being covered up.

Occasionally, some former high-ranking government official will come forward and expose part of the truth. He'll suggest that UFOs really are from another world and the government is keeping it a secret. That's just part of the scam. That's diverting attention from the possibility that flying saucers were invented by humans and are kept secret from everyone else.

After World War II, UFO sightings were common. They were frequently discussed in newspapers and on television. It was openly speculated that flying saucers were *NOT* aliens from another world, that they were being kept secret by a group of humans. People who made photographs or videotapes of flying saucers had them confiscated. In those days, the general public didn't have access to Photoshop or video editing tools, so photo or video evidence would have been convincing. Nowadays, it's easy to fake a videotape or photograph.

After World War II, UFO sightings would frequently show up on radar. Nowadays, when there is a claimed UFO sighting, a frequent observation is "It didn't show up on radar, so it isn't real." It is well-known that US spy planes have radar-cloaking technology. Wouldn't someone with a flying saucer use the same techniques?

The USA has an open immigration policy. The spies who infiltrated and corrupted the US government came here openly as traveling businessmen. It's very easy to infiltrate an open society.

Saddam Hussein had a closed society. His inner circle were almost all related to him. This meant that it was nearly impossible for spies to infiltrate his government. I suspect that Saddam Hussein's scientists were secretly working on flying saucers and reproducing Tesla's research. That's the reason Saddam Hussein had to be taken out. Saddam Hussein *WAS* researching weapons of mass destruction. However, the weapons he was researching don't officially exist. That's why there was no evidence to be found. What do you expect the government to say? "Saddam Hussein was researching technology we've kept from the general public?" No, they say "We lied; he didn't have WMDs."

The idea that UFOs are aliens from another world makes no sense. Why would aliens visit, and then withhold their technology from the general population? Are they waiting for humans to be "ready" for the advances? That doesn't make much sense. It's much more believable that flying saucers are advanced technology that a group of humans has withheld from everyone else. Do you think that aliens from another world would let our government keep them a secret?

There's still something that doesn't make sense to me. Why was the general population allowed to have computers? Why was the general population allowed to have the Internet? Both of those technologies could have been suppressed, while they were still only used in secret research labs. Why has this technology been released, while so many others have been kept hidden?


Anonymous said...

One reason aliens would visit and not give us their technology; we haven't advanced past the nuclear age without destroying ourselves. One could theorize there are probably other worlds out there where aliens visited and gave their technology to. But those worlds had not passed through the stage where they had the ability to wipe themselves out, and didn't wipe themselves out. Once given the superior technology, those civilizations became dominion-seeking conquerors, and now it is a "galactic" law to not give technology to planets that have not passed through the era where the ability to destroy all of civilization exists.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but...You musted be intrigued by the possibility that what we are witnessing are inter-dimensional travelers? or perhaps time travelers?

The vast distance argument becomes irrelevant. Admittedly, the earth would have the be at the correct space and time.... But Hey! Never Know

Anonymous said...

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