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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Tone Of The Matrix Has Changed

Did you notice that the tone of the Matrix changed? It seems like it's moving in the right direction, but it'll take awhile to propagate fully. Even the hardcore psychopaths might recover if they are given proper treatment (no drugs, and a highly skilled therapist, and (if necessary) prevented from physically hurting themselves until their brain recovers).

My parents would say "FSK is recovering". I say that the Matrix is improving.

Every time I had a panic attack, the tone of the Matrix changed *EACH TIME*. There was noticeable progress, but it was still all wrong.

I'm appreciating the subtlety of "release the full truth at an appropriate rate". That's not the approach I would take, but I see the merits of what's happening. I'm convinced that some high-ranking insiders know enough of the truth to make progress, but they aren't as advanced as me.

Here's an example. Ron Paul was scheduled to get the Federal Reserve oversight subcommittee chair. I was concerned that the Republicans would cheat him out of it on a technicality. He's a lock to get it now. I saw an article with a nice photo of him, rather than one carefully chosen/airbrushed to make him look bad.

I saw Ron Paul's "competing currency" idea reasonably discussed. Allow gold, silver, and FRNs to trade side-by-side, where gold and silver are connected to FRNs via the spot price. That's a "reform without collapse" solution that would never have been seriously discussed before. Someone discussed "calculate GDP in gold" like I do here.

You know how Auto-Tune makes bad singers sound good? I speculated but didn't mention here regarding "Auto-Airbrush". Hopefully, it was turned off. I couldn't tell if Auto-Airbrush was turned off or merely reprogrammed for different output.

In case you're wondering, "maximum honesty practical" is the correct answer. Are intelligent people tricked into getting plastic surgery that makes them look ugly? I always thought that plastic surgery was stupid. If professional athletes shouldn't use steroids, then actors and celebrities shouldn't get plastic surgery.

The drinking water tastes different in my work building. It tastes better. Did they take the fluoride out? Something else?

I appreciate the lowering of the taxation rate from (strongly inaccessible cardinal)% to a finite number less than 100%. Given those assumptions, what is the projected rate of economic growth?

I decided to make an experiment for "in-the-system" protest. Today at work I noticed that the food was rotten where I bought lunch. Previously, the food was excellent. They hired a low-skill psychopath, but the intelligent workers were defenseless. Did the psychopath convince them to buy food from a cheaper supplier, and they didn't bother checking that it wasn't rotten? This is something that government health inspectors could handle.

That's a valid government service. Protect intelligent workers from low-skill psychopaths.

I'll file an Anonymous complaint with the NY government, and then visit the restaurants named to see if the problem is fixed. That's my "in-the-system" protest experiment. Maybe things are getting better. I'll give the government another chance, even though the correct answer still is "really free markets".

I noticed "good restaurant randomly gets lousy" happens a lot. This occurs due to psychopath colonization. I was disappointed that Gordon Ramsay almost never kicked out the psychopath on his show. He only did that once on the NY Indian restaurant "Purnima".

It'll take awhile to train food inspectors with the "taste rotten food instantly" skill. It's a natural ability everyone has, but they suppress it due to the pro-State brainwashing. According to what I saw on TV, Gordon Ramsay can do it, but he hasn't otherwise cracked his pro-State brainwashing.

It's takes people awhile to stop eating at the psychopath-colonized restaurants, so it continues for awhile. They had a lot of customers, because he was previously good.

This scam is a way to illustrate psychopath corruption in a way that anyone could understand, without revealing the full details. Based on my analysis, this occurs at more than 10% of restaurants. Unfortunately, this would also help reinforce the illusion that a government regulatory monopoly isn't evil. The correct answer is "multiple competing food inspectors". My main short-term goal is "I don't want to eat rotten food!"

I'll conduct an experiment, file the Anonymous complaint, and see if the food gets better. Is "inside-the-system" protest a waste of time? I'll give it another chance. WTF? Why is the "mental health complaint" and "food safety complaint" on the same page? Anyway, I'll assume for now that website design problem hasn't been corrected yet, but that someone competent will handle the complaint.


dionysusal said...

There are some days when I'm optimistic about the prospects of The Matrix being "rewritten" away from all of us being in the cloying, numbing, dulling grip of a conformist, mediocrity-society, and more towards individual freedom. But then there are some days when I'm disgusted, discouraged and pessimistic.

The reason I like you so much, FSK, is that, similar to myself, you're someone who talks about the need to start over, of building a better society from the ground up, using self-assured individualists as the building blocks who voluntarily take their places in such a society. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Until the public payroll dramatically decreases, silly laws get abolished and banksters stop making obscene amounts of money for no real, productive work (i.e. loaning money printed out of thin air and charging interest for it, high frequency trading), the Matrix will exist.

Witness the fact that the clown Labour government in the UK used their positions of power to employ loads of their friends in non-productive quango jobs.

Now one set of clowns has been thrown out, the new set of Tory clowns are employing their friends as well. The chief clown noticeably has employed a photographer.

I think the figure is something like 20 clowns that are friends of the Tory clowns have been given non-jobs.

Anonymous said...

It is taxpayer money paying for clowns to have non-productive non-jobs.


These are just the clowns employed by MPs on their expenses.

This does not include all the clowns given non-jobs as civil servants.

Anonymous said...

Hey FSK, have you put Helicopter Ben in a straight jacket yet?

FSK said...

The Federal Reserve is toast. However, "The Federal Reserve is necessary!" is a solid evil fnord. It can't be eliminated overnight.

You shouldn't trust everything you see on TV. However, it is getting to be more reliable. There is a definite tone change.

As another example, "sugar is bad for you" is being seriously reconsidered. Some of the world's best doctors concluded I had a severe sugar deficiency, they had been brainwashed to believe that sugar is bad for you.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ben is a "clever" man.

The US buys goods with US dollars.

The countries with all the real resources (a lot of your oil comes from Canada) end up holding US dollars.

These countries now want to use the US dollars to buy real things such as gold and stock in US companies.

So good ol' Uncle Ben wants to print the US dollar out of existence.

Ha. Ha suckers. Thanks for all your oil, goods and real physical things. You suckers are left with worthless paper.

Can I have some of your natural gas? I have top US dollar.

Can I buy some of your uranium mines? I have top US dollar.

Uncle Ben is laughing.

Anonymous said...

Sugar is bad for you.

Yummy, yummy I want lard.

Aren't you eating raw vegetables and cooked meat?

Forget refined grains.

Anonymous said...

FSK wants some blackstrap molasses.

White food is bad.

>Some of the world's best doctors >concluded I had a severe sugar >deficiency

Are you tripping? Doctors are clowns. They want you to be ill as that is how they earn their cash.

If you want to be healthy avoid all clowns.

Spring Hall Convert said...

The tone of the Matrix hasn't changed in any meaningful way. What you're really detecting is the manifest fear of our ruling elites and their unspoken acknowledgment that the burgeoning freedom movement is a threat to their power and New World Order agenda, so they are momentarily scaling back the Matrix in an effort to stop dead in it's tracks the great awakening that has taken place in the United States, Canada, and a few other industrial nations around the world.

Bas said...

It is the presence of the Matrix that's evil, regardless of its tone. Remember in the movie, the original Matrix was a perfect world, but nobody was happy? They're merely tweaking how to make the Matrix appear non-threatening. Evil still happens in the background.

The same problem with voting, the people you can actually vote for have no, or only superficial power. It's the entrenched establishment making the rules.

Anonymous said...

The USA may well be better of than the UK.

Over here illegal immigrants flood our shores. They form gangs with knives and criminally break into houses and claim squatters' rights. The police do nothing. They say it is a civil mater.

The knife thugs from Eastern Europe kidnapp businessmen's families and demand money. Yet if you defend yourself, you will end up in jail. The thugs are left alone by the police.

Yet use a knife outside to cut fruit or to sharpen a pencil you use for drawing the police will arrest you.

Mylene Klass (the Marks & Spencer) model saw thugs outside her house. As she was alone with her child, she picked up a knife in her kitchen. The poor thug trespassing in the grounds of her house might have been frightened by a lone woman holding a knife in her kitchen at night. She the police gave her a warning.

The police in the UK only act to protect the criminals.

The local councils refuse to house soldiers returning from Afghanistan. But if you are an illegal immigrant, the council will provide a million pounds house, a big plasma screen television, games consoles, laptops and holidays.

Anonymous said...

Just to show you how much the United Kingdom has descended into absurdity, witness the fact that a Member of the European Parliament's wife is being take to court over non payment of a television license.

Yet if you come to England illegally, commit crimes, waive a knife around, kidnap people, threaten to kill, the council will give you a big million pounds house and a big plasma screen television. Presumably the government will pay the television license for the big television they give you for free.

The returning soliders from Afghanistan are told to f*** off by the local councils when they want somewhere to live.

Criminals from abroad are welcomed with open arms though.

I work for a living and I can't afford a big plasma screen television and multiple holidays a year.

Our government and councils are insane.


FSK said...

The Matrix is so strong that you can't just suddenly drop it (unless you're FSK). It has to be phased out gradually. The tone is improving.

"Illegal immigrants" are people who want to leave countries with a low-quality version of the Matrix to countries with a high-quality version of the Matrix. The USA has the highest-quality version of the Matrix. Therefore, immigration (especially currently-illegal) should be allowed.

Who would turn away highly skilled workers in a really free market? Sometimes, it's best to quietly not enforce a law immediately, while convincing people it should be changed.

Anonymous said...

Come to the United Kingdom.

If you are rich, you don't have to pay taxes. You can escape with your plundered wealth from Russia or live in a society where sex and drink are more openly available than the Middle East.

If you are poor and/or don't want to work, our insane councils full of poorly educated baby clowns will give you a million pounds house and a big plasma screen television. A laptop for each of your illegitimate children.

Your million pounds house will be obtained by leaving an insanely high tax on an incumbent's house. The house will have to be sold to pay the tax.

That is where the supply of houses comes from to house single mothers with 10 kids.

FSK said...

Can certain USA secrets be shared with the UK, without revealing too many details? If the answer is yes, then the UK will improve, albeit more slowly than the USA.

Anonymous said...

The clowns in the UK government are criminals of the highest order and ought to be tried for treason.

I'm sure giving powers away to the European Union meets the definition of treason.

Worse of all, they send our men out to Afghanistan to be blown up. When they come back they aren't given houses to live in. That piece of work David Cameron told an ex-solider in his constituency he would get back to him about housing, but DID NOT. Why do we have low grade people like this clown in power?

Yet if you come to the UK illegally you will get a million pound house.

Fight for your country and the Ministry of Defence will take you to court to try to claw back some money given to you for your injuries. The Ministry of Defence are shameful sick little clowns with not one ounce of honour.

dionysusal said...

>The Matrix is so strong that you can't just suddenly drop it (unless you're FSK).

FSK, I dropped the Matrix suddenly too. I had an experience like 15 years ago that can best be described by something from the H.P. Lovecraft poem "Fungi from Yuggoth":

XXXII. Alienation

His solid flesh had never been away,
For each dawn found him in his usual place,
But every night his spirit loved to race
Through gulfs and worlds remote from common day.
He had seen Yaddith, yet retained his mind,
And come back safely from the Ghooric zone,
When one still night across curved space was thrown
That beckoning piping from the voids behind.

He waked that morning as an older man,
And nothing since has looked the same to him.
Objects around float nebulous and dim -
False, phantom trifles of some vaster plan.
His folk and friends are now an alien throng
To which he struggles vainly to belong.

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