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Monday, September 20, 2010

Repeal the 14th Amendment?

Some Republican comedians want to partially repeal the 14th Amendment. Under the 14th Amendment, if you're in the country illegally but give birth, your children automatically become US citizens.

This leads to the "anchor babies" problem. Illegal immigrants have a child who is a US citizen. Legally, State thugs can't deport the child. If you deport the parents, you're separating parents from their children.

In Europe, children don't get automatic citizenship, even if the parents are legal immigrants. This leads to problems. The children aren't EU citizens, but not of their parents' country either. "People born in the USA automatically get citizenship!" solves stupid situations like that.

"Illegal immigration" is an evil fnord designed to help divide and conquer the masses. Stupid slaves think "The economy is bad because of illegal immigration!" The correct answer is "The economy is bad because of a corrupt economic system, a corrupt banking system, and corrupt politicians."

The correct answer is "There should be no immigration restrictions." "Illegal immigration" laws are a type of modern fugitive slave law. If the property of the Mexican government escapes to the USA, then USA politicians return to Mexican politicians their property.

By restricting immigration, various governments don't have to compete with each other. Otherwise, the most skilled workers would move to the country that offered the best working conditions. International treaties really are criminal gangs parceling out their turf.

The worst part of the 14th Amendment is the application to corporations. That isn't mentioned in this debate. The 14th Amendment has been interpreted as justifying "rights" of limited liability corporations. The key evil is "limited liability".

One source said "The Supreme Court has cited the 14th Amendment 10 times as often to justify the rights of corporations, compared to justifying the rights of individuals." The real evil of the 14th Amendment is the way it was interpreted as allowing "rights" of limited liability corporations.

There are lots of issues designed to "divide and conquer" the masses. Some examples are:

  • illegal immigration
  • abortion
  • gay marriage
  • "ground zero" mosque
A good "fake issue" will have approximately 50% of the population supporting each side.

These issues have practically no real economic value. They are a substitute for genuine debate. A person "knowledgeable" about these fake issues thinks they know a lot about politics. Politicians complain about these things, while robbing the slaves.

"Illegal immigration" is a fake issue, designed to divide and conquer the masses. "Illegal immigrants" are blamed for problems, instead of real corruption elsewhere. In a really free market, there are no immigration restrictions. Laws restricting "illegal immigration" are a type of modern fugitive slave law. Immigration restrictions are a symptom of "People are the property of government bureaucrats."


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the extent of FSK's views that all government should be abolished. However the thesis of this blog is largely valid.

In the Daily Mail, there have been at least two articles written by a council employee stating that all his co-workers sit in an office all day and do virtually no work. They take excessive amounts of time off sick, even though they are not sick.

In the news in general I hear that one third to one quarter of our council tax does not go towards services, but actually towards paying for the pensions of former council workers.

Most private sector employees no longer get company pensions. So why are we paying for the pensions of former government workers?!

Council tax is HIGH and depends on where you live. It does NOT DEPEND ON INCOME.

Many old age pensioners on fixed incomes are taken to court over non payment of council tax. This shames the whole UK.

If you read the newspapers you will find many examples of how council workers try to extort money from innocent people that have accidentally put their rubbish in the wrong bin or too much rubbish in the right bin.

A council actually took a woman to court when her baby threw a piece of candy wrapper out of her car window!!!!

Councils do less real work and just want to sit back, collect the money and harass law-abiding citizens. They don't harrass criminals because that would be too dangerous for them.

Anonymous said...

Currently in the news, one female councilor is suing over the fact a male councilor asked her if she had an all-over tan after she returned from her vacations.

The local councils are just gravy trains for people that do little productive work.

Anonymous said...

The moral of the above comment is that it is easier to start a court case to get money than to do real productive work.

"The man that works in a factory is yesterday's news."

Anonymous said...

From my understanding, the 14th amendment should be fully repealed. If someone from Mexico has children born here, they are now US property not Mexican property, so it doesn't really help the individual. From an anarchist perspective, why do we need any nation's citizenship. From a conservitave perspective, we should be state citizens anyways not federal citizens. With a state citizenship you can always move to another state, so there is a little competition, but I think no state is the best and 14th amendment is the worst citizenship to have.

fritz said...

The 14th amendment turned everyone in the united states into slaves subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. Before the 14th amendment all people residing in the U.S. were sovereign citizens of their prospective states.
After the 14th amendment we were no longer sovereign people of our state of origin. We became subjects (citizens) of a corporation called the " united states" And subject to the jurisdiction their of. And thats called statutory jurisdiction.

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