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Monday, November 15, 2010

This Isn't A Setup

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Restraining Psychopaths In US Government":

This may be the best 2+ year set up for an acai berry blog of all time.
It is a setup for the fall of the Matrix.

What is an acai berry blog?
In all seriousness, please help us understand EXACTLY what has happened, besides your new insight. WHO exactly have you talked to/convinced in the government (names not necessary of course)? What have they told you, and what experience has led you to believe FOR SURE in aliens? This is all a pretty fantastic shift, and I'm just trying to understand.
I am, unfortunately, serious. I have spoken to nobody officially.

I was an unknowing participant in a human experiment to discover the Matrix, psychopaths, and evil aliens posing as humans. Someone noticed my unusual background, unusual behavior by Chuck Schumer, and put the two together.

I hallucinated(?) that I did see some evil aliens. They looked like shadows from Babylon 5. They were afraid of me.

I hallucinated(?) that my mother was temporarily possessed by an alien. He said "sudo root; universe kill FSK" in the base code of the universe. He did it twice! It was shocking. It didn't work.

The good news is that the Matrix has been beaten. It will take awhile for the change to fully propagate. Notice the more favorable coverage of Ron Paul and his ideas. It isn't a doublecross. It's actually happening. They can't admit the full truth all at once, because it would be too shocking.

The psychopaths/aliens that have infiltrated our society have been removed/restrained.

The space cops are helping clean up the crime scene, now that evidence required for a conviction has been obtained. They will not be noticeable. They are mostly assisting human cops.

If I'm right, a bunch of high-ranking elite policemen have been unplugged from the Matrix like me. They are working on the problem. Regrettably, they can't make a public announcement at this time, because THE TRUTH IS SO HORRIBLE! If I'm right, there are honest and intelligent human police working on the problem. They have earned my respect. The dishonest police should be removed and forced to compensate victims.

I'll go back to my usual topic stream soon. But, the shock of seeing the Matrix *AND* humans cooperating with me is a total shock! This is the first time I saw a high-ranking human aware of the Matrix.


justino said...

YouTube or it didn't happen.

Ronnie said...

"If I'm right, there are honest and intelligent human police working on the problem."

I thought you were an anarchist?

FSK said...

Psychopaths have been restrained at the highest levels of government. The non-psychopaths are going to get their act together.


The correct long-term answer still is "really free markets". HOWEVER, THIS IS A SEVERE EMERGENCY AND THERE'S ONLY ONE QUALIFIED SELLER.

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