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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, and Adhesion Contracts

When you get a birth certificate for your child, you are registering them as government property. Literally, you need permission from the government to be born. Some people say that, by getting a birth certificate, you are selling your child into a lifetime of slavery.

Similarly, when you get a Social Security card, you are voluntarily entering the taxation system. You are acknowledging that your labor is property of the government. You are agreeing to the taxation of your labor.

Even if you read the fine print, you would not see this explicitly stated anywhere.

A contract imposed by violence or trickery is an adhesion contract. It is not a legally valid contract. Even though you have a birth certificate, you don't have to act as if you are government property. Even though you have a Social Security card, you can still try to work without getting permission from the Federal Reserve.

Unfortunately, it is impractical to live without a birth certificate or Social Security card. Without them, you would be unable to get any official government ID. You would be unable to drive. You would be unable to open a bank account. You would be unable to fly. You would be unable to get a passport.

Until the underground economy becomes FAR more sophisticated, you still need a birth certificate, Social Security card, and government ID card. At this time, I advise freedom seekers to still get birth certificates and Social Security cards. They are adhesion contracts, and aren't morally enforceable.

Of course, these adhesion contracts are LEGALLY enforceable. Government violence demands the collection of taxes. It's important to understand the distinction between what is *LEGAL* and what is morally acceptable.


Anonymous said...


Here in Mississippi (like all states) the state government is in charge of issuing marriage licenses. As a result, you have to get blood tested here in MS - so they can check you for......syphilis. Apparently it used to be a big problem in MS. It no longer is and seems to be like there would be perhaps a couple of diseases more important that syph to be looking for. But state still mandates this blood test. Personally I think these government issued licenses for the affairs of your personal life are for the birds and brings us a whole range of vile legislation relating to it (think gay marriage).

My nephew (just graduated high school) and I were listening to the radio and the issue of drug piss testing in schools came up. He immediately stood up strong for the program stating "kids don't need to be selling drugs at school" and on and on. Well last time i checked children are the responsiblity of parents - and we are steadily creating mountains of legislation in this country to raise our kids in the absence of parents. So I suggested the idea to my nephew, that the problem with drug testing these kids is that it opens the doors for all sorts of other testing they would like to perform on children. Obviously the labs that do the testing are the ones benefitting. And then there is the issue (which came up recently) of mandatory mental screening for all teachers AND students. I suppose this way the government can demand you put your kids on drugs. Anywho - that's the road you start down once you begin these paths.. have a good one - enjoyed the read..


David_Z said...

Maybe a more appropriate term would be "duress."

Adhesion refers to any contract which is generally not negotiable, and not necessarily a contract one party must accept. Most insurance policies fall under the "adhesion" category, insofar as you can't negotiate the policy line-by-line, they're on standard form.

I suppose a "contract" with the State, like social security or birth certificates is also kind-of an adhesion contract (since it's non-negotiable) but it is primarily a decision under duress, and as a contract, any honest court would find such instruments to be facially void --- not because it was a contract of adhesion, but because the decision to accept it was not made freely.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I would be interested in your thoughts on the Liberty Colony and really establishing a place of freedom. Without action all talk is pointless.

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