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Friday, November 12, 2010

What Are Optimal PC Power Saver Settings?

Windows Update may have changed the power saver settings on my PC, without warning. I changed them because there are two costs:

  1. The power.
  2. The on/off switch on your PC wears out after n uses (n designed to be 200-1000).
Therefore, I concluded that 1 was worth less than 2. My calculation may be wrong, but it was based on my estimate of current market prices and other costs. It may be have been a wrong calculation, but it certainly wasn't evil-wrong if current market prices are correct. That incident makes me not trust Windows. It was rude to change it without warning me.


Anonymous said...

Microsoft have done wonderful things. Simply getting an operating system to work with a vast amount of different graphics cards, sound cards, motherboards etc must be a painstaking job and needs lots of organization.

But they seem removed from ordinary people.

They create virtually pointless technology in amongst everything else.

They have no idea how a normal development process works.

They are insular.

They are overrun with bureaucracy.

They have no idea of time constraints, money constraints that go on in the real world.

They can be arrogant and rude.

However in their ranks they are decent people.

FSK said...

If a Microsoft employee is reading this, then figure out WTF is wrong with my LG Env Touch's USB data synchronization feature via bitpim?

I think it's a trick cable connecting to the touch.

Anonymous said...

FSK should have purchased a Blackberry.

I haven't used a Nokia for ages, but they might be worth a try now.

john said...

wow, NSA had removed the post already! They are watching you, FSK, no doubt!

dionysusal said...

Regarding your post "Does FSK Work For The NSA?" (gone now)... if you really do work for the NSA, just admit it. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe you can steer it in a virtuous direction, make it less tyrannical, and focus it toward destroying the criminal network instead of harassing peaceful, freedom-loving people.

FSK said...

I conjecture it is an unofficial role in an unnamed organization. "NSA" was the best first-order approximation I could think of.

I have no idea what is the true name. This is a *BIG* problem. Planet Earth is an alien crime scene.

Of course, I'm not 100% sure. This is my best guess. Don't hold it against me if I'm wrong. My other points are still worth considering even if this turns out to be wrong.

Still, I should take reasonable precautions for my personal safety. There is probably no real risk, but I should still be reasonable.

dionysusal said...

Are you saying you're like one of those "indigo children" who are supposedly here to help us through difficult times, or something else like an actual alien? The former is quite plausible, but the latter is hard to believe.

FSK said...

I'm pretty sure I'm actually human. That would mean everyone is actually really smart, but suppresses it due to their pro-Matrix brainwashing. There probably still are some variations. I have almost no idea what the actual distribution of human intelligence is.

Due to a dire emergency, I achieved full consciousness. Some humans helped me consciously, some unconsciously. Most of the ones helping me consciously (other than relatives and coworkers) are probably sworn to secrecy agreements.

There are secret human police helping me. That's why the mainstream media took a sharp favorable turn.

Someone noticed my unusual background and noticed something unusual about certain people. They arranged a meeting for proof. There's a lot of work besides my part.

The pyschopath/alien purge is in progress. The Matrix is too clever a trap for it to have occurred naturally.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
The Matrix has a nefarious subplot embedded and is triggered only by FSK when he states reasonable theories such as: "I think it's a trick cable...." followed by: "...of course I'm not 100% sure..."
Observe: The error occurred somewhere between :I think", and "...not 100% sure" They have ways to to be both arrogant AND rude. TRUST ME...I'M A DOCTOR!

Anonymous said...

link 2 original post

Anonymous said...

I think MS made quite a few bad decision since the invention of MS-DOS (early versions).

The only one positive and good thing is their software's compatibility (even with earlier MS-DOS applications). Although nowadays it is less important.

Apple's Steve Jobs had always problems with compatibility (even now they declined to be a long term support of Java).
They use Cocoa.

I used Objective C at the time the first NeXT machines appeared. They were better than MacS. But they haven't survived. Maybe now they will.

FSK said...

There is something *SERIOUSLY* wrong with the world. I probably helped honest insiders get their act together.

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