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Monday, October 18, 2010

Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino upset the guy who was "supposed" to win the NY Republican governor nomination. The mainstream media is pursing a massive smear campaign against Carl Paladino. That makes me think "He must be a good candidate."

Cuomo's primary qualification is "My father was governor."

Carl Paladino is running as a "Tea Party" candidate. However, that doesn't prove he isn't scum. Many of the "Tea Party" candidates probably are "controlled opposition". They're criticizing big government now, but probably will act differently once they're elected. Insiders may have picked people who "say the right thing". The mainstream media only promoted "approved" Tea Party candidates.

Ronald Reagan talked a good talk about evil big government. While he was President, the Federal government got bigger, both on an absolute basis and as a % of the economy.

It's very easy for State insiders to derail an electoral reform movement. The State media cartel promotes candidates who say some of the right things, but will still obey orders once elected. None of the mainstream "Tea Party" candidates say "All taxation is theft!".

If a politician breaks campaign promises, then the slaves have no recourse. All they can do is wait for the next election, and vote for a different insider-picked candidate.

For example, Carl Paladino was criticized for saying "State schools should not teach children that homosexuality is as desirable as heterosexuality. You shouldn't mistreat homosexuals, but you shouldn't actively encourage it." He contradicted State propaganda.

Actually, I noticed that's what actually happens. A parasitic homosexual person psychologically dominates an emotionally weak person, and makes them their gay sex slave.

I doubt that Carl Paladino would achieve any real reform as governor. It's still amusing to see the State media cartel slander him. I'm not holding my breath waiting for reform to occur via voting. It's still nice to see some candidates indirectly criticizing the State.


Anonymous said...

In the UK kingdom, the Conservative party promised to raise the limit of inheritance tax to 1 million pounds.

Their leader even appeared on television to say that leaving something to your children is the most natural thing in the world.

When they made a deal with the LibDems to create a coalition government, they said the plans to raise the inheritance tax limit will be shelved. Maybe if they get into office a second time in 5 years, they might raise it then!

A threshold of 1 million pounds for inheritance tax seems high. However in reality it is not.

Property prices in London and the South-East of England are very, very high. Prices have risen drastically over the past 20 years.

Inheritance tax thresholds have not kept in line with property prices.

The current threshold can easily be below the price of property in London. This means that FAMILY CAN BE FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOUSE WHEN A FAMILY MEMBER DIES.

Inheritance tax is INSANE.

You can live in a house for decades and end up FORCED OUT ON THE STREET.

If you pay to maintain the house (VERY EXPENSIVE) the price of the house will go up. This means the tax payable will GO UP. BUT YOU HAVE LESS MONEY AS YOUR MONEY WENT TO MAINTAIN THE HOUSE.

So if you repair your house, you have to pay more tax and at the same time you have less savings to pay the tax.



Anonymous said...

You and your family can work all your life to try to own something.

But the clowns in government will take it from you and throw you out into the street.

Your house will then go to the feckless that have never worked a day in their lives. They just know about how to wring the maximum out of the benefit system.

There is a whole army of clowns in welfare offices giving big payments and big televisions and big million pound houses to people that do not work and have no intention of ever working.

But the money and houses they give away have to come from somewhere.

The come from throwing working people out of the houses they own outright.

Old age pensioners are put into prison for not being able to pay their council tax.

But attack viciously attack someone and you will not get a prison sentence.

I suppose the thugs and clowns in government show professional courtesy to the thugs that are lower down in the thuggery business.

1/πi said...

"A parasitic homosexual person psychologically dominates an emotionally weak person, and makes them their gay sex slave."

You didn't generalize enough. Only when you remove the words homosexual and gay from that sentence does it become true. This is exactly what happens in our society's "dating game", but individual people's sexual orientations have nothing to do with whether or not they succumb to brainwashing and follow state approved courtship rituals.

Saying Carl Paladino is right is like saying "State schools should not teach children that girls are as valuable to society as boys. You shouldn't mistreat girls, but you shouldn't actively encourage them." You can apply the same thinking to any genetically determined difference between people to promote all kinds of social strife. I do not consider the idea that a person should not be judged based upon the circumstances of their birth to be state propaganda, just as you don't:

Why should you have to move just because you were born in an area that has a government?

Why should homosexuals be judged as inferior just because they are a naturally occurring minority within most animal populations?

Besides, social strife is exactly what they are promoting with that story, just like when they promote racism. Paladino's remarks are designed to enrage supporters of the GLBT portions of the community and the criticism is designed to enrage their detractors, thus pitting two sides against each other to split his constituents apart. People who were already intending to vote for Cuomo aren't even affected by the "controversy", and whether or not homosexuality is to be encouraged or not has nothing to do with the politics involved.

They probably could have found any number of things to slander him with, but his anti-homosexual bigotry was an easy target they didn't have to work very hard to dig up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the previous poster for bringing up why it's wrong to encourage discriminating against and fearing gays. You explained your reasoning better than I could.

I appreciate most of the truly unique posts about state control and economics, but I will no longer recommend this blog to others interested in agorism. I will have to comment on the many -isms that plague this blog when I speak to friends about it. It's almost like a state insider snuck that stuff in there to take attention away from the many valid points that this blog makes and deter queer people of color from promoting it.

BTW the answer to the question of same-sex marriage's legality is always "The government should not be giving anyone special rights for marriages/civil unions."

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