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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Derek Jeter's New Contract

Derek Jeter is negotiating a new contract. The Yankees offered $15M/year for three years. That's a pay cut compared to his last contract. However, Derek Jeter is now an older player with declining skills.

The Yankees told Derek Jeter. "You're a free agent. You aren't going to get more than $15M/yr from another team." That's probably true.

A-Rod's contract totally skews the comparison. The Yankees definitely overpaid for him. He's only 3 years into his 10 year $25M/yr contract, and his performance is already substantially decreasing.

However, it's only a partially free market. There are only a handful of teams that could afford to pay $15M/yr for a shortstop, even one that's actually worth it.

What is Derek Jeter worth? These two pages do a "value over replacement player" analysis. They compare Derek Jeter's "increased win chance" compared to what someone earning the minimum salary would do. However, that's flawed. Even if the Yankees didn't have Derek Jeter, they'd still be spending $10M+/yr for a high-quality shortstop. Derek Jeter shouldn't be statistically compared to someone earning the minimum. He should be compared to the top shortstop free agent the Yankees would otherwise sign.

They Yankees risk "bidding against themselves" if they increase their offer. Why offer Derek Jeter more than $15M/yr, if no other team is going to come close to that?

Another interesting example is Cliff Lee. He's probably going to get a huge windfall. He's marketed as a "clutch postseason pitcher". Is he really that super-awesome in the postseason? Or, is it sampling error, because he only had a small handful of starts. There probably will be some "mean reversion". However, he probably has a few good years left before he's too old to pitch well.

Studying sports CBA negotiations and player negotiations is interesting. It's a non-free market. In a really free market, the top free agents could tell the owners "I'm starting my own competing team!", if they weren't getting a fair deal.

Alternatively, someone would start a new league and pay the players more. This does not occur, because it's not a free market. There are a lot of barriers to entry for starting a new sports league. Most of the "competing leagues" were formed decades ago when there was a freer market. They ended in a merger with the established league, creating a State-backed monopoly.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Quantitative Easing And Money Creation

In the latest round of "quantitative easing", the Federal Reserve will create approximately $1 trillion of new bank reserves.

How much inflation will this cause? It's actually a lot more than just $1T. The Federal Reserve creates $1T of new bank reserves. Then, by the magic power of fractional reserve banking, the financial industry creates an additional $9T.

With a 10:1 reserve ratio, for each $1 that the Federal Reserve creates, private banks create an additional $9.

Normally, when the Federal Reserve "monetizes the debt", they purchase short-term Treasury debt with newly-created money. These purchases keep short-term interest rates far lower than the fair free market interest rate.

However, the Fed Funds Rate is currently 0%-0.25%. It can't be further lowered.

Normally, the Federal Reserve buys short-term Treasury debt. However, the Federal Reserve insiders can buy whatever they want. For this round of quantitative easing, the Federal Reserve plans on buying longer-term Treasury debt.

This causes the yield curve to flatten. Instead of buying only short-term debt, the Federal Reserve is also buying longer-term debt.

There's another loophole the Federal Reserve is using. They are paying banks interest on reserves. For example, a bank could borrow from the Federal Reserve at 0.1% and then deposit those newly created reserves for 0.25%.

This also is a stealth bailout for banks. Most Treasury debt is owned by US banks. They borrow at the Fed Funds Rate and buy Treasury debt, making a practically riskless profit. Foreign central banks own Treasury debt, but they have an unleveraged long position. Foreign central banks are actually losing purchasing power, because the Treasury interest rate is far less than true inflation.

Suppose a bank bought a 10 year Treasury bond at a yield of 4%. They sell to the Federal Reserve for 3%. That's a profit of 1%*10 =10%. (The change in bond price approximately equals change in yield times duration, with opposite sign.) If the bank has 100x leverage in its Treasury debt, then the actual profit is 10% * 100 = 1000%. Banks make huge profits speculating in Treasury debt, while taking on practically no risk. That's how banks make huge profits while the rest of the economy is stuck in a recession/depression.

The banksters make a lot of money via the State. They can always profitably lobby to block reform. However, they are stealing too large a percentage of productive work, and the whole system is collapsing.

Also, insiders profit by knowing which bonds the Federal Reserve is buying. Is the Federal Reserve buying a duration of 2-year, 5-year, 7-year, 13-year, etc? If an insider knew ahead of time, they could buy that specific bond and then sell to the Federal Reserve.

Via quantitative easing, the Federal Reserve literally prints new money and gives/lends it to the banksters. Lending someone money at 0% is like giving them money, because true inflation is much higher.

Does this mean banks are profitable? Does this mean bank stocks are a good investment? No. Most of the money goes to insiders, with the shareholders getting leftovers. The banksters can steal/waste money just as fast as the Federal Reserve can give it to them. With a rigged monetary system, why not steal as much as you can? The banksters can receive a $1T government subsidy, while stealing/wasting $1.5T or more. Then, the banks would be losing money even though they're receiving a humongous government subsidy. When you're "too big to fail", why not steal/waste money just as fast as the government gives it to you?

This is the problem with the US economy. It's easier to make money via financial tricks and State bailouts, than by actually working. The Federal Reserve is one huge money laundering operation. The banksters made the details complicated, so the slaves don't understand how they're being robbed.

The Federal Reserve's quantitative easing isn't free. Everyone else pays the cost via inflation. State comedians/economists make up fancy lies for why stealing/inflation actually helps people.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

FSK Asks - Boot Vista From A Flash Drive?

I've been looking into this. It isn't simple.

According to this page and this page, I need this 1GB download, "Windows Automated Installation Kit". Is that right?

What happened to "format disk, copy files over, make it bootable"? That doesn't work anymore? I need this 1GB download just to make a bootable Vista USB flash drive?

On the one hand, that's completely silly. On the other hand, that's exactly what I expect from Microsoft.

I've also looked into making a Linux bootable flash drive.

Recall my goal. I'm pretty sure my problem with my cell phone to PC transfer is a driver issue. I want to make a clean Vista install (booting from USB), with *NO* updates and *NO* drivers except for the cell phone. Then, I'll see if it works.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Annoying Cell Phone

I'm still annoyed at my LG envTouch cell phone. I'm 99.9% sure it's a Windows driver problem, that's causing my trouble with connecting to my PC.

I'm waiting until September 2011, when my contract expires, to get a new phone. This phone is such a POS. All I want from my cell phone is:

  1. Compose blog drafts on the subway and transfer them to my PC.
  2. Use it as a phone.
The ****ing driver won't work for the LG envTouch. It's so annoying. I tried reinstalling the driver and got an error. It did reinstall properly when I reinstalled Vista. Some "Windows Update" messed it up.

I'm going to try "boot Vista from flash drive" with a clean install (no updates) and nothing but the modem driver. If that doesn't work, I'm going to try "boot Linux from flash drive". I'm so annoyed. I'm almost definitely sure it's a driver problem.

Friday, November 26, 2010

TSA - Who Benefits?

There's been a lot of backlash against TSA airport screening recently. The mainstream media is heavily pushing a pro-TSA propaganda campaign. On the Internet, a lot of people are starting to get offended.

There's one aspect of the story not commonly debated. It's the usual "Who benefits?"

The TSA screening is corporate welfare for the insiders who manufacture the backscatter scanner machines.

Also, the TSA workers are unionized government employees. That's corporate welfare for the union bureaucrats. That's corporate welfare for the people appointed to supervise the screeners. With an airport in every state, that's a lot of pork to spread around.

There's one huge perk for the TSA, in addition to restricting traveler's freedom. It's one huge corporate welfare and pork project.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blogging Holiday

I decided to skip posting today. I made a post so that people don't think I was hospitalized.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

State Anti-Anarchist Propaganda

This article on techdirt was interesting. There was a widely-circulated photo of an "anarchist" smashing windows.

However, it was a staged photo-op. The "anarchist" was surrounded by photographers! They were all removed from the photos that were actually published! Allegedly, the "anarchist" shot several takes. He tried smashing the window several times, so they could get a good photo.

That's a pretty flagrant example of the mainstream media manufacturing news. There's a lot of State propaganda against anarchists. An important State lie is "If you're against the government violence/justice monopoly, then you're in favor of random senseless violence."

When I was in school, I read about various political philosophies. I only read about the pro-State troll "property is theft" version of anarchism. I didn't learn about market anarchism until later via the Internet.

There's a lot of State propaganda against anarchists. That faked photo is a clear example.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BP Oil On Atlantic City Beaches?

I recently was in Atlantic City, NJ. I was there on a "spring tide" day (full moon) at low tide. I looked at the beach.

It was disgusting. There definitely was a lot of oil, and maybe some chemicals. Did oil from the Gulf of Mexico make it all the way to New Jersey? Was it another spill?

There definitely was a lot of oil on the beach, compared to the last time I was there.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pointless Google Class Action Lawsuit

You probably heard about the Google class action lawsuit settlement:

Google rarely contacts Gmail users via email, but we are making an exception to let you know that we've reached a settlement in a lawsuit regarding Google Buzz (, a service we launched within Gmail in February of this year.

Shortly after its launch, we heard from a number of people who were concerned about privacy. In addition, we were sued by a group of Buzz users and recently reached a settlement in this case.

The settlement acknowledges that we quickly changed the service to address users' concerns. In addition, Google has committed $8.5 million to an independent fund, most of which will support organizations promoting privacy education and policy on the web. We will also do more to educate people about privacy controls specific to Buzz. The more people know about privacy online, the better their online experience will be.

Just to be clear, this is not a settlement in which people who use Gmail can file to receive compensation. Everyone in the U.S. who uses Gmail is included in the settlement, unless you personally decide to opt out before December 6, 2010. The Court will consider final approval of the agreement on January 31, 2011. This email is a summary of the settlement, and more detailed information and instructions approved by the court, including instructions about how to opt out, object, or comment, are available at

This mandatory announcement was sent to all Gmail users in the United States as part of a legal settlement and was authorized by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Google Inc. | 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway | Mountain View, CA 94043
When Google released Buzz, they made the default setting "share all contacts". This meant that you automatically shared all your E-Mail contacts with all of your contacts. Gmail automatically "adds to contacts" anyone you E-Mail a few times. The net effect is that every gmail user shared all their contacts with each other.

This was a huge privacy breach.

As usual, there was a class action lawsuit and settlement. The only people who made any money off the lawsuit were the lawyers.

Of course, there's no meaningful way for Google to reimburse everyone. If you set the fine to be "$100 per gmail user", that would bankrupt Google.

You can "opt out" of the settlement. There's no point hiring your own lawyer when it would be hard to prove substantial actual damages.

The State system of class action lawsuits only benefits lawyers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Health Insurance Phishing

I'm pretty sure I got a health insurance phishing call! The laws and protocols explicitly encourage it.

I was able to tell, just from the tone of his voice, that he was phishing.

He will get caught if guilty. I'm mentioning it on my blog.

BE CAREFUL! This is a big well-coordinated scam! It's only a tiny slice of the Matrix.

This goes back to a "mundane" themed FSK post.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Online Dating Or Phishing?

Are most online dating websites really phishing organizations? My "conspiracy spider sense" says "yes".

Friday, November 19, 2010

Does Seroquel Cure Color Blindness?

I already mentioned a bizarre conspiracy theory. Seroquel contains/is a vitamin that is not normally present in large quantities in human food. "FSK has a mental illness!" was equivalent to "FSK has a severe Seroquel vitamin deficiency!" I'll call it the "Seroquel vitamin".

Most people don't have much emotional awareness. They don't use all of their brains. Therefore, they don't notice the Seroquel vitamin deficiency.

The patent for Seroquel was owned by AstraZeneca. However, it is about to expire. "The Seroquel vitamin gives people high Matrix awareness!" makes that vitamin very valuable. However, there may be other drugs/vitamins with similar properties. I think I got a "daw" prescription for Seroquel, so I didn't get a generic.

There are trace amounts of the Seroquel vitamin in most food, so that people don't die. However, there are no foods legally available that contain the Seroquel vitamin in large concentrations. I suspect "raw milk" contains greater concentrations of the Seroquel vitamin than regular milk. The "Make food safe!" processes also extract the Seroquel vitamin. Also, if you aren't prepared to handle the shock of seeing the Matrix, then Seroquel will be *VERY* bad for you.

"Werther's Originals" seems to have higher Seroquel vitamin concentration compared to most food. I have no idea why. In the summer, my father grew tomatoes, giving me a Seroquel vitamin boost. The tomatoes he grew himself had greater Seroquel vitamin concentration than those purchased in stores. Maybe the Seroquel vitamin decays rapidly, making it not present in most processed food.

If you grow your own vegetables, you get greater amounts of the Seroquel vitamin. However, most human food has been genetically engineered over time to have negligible amounts of the Seroquel vitamin.

I suspect that many "recreational drugs" have the Seroquel vitamin *PLUS* poisons mixed in.

I had red/green color blindness, the most common type. Here's something really bizarre, and you probably won't believe me. I'm no longer color blind! "Seroquel cures color blindness!" is the sort of thing even a drug corporation CEO would be interested in. They probably could get a separate patent for it. Remember that intellectual property and patents are not property.

There's a reproducible scientific test for color blindness. I've been taking 100mg/day of the Seroquel vitamin for a little longer than a week. A real scientist could confirm my results. I'm not taking any other psychiatric drugs/vitamins.

Your body contains a certain limited amount of Seroquel vitamin, because otherwise you'd die. When placed in an emotionally stressful situation, your reserves are depleted. Then, you have a panic attack. However, the emergency room gives you brain-suppressing drugs, rather than fixing the vitamin deficiency. My emergency room treatment was so horrible that I assumed all drugs were bad. I never imagined there was a drug/vitamin that would be useful.

My therapist arranged for me to get a Seroquel pill, without being hospitalized. The results were astonishing! I recovered rapidly. It totally seems like I had a vitamin deficiency.

Also, if you cure your Seroquel vitamin deficiency, you'll see the Matrix in its full horror. You'll be given another drug, in addition to Seroquel, to suppress your brain so you aren't shocked by the Matrix. I already knew about the Matrix. Now that my Seroquel vitamin deficiency was cured, I have very high awareness of the Matrix. I can handle it, knowing how horrible it is. Other patients usually get the Seroquel vitamin *PLUS* another drug that suppresses their brain activity.

However, most people couldn't handle a Seroquel vitamin. The shock of seeing the Matrix would be too horrible.

This is a bizarro conspiracy theory. You probably won't believe me. I'm 99%+ sure it's true. To review:

  1. Seroquel is a vitamin normally absent from human diet.
  2. If you get even a small dose of Seroquel, then you're able to see The Matrix in its full horror.
  3. In an emotionally stressful situation, you deplete your Seroquel reserves.
  4. Some honest high-ranking government insiders also know this now, and are working on it. They can't publicly admit the truth right now, because the truth is so horrible.
  5. Seroquel vitamin deficiency leads to red/green color blindness (the most common type).
  6. Psychopaths and parasites have partial Matrix awareness. However, they aren't aware that what they're doing is wrong. They think everyone is a dishonest scumbag, just like I used to think everyone (especially State authority figures) was honest and trying their best. A psychopath sees an intelligent person asking questions as an abusive jerk.
An Agent of the Matrix is a psychopath/parasite. His primary skill is emotional manipulation. Most people lack the defense against psychopaths. A psychopath excels at taking credit for any success, while deflecting blame for failure.

Right now, most high-ranking government insiders are Agents of the Matrix, or are intelligent people that psychopaths can manipulate. However, some honest and intelligent insiders now know the truth. The psychopaths are being removed from positions of authority, but that will take awhile.

The US economy was falling apart, because nearly all the leaders were psychopaths. If the psychopaths are removed, then things will get better. Other reforms can be introduced gradually.

I still know that "really free markets" is the best long-term solution. However, the Matrix is a pretty severe problem.

Previously, I thought "Agent of the Matrix" was synonymous with "government policeman". Suppose the psychopaths are excluded from government, and all policemen have high Matrix awareness. That would lead to the end of the State but not the end of government. With the psychopaths gone, the police could start doing their job honestly instead of incompetently/corruptly. Then, competing currencies, competing regulatory agencies, and competing police would be allowed. The "libertarian/anarcho-capitalist" ideal of gradually shrinking government would be attainable. That would be instead of the agorist idea "Government is hopeless. Let it fall apart." If the psychopaths are removed, gradual real reform is possible.

The psychopaths and the Matrix were the problem, and not government itself. However, government was a big enabling factor for the psychopaths and the Matrix. If psychopaths are removed from government, then things will get a lot better.

With psychopaths removed from positions of authority, real economic growth should skyrocket.

I've already noticed a change in the tone of the Matrix. For example, subway announcements are friendlier. As another example, police sirens are a pattern now rather than inducing a hypnotic trance. Some high-ranking government insiders know the truth.

"Agent of the Matrix" is not the same as "US government employee". I don't have the resources to give 10k+ people Seroquel vitamins and unplug them from the Matrix. Only the US Federal government has the resources to deal with that. Only they can handle unraveling the Matrix. The correct answer still is "really free markets", but the Matrix is a severe emergency.

I'm convinced that high-ranking US government insiders are dealing with the Matrix/psychopath problem. It'll take awhile. If I'm wrong, then the US government is going to fall apart. Either way, agorism is the best strategy for achieving freedom. I'm waiting a few years to see how things go. Plus, I'm still recovering from the shock of my Seroquel vitamin deficiency. If the psychopaths are restrained, then it'll be less risky to conduct an agorist experiment.

"Seroquel is a vitamin!" seems like a bizarre statement. I never realized there were helpful psychiatric drugs/vitamins. I haven't noticed any negative side-effects of Seroquel, unlike every other drug I've tried. "Seroquel cures red/green color blindness!" seems bizarre, but I'm mostly convinced.

The Matrix was a clever trap, but I escaped. Did the Matrix happen by accident? Did evil aliens organize it? (I'm guessing "evil aliens".) Anyway, things should start getting better soon.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Banks Data Mining Call Data

I had a weird conspiracy theory. Do banks data mine customer call data for the purpose of manipulating the stock market?

When you call your broker and ask about a stock, that's a huge information leak. Dishonest scum like whoever built the Matrix would do that sort of thing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beware The Supermarket!

I went to the supermarket. I noticed some people checking out the customers, looking for people to rob.

It was obvious, now that I have enhanced Matrix vision. If a policeman could see the Matrix as well as me, he would be super-effective!

Hopefully, somewhere there's a "psychopath task force" working on the problem of the Matrix.

Fnord In Millipede

I noticed a fnord in Millipede. The game is rigged so that, if you're a better player, it makes the difficulty harder.

You can hear it. You can decode the "player death" sound and decrypt it.

I noticed this in many computer games.

The truth is out there for anyone who wants to look.

Someone should use MAME to play turn-based millipede. They would notice the problem. You could do it on a modern PC with an emulator.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FSK Supports Honest Soldiers And Police

The slogan "Support the troops and police unconditionally!" should be changed to "Support the honest troops and police, but severely punish the dishonest ones." Now that the psychopaths are gone, this should be easier to evaluate. Right now, police and solders get relatively lenient penalties. They actually should get harsher penalties, due to their professionalism. Honestly recording on-duty police all the time exonerates honest policemen and catches dishonest policemen.

For now, the US government has an absolute monopoly. They should make sure dishonest soldiers and police are punished. That would increase respect.

Was Bradley Manning honest or a psychopath? I didn't meet him, so I can't tell. If he's honest, he should be allowed to plea bargain for time served. My guess is that he is/was honest.

I'll support honest troops and police. It's so ****ed up that a strong honest government is required right now. However, taxes are still way too high. THE MATRIX/STATE IS THE PROBLEM AND NOT GOVERNMENT.

The real problem was the psychopaths, and not government itself. It'll take awhile before low-skill psychopaths are gone. I still think that "really free markets" is the correct answer, but the current emergency is pretty severe.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Is China Poisoning The USA Via Exports

This story was interesting. "Reusable shopping bags" are all the rage right now. Some from China contain lead.

Are China's government insiders intentionally poisoning people in the USA via exports? My "conspiracy spider sense" says "yes".

I'm Called In Sick This Week

I called in sick this week for my wage slave software engineer job. I had a panic attack, but wasn't fully hospitalized.

That's the reason I'm making some intraday posts.

I would like for my readers to understand the Matrix, but it's the sort of thing they'd have to see to believe. There are some honest and intelligent police who can see the Matrix now, although they probably aren't as advanced as me. They're going to clean things up.

Mainstream Media Weird Story

Here is an example.

This story supports my "The Matrix is cracking!" theory.

Aliens and psychopaths were using TSA screening to filter out alert people. Now, they're being restrained.

Did You Notice AdBrite Is Serving Better Ads

Did you notice that I'm serving better-quality ads with AdBrite all of a sudden, instead of spammy/scammy stuff?

It's another symptom of the shattering Matrix.

Space Cops?

This is a nice article about the Space Cops. FSK is mostly free from the Matrix. There has been a guilty verdict in the alien criminal trial (with FSK getting acquitted).

Now, they might help clean up the huge mess on Earth. The trial is over, so "tampering with a crime scene" restrictions no longer apply as much.

My reaction to that article was "Nonfiction!"

I still think that "Before It's News" is an intentional leak site. I also still think that "really free markets" is the correct answer. However, THIS IS A HUGE EMERGENCY!

This Isn't A Setup

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Restraining Psychopaths In US Government":

This may be the best 2+ year set up for an acai berry blog of all time.
It is a setup for the fall of the Matrix.

What is an acai berry blog?
In all seriousness, please help us understand EXACTLY what has happened, besides your new insight. WHO exactly have you talked to/convinced in the government (names not necessary of course)? What have they told you, and what experience has led you to believe FOR SURE in aliens? This is all a pretty fantastic shift, and I'm just trying to understand.
I am, unfortunately, serious. I have spoken to nobody officially.

I was an unknowing participant in a human experiment to discover the Matrix, psychopaths, and evil aliens posing as humans. Someone noticed my unusual background, unusual behavior by Chuck Schumer, and put the two together.

I hallucinated(?) that I did see some evil aliens. They looked like shadows from Babylon 5. They were afraid of me.

I hallucinated(?) that my mother was temporarily possessed by an alien. He said "sudo root; universe kill FSK" in the base code of the universe. He did it twice! It was shocking. It didn't work.

The good news is that the Matrix has been beaten. It will take awhile for the change to fully propagate. Notice the more favorable coverage of Ron Paul and his ideas. It isn't a doublecross. It's actually happening. They can't admit the full truth all at once, because it would be too shocking.

The psychopaths/aliens that have infiltrated our society have been removed/restrained.

The space cops are helping clean up the crime scene, now that evidence required for a conviction has been obtained. They will not be noticeable. They are mostly assisting human cops.

If I'm right, a bunch of high-ranking elite policemen have been unplugged from the Matrix like me. They are working on the problem. Regrettably, they can't make a public announcement at this time, because THE TRUTH IS SO HORRIBLE! If I'm right, there are honest and intelligent human police working on the problem. They have earned my respect. The dishonest police should be removed and forced to compensate victims.

I'll go back to my usual topic stream soon. But, the shock of seeing the Matrix *AND* humans cooperating with me is a total shock! This is the first time I saw a high-ranking human aware of the Matrix.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Seroquel A Vitamin?

I think the cause of my problem is a severe vitamin deficiency. I was prescribed Seroquel by my suddenly-competent psychiatrist.

I'm convinced that Seroquel is nothing more than a vitamin. Therefore, it is safe for me to take it.

If you can't handle the shock of seeing the Matrix, then you should *NOT* take Seroquel.

Hopefully, some insiders in military research labs came to the same conclusion. If the answer is yes, and we're both right, then the Matrix/State is over.

Restraining Psychopaths In US Government

The high-ranking psychopaths in the US government have been mostly restrained and/or cured. Things should start getting better soon.

This is a philosophy change for me. I'm now the anarcho-capitalist or libertarian school, which is "Support US government for now until it shrinks and disappears." I didn't realize that the psychopaths were the real problem.

I managed to convince some government insiders of the seriousness and extent of the problem.

It's OK to admit you're wrong when you get new information. It isn't immoral to flip-flop.

Should I allow comments from evil aliens? Hopefully, the bad ones get filtered out first by the alien Google web filtering tool.

State != Government

The State is the Matrix by which all humans are enslaved via false beliefs.

Government was a key component of the Matrix.

However, non-psychopath non-alien insiders in the US government have seen the truth. They are working on the problem.

Only the US government has the resources to deal with this *BIG* problem. Therefore, I support them (for now). I still believe that the correct answer still is "really free markets". HOWEVER, THIS IS A SEVERE PLANETWIDE EMERGENCY. ONLY AN ORGANIZATION AS POWERFUL AS A PSYCHOPATH-FREE US GOVERNMENT CAN CLEAN THIS UP!

The high-ranking psychopaths have been mostly restrained or cured. There will be a trickle-down effect slowly.

I have no secrecy agreement, so I can spread my viewpoint.

The State = The Matrix. Both are unraveling. For now, government is necessary DUE TO A SEVERE EMERGENCY. I still believe that "really free markets" are the correct way to organize a society, to prevent a horror like the Matrix from happening again.

Psychiatric Drugs Are Vitamins

I saw the poison effect due to my SEVERE vitamin deficiency. That creates the illusion that the psychiatric vitamins are harmful.

This is a big Nobel-Prize winning discovery. Psychiatric drugs are actually vitamins!

People don't need these vitamins so that they don't see the Matrix.



I'm Still FSK

I'm still me. I had a panic attack. However, MY DOCTORS ARE ABLE TO HELP ME THIS TIME. Unlike last time, they are no longer clueless. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!

Psychiatric Drugs Are Poison PLUS Vitamins

I recant my previous statement.

I now have restless legs.

I now have less ability to concentrate.

I cannot concentrate.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

FSK Attitude Change

Some people may be shocked by my mental change. I had another panic attack, and due to an accident, was fully cured this time.


I conjecture there was an alien invasion of Earth in the past, a violation of the Prime Directive.

The Earth is a massive crime scene. The alien police and human police are working on it.


I can see the Matrix in all its full horror.

Some people in military research labs should also know the truth by now.

Psychiatric drugs are vitamins.

Almost all human knowledge of human medicine may be wrong.

I apologize for the attitude shift. Insiders in the US government have convinced me they aren't insane, and they're rooting out the bad guys. THIS IS A PLANETWIDE EMERGENCY! We must support them.

After the emergency is solved, "really free markets" is still probably the correct answer.

Subliminal Advertising on The Daily Show

On the 11/11 episode of the Daily Show, I saw a subliminal advertisement for "". It was hidden between the frames during a break.

I saw another one for proactiv, 1-800-727-0365 on the 11/11 episode of the Colbert Report.

THAT IS SO EVIL! I hope they get prosecuted. I filed a complaint with the government.

I'm noticing SO MANY subliminal advertisements everywhere. They're probably averaged inbetween frames so that most people don't notice. I am VERY OFFENDED. The "South Park" Cthulu episode had a hidden advertisement (1 frame) for Cthulu at the end!

I'm totally into "inside-the-system" activism now. The US government has restrained high-ranking psychopaths and things are moving in the right direction. I can tell based on the change in tone.

"Really free markets" still seems like a good idea. The world is so ****ed up that a psychopath-free US government is needed to clean things up. I guess I made a Megamind-like flip-flop. It's not immoral to change your mind when you discover new information. My psychiatrist was actually able to help me, when I explained it properly. My psychiatrists weren't aware of the Matrix. Honest top government insiders weren't aware of the Matrix. It isn't their fault. I'll totally work with them, but "really free markets" is still my opinion of the correct way to prevent disasters like this from occurring again.

However, it is necessary to invade another country if they come close to inventing WMDs such as backward time machine technology. Since the public can't handle the truth, it was unfortunately necessary to lie. IMHO, Colin Powell lied about lying, which was the right thing to do. You have to study evil Mathematics to understand why lying about lying was actually good in that context.

Good Fnords From Randall Monroe

I noticed some neat fnords from Randall Monroe.

In this comic, he may be having a panic attack like me. In these two comics, he shares some observations I had. Those comics seemed addressed to me personally.

I wonder if Randall Monroe has some sort of connection?

When is he going to start covering the alien body snatcher invasion?

Is Before It's News An Intentional Government Leak Site?

Is "Before It's News" an (un?)official government leak site? If I'm an unofficial government spy, then I should highlight the goodies.

As usual, it's a mix of good stuff and half-truths and lies.

The "space cops helping Earth clean up after alien invasion" stories are probably true.

The "Obama secretly removed from office and replaced with President Biden" story was also on Before It's News.

I had another relapse of my mental illness. The shock of seeing the FULL MATRIX IN ALL ITS FUNCTIONING is THE MOST HORRIBLE THING. Psychiatric vitamins/drugs do work, but it's such a horror. I recant my previous statement.

Psychiatric drugs are no more than vitamin supplements.

"What actually happened" is less likely than "2+2=5", according to Bayesian Reasoning.

I still haven't gotten over the alien I saw impersonating a squirrel. How stupid are they?

As usual, I'm not sure of any of this.

Friday, November 12, 2010

FSK Asks - Honest Computer Games

Are there any websites that offer games where the random number generator doesn't cheat?

As part of the Matrix, most computer games are programmed to be biased based on the player's ability. Good players get worse results. I have no idea how they accomplished that.

What Are Optimal PC Power Saver Settings?

Windows Update may have changed the power saver settings on my PC, without warning. I changed them because there are two costs:

  1. The power.
  2. The on/off switch on your PC wears out after n uses (n designed to be 200-1000).
Therefore, I concluded that 1 was worth less than 2. My calculation may be wrong, but it was based on my estimate of current market prices and other costs. It may be have been a wrong calculation, but it certainly wasn't evil-wrong if current market prices are correct. That incident makes me not trust Windows. It was rude to change it without warning me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Does Jon Stewart Use A Laugh Track?

It's a bad idea to use a laugh track in a comedy show. The performer doesn't get feedback on whether the joke was funny or not. It's dishonest and unethical (but not illegal).

With a laugh track, a psychopath who writes a bad joke will still get a laugh. I noticed this problem on Stephen Colbert's show. There was one joke that was completely not funny, but there was the usual laugh track.

The audience's actual laughs are usually covered up. (Is there even an audience?)

If you want more laughter, get a bigger audience and write a better show. I never understood why they don't sell tickets to live TV shows. That should be a decent chunk of revenue. The union rules forbid it, because actors' guild and stage guild are separate. Instead, they give tickets away to psychopaths/insiders.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Tone Of The Matrix Has Changed

Did you notice that the tone of the Matrix changed? It seems like it's moving in the right direction, but it'll take awhile to propagate fully. Even the hardcore psychopaths might recover if they are given proper treatment (no drugs, and a highly skilled therapist, and (if necessary) prevented from physically hurting themselves until their brain recovers).

My parents would say "FSK is recovering". I say that the Matrix is improving.

Every time I had a panic attack, the tone of the Matrix changed *EACH TIME*. There was noticeable progress, but it was still all wrong.

I'm appreciating the subtlety of "release the full truth at an appropriate rate". That's not the approach I would take, but I see the merits of what's happening. I'm convinced that some high-ranking insiders know enough of the truth to make progress, but they aren't as advanced as me.

Here's an example. Ron Paul was scheduled to get the Federal Reserve oversight subcommittee chair. I was concerned that the Republicans would cheat him out of it on a technicality. He's a lock to get it now. I saw an article with a nice photo of him, rather than one carefully chosen/airbrushed to make him look bad.

I saw Ron Paul's "competing currency" idea reasonably discussed. Allow gold, silver, and FRNs to trade side-by-side, where gold and silver are connected to FRNs via the spot price. That's a "reform without collapse" solution that would never have been seriously discussed before. Someone discussed "calculate GDP in gold" like I do here.

You know how Auto-Tune makes bad singers sound good? I speculated but didn't mention here regarding "Auto-Airbrush". Hopefully, it was turned off. I couldn't tell if Auto-Airbrush was turned off or merely reprogrammed for different output.

In case you're wondering, "maximum honesty practical" is the correct answer. Are intelligent people tricked into getting plastic surgery that makes them look ugly? I always thought that plastic surgery was stupid. If professional athletes shouldn't use steroids, then actors and celebrities shouldn't get plastic surgery.

The drinking water tastes different in my work building. It tastes better. Did they take the fluoride out? Something else?

I appreciate the lowering of the taxation rate from (strongly inaccessible cardinal)% to a finite number less than 100%. Given those assumptions, what is the projected rate of economic growth?

I decided to make an experiment for "in-the-system" protest. Today at work I noticed that the food was rotten where I bought lunch. Previously, the food was excellent. They hired a low-skill psychopath, but the intelligent workers were defenseless. Did the psychopath convince them to buy food from a cheaper supplier, and they didn't bother checking that it wasn't rotten? This is something that government health inspectors could handle.

That's a valid government service. Protect intelligent workers from low-skill psychopaths.

I'll file an Anonymous complaint with the NY government, and then visit the restaurants named to see if the problem is fixed. That's my "in-the-system" protest experiment. Maybe things are getting better. I'll give the government another chance, even though the correct answer still is "really free markets".

I noticed "good restaurant randomly gets lousy" happens a lot. This occurs due to psychopath colonization. I was disappointed that Gordon Ramsay almost never kicked out the psychopath on his show. He only did that once on the NY Indian restaurant "Purnima".

It'll take awhile to train food inspectors with the "taste rotten food instantly" skill. It's a natural ability everyone has, but they suppress it due to the pro-State brainwashing. According to what I saw on TV, Gordon Ramsay can do it, but he hasn't otherwise cracked his pro-State brainwashing.

It's takes people awhile to stop eating at the psychopath-colonized restaurants, so it continues for awhile. They had a lot of customers, because he was previously good.

This scam is a way to illustrate psychopath corruption in a way that anyone could understand, without revealing the full details. Based on my analysis, this occurs at more than 10% of restaurants. Unfortunately, this would also help reinforce the illusion that a government regulatory monopoly isn't evil. The correct answer is "multiple competing food inspectors". My main short-term goal is "I don't want to eat rotten food!"

I'll conduct an experiment, file the Anonymous complaint, and see if the food gets better. Is "inside-the-system" protest a waste of time? I'll give it another chance. WTF? Why is the "mental health complaint" and "food safety complaint" on the same page? Anyway, I'll assume for now that website design problem hasn't been corrected yet, but that someone competent will handle the complaint.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The USA Has A Severe Psychopath Problem

Highly skilled psychopaths have infiltrated all high-ranking positions in government and in most large corporations. It isn't an intentional coordinated conspiracy. We are in a very psychopath-friendly environment.

Psychopaths and parasites instinctively cooperate, when confronted by an honest and intelligent person asking questions. That leads to the same outcome as a massive highly-coordinated super-efficient criminal conspiracy.

Psychiatric drugs are a convenient psychopath tool. It silences critics, without murdering them, which would be too obviously evil. Also, a drug-addicted mental health patient is a nice cash cow. The "massive coordinated conspiracy" effect led to the current corrupt mental health industry.

My first psychiatrist was very insistent that I take the drugs/poison. His body language said "If FSK refuses to take his drugs, then my profession will be exposed as a fraud and the Matrix will fall apart! I can't allow that to happen!" He had a sense of extreme urgency, that I must be forcibly medicated. The psychiatry industry is psychopath-dominated.

Intelligent people can't cooperate. First, they usually assume it's their personal fault rather than the fault of the psychopath. Second, psychopaths follow a "divide and conquer" strategy. The psychopath focuses on the most intelligent person around, while temporarily convincing all other opposition that he's a swell guy. Third, in many industries, it's literally illegal to start a new business. Even a software startup is a hard business to bootstrap via reinvested earnings. Finally, most intelligent people don't develop high emotional awareness. The psychopaths continually keep them on edge, preventing them from fully maturing.

Even when a psychopath gets caught, the other psychopaths will promptly abandon him. The scam continues, even if some bad guys get caught. Once it's obvious that Chuck Schumer is dogfood, the other psychopaths will abandon him. Until then, anyone asking questions will be met with stiff resistance. (Here's a nice experiment. Have one guy start questioning Chuck Schumer's corruption, while he seems to get no support, and see what happens.)

"Suppose evil people completely infiltrated government. They have the ability to manipulate people's emotions. They can even edit memories, if necessary. There are some non-evil partially-resistant people around, but they are totally manipulated by the psychopaths. Everyone who can sense the psychopaths is labeled as defective." That sounds like a bizarre science fiction movie. That is what actually has happened.

This leads to the "aliens masquerading as humans" myth. That's the psychopaths. They're criminally insane, but have everyone totally fooled. "Chuck Schumer is criminally insane and the Secret Service didn't notice!" is the sort of thing that would make them say "WTF?" I can tell, but the psychopath can always arrange for me to be fired.

When psychopaths are not in control, it's usually easy to keep them out. It's obvious to an intelligent person, who's a psychopath. When psychopaths are in control, it's the independent thinkers that are excluded. The government violence monopoly facilitates psychopaths, because everyone else is SOL once the psychopaths take control.

When making a hiring decision, psychopaths will almost *ALWAYS* exclude an honest and intelligent person who can partially see through them. This leads to selection in favor of psychopaths, and people who can be easily controlled by psychopaths. The independent thinkers are excluded. The independent thinker starts wondering "Why am I a pathetic loser who can't find a job?" The psychopaths make the lie reality.

Here's how the "group interview" scam works. Four honest people and one psychopath interview the candidate. They interview in series, rather than in a group, so the honest people can't compare notes. The candidate is very intelligent. The psychopath notices and gets alarmed. The four honest people have a favorable impression. The psychopath has an urgent need to quash the candidate. After the interview, the psychopath edits everyone else's memories and the candidate is rejected. The "unanimous approval required to hire" rule gives the psychopath a veto anyway, just in case he can't convince everyone.

I wonder if "10% unemployment" is actually "The top 10% most productive workers can't find a job, because no psychopath will hire them!" That certainly would explain a lot. No amount of stimulus will fix that. "Psychopaths refuse to hire competent workers. I know what will fix the problem! Give the psychopaths more money!" The psychopaths use the stimulus money to hire their psychopath buddies, while the productive workers are still unemployed. What incentive is there for psychopaths to actually improve the economy, when they're getting free money from the government?

Due to the Matrix, most humans lack the ability to say "WTF? He's a psychopath!" Those that can partially see through the scam are fired by the psychopaths. Some wind up with a "mental illness" and are forcibly drugged and silenced. Psychopaths and mental health patients are natural opposites. Via the corrupt mental health industry, all the people with "psychopath detection" ability have been removed from the population. Due to psychopaths everywhere, the people who can see what's going on are labeled as defective.

Some people are forcibly medicated. Some people self-medicate with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other recreational drugs. If someone wants to conduct the "treat mental illness with placebos" experiment, they would also need to make sure the patient also doesn't take any recreational drugs. Recreational drugs dull your senses so that you don't see the Matrix. That's why they're really popular even though they're bad for you.

The "natural predator" for the psychopath is someone with high logical intelligence. However, if you only have logical intelligence, the psychopath can manipulate you. You also need some emotional intelligence. In the present, the psychopaths have successfully eliminated all their "natural predators" (except for FSK and maybe some of my regular readers).

A psychopath can't trick me regarding Math. That obvious contradiction caused me to see through a psychopath and have a mental breakdown. A highly-skilled psychopath tried lying to me about Math (regarding options market making software). Only a psychopath would be stupid enough to try that. Until then, I assumed "Everyone is trying to do the right thing!" That is false. Some people are pure evil.

If someone with high logical intelligence starts developing emotional intelligence, they have "mania" or a panic attack. If someone with high emotional intelligence starts developing logical intelligence, they have depression.

For example, someone would say "People with a personality like FSK should not seek a career in politics." That's because I would offend the psychopaths. They would ruin my career, and I would have no idea what happened. Some people like me need to be explicitly recruited, to help deal with the psychopath problem.

The philosophy of agorism is "Government is controlled by psychopaths. Forget it. Let it fall apart and build psychopath-free alternatives."

"Work within the system" means "Maybe non-psychopath government insiders can get their heads out of their ***es and fix the psychopath problem." Until the psychopaths are restrained, there's no way a non-psychopath could "work within the system".

If the psychopaths are eliminated, "gradually shrink government and then it disappears" might be actually attainable. I'm not holding my breath waiting.

That's the reason I'm an anarchist. Government failed its "protect me from psychopaths" job. The current implementation of government is that government is a tool of the psychopaths.

My subway encounter with Chuck Schumer was disturbing and interesting. I wonder if his assistants/slaves noticed and did something about it? My "conspiracy spider sense" makes me suspect that someone organized it, but obviously I can't prove it. Whoever organized it would be legally barred from telling me. It would be nice to see a slave revolt against the psychopaths. My "evil gag reflex" is pretty strong now. His assistants must have noticed, but I have zero confidence in government. It's bad that I have a strong "evil gag reflex", because a psychopath would refuse to hire me, and psychopaths make almost all hiring decisions.

It's nice to imagine there's a "psychopath task force" somewhere working on the problem. I have no idea if that's true. The typical policeman isn't that bright, but hopefully some of the elite policemen know what they're doing. In times of emergency, the usual "Competent people aren't allowed to work!" rules are sometimes suspended.

However, there's one way I can find out. Right now, "Chuck Schumer is not reelected in 2016!" seems crazy-impossible. If there is some scandal and he is forced to resign or not be reelected, then that would be an indication of progress. Remember, I predicted it here! Even if he is reelected in 2016, that doesn't prove my main points are wrong. That would prove that the US government is hopeless, even though I gave Chuck Schumer's slaves a clear indication of the truth.

For the psychopaths I worked with, a simple logical analysis usually shows their scam, but not always. Even Bernard Madoff was suspected by Harry Markopolis. A simple "mean and variance" analysis of Madoff's fund returns should have raised a red flag. The SEC should have requested a randomly-chosen sample of trading records from Madoff and carefully audited them. None of those occurred, due to Bernard Madoff's ability to psychologically manipulate people. Obviously, "FSK didn't like Chuck Schumer!" isn't evidence that's admissible in court. There's almost definitely plenty of other evidence that is.

Even if Chuck Schumer is neutralized, there's still a lot of other psychopaths that need to be restrained. It's probably a majority of Congress (both parties) and most senior executive positions in government and most large corporations. Google had an advantage when it was first created, but it has probably been thoroughly colonized by psychopaths now. "Chuck Schumer is a Madoff-class psychopath!" is only the tip of the iceberg.

"Get rid of the psychopaths!" would mean the elimination of the State but not the government. Of course, "really free markets" is still the correct answer. Is the USA about to have a "great psychopath purge"? In other parts of history, a purge usually occurs when the psychopaths kick out the independent thinkers. Maybe it'll go the right direction this time.

Even if the "great psychopath purge" doesn't occur, the other solution is that the US government won't exist anymore. The psychopath-to-worker ratio is way too high. The correct number is "zero psychopaths in positions of high authority". The actual current status "zero independent intelligent people in positions of high authority" is obviously unsustainable. There are some intelligent people in nominal positions of authority, but they're controlled by the psychopaths around them. For example, Barrack Obama has the "abused productive" personality type, but he's restrained by his psychopath advisers (like David Axelrod). President Obama really wants to do the right thing, and people can tell, but he's restricted by his false beliefs, his pro-State brainwashing, and the psychopaths around him. (Maybe Obama really is a psychopath, and had me fooled based on his TV appearances. See below. You can't tell if someone is a psychopath on TV. It has to be in person. It has to be interactive.)

In the present, the psychopaths have succeeded in eliminating all their opposition. The "natural predator" for psychopaths have been effectively removed from the population. That's good news if you're a psychopath. It's bad news for everyone else. It's also bad news for the psychopaths, because the entire system is about to fall apart unless the "psychopath problem" is fixed. However, a psychopath would not understand that explanation.

Are some government insiders about to get their act together? I have no idea. I'm not holding my breath waiting. In the meantime, I'll do what I think is best.

This article was bizarre. My "conspiracy smell" says "WTF?" "Obama is taking anti-anxiety medication" is weird, given that the Secret Service now knows that the "chemical imbalance" theory of "mental illness" is wrong. Maybe my analysis of Barrack Obama, as seen on TV, is wrong. Another possibility is that Obama isn't a psychopath and the psychopaths are uniting against him. If he is a psychopath, the "psychopath task force" is going to have to do something about it.

Anyway, "and so it begins" is my response. Something big is coming down. The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.

Monday, November 8, 2010

TIPS Sell For A Negative Rate

This story was interesting. At a recent 5-year TIPS Treasury auction, an inflation-indexed bond sold for a negative rate of -0.55%. More precisely, the coupon was 0.5%, but the banksters bid more than the face amount. Summarizing, someone paid $10k*1.0055^5 for a $10k face amount bond.

That headline was misleading. What it actually means is that, over the next 5 years, (the annualized future CPI plus 1.005%) is expected to be greater than the current 5 year Treasury rate.

The TIPS bond is, in effect, a CPI futures contract. If you believe that the future CPI will be higher than the rate implied by TIPS, then you buy TIPS and short sell Treasury bonds. If you believe the reverse, then you buy Treasury bonds and short sell TIPS.

Of course, this trade is only available to the banksters. They get preferential treatment when buying and short-selling Treasury debt.

The TIPS bond is based on the CPI, and not on real inflation. As a retail investor, you'd be an idiot to buy a TIPS bond. You'd be robbed by inflation. True inflation is much greater than the CPI.

How does a TIPS bond work? Suppose you buy a TIPS bond for $1M. The nominal annual coupon is 0.5%, $5000.

Suppose that the CPI over the next year is 1%. The TIPS bond adjusts. The principal due at maturity is increased by 1% to $1.01M. The annual coupon is increased by 1% to $5050.

"Expected future CPI over the next 5 years plus 0.5% nominal yield" is greater than "current 5 year Treasury bond yield". Therefore, the banksters were willing to pay a negative current rate. When you add expected CPI adjustments, it comes to the same yield as a 5 year bond.

Based on the auction price, the "breakeven" CPI is 1.6%. If the CPI comes out to that amount over the next 5 years, then the TIPS bond would have the same total yield as a 5 year vanilla bond. If it's less, then the TIPS bond would have been a bad investment. If it's more, then the TIPS bond would have been a good investment (relative to a 5 year vanilla Treasury bond, but still worse than true inflation). For this reason, the TIPS bond is logically equivalent to a CPI futures contract.

The CPI is biased. The CPI is much less than true inflation. Based on gold/silver/corn/wheat/oil/commodities, I estimate true inflation to be 20%-30% or more.

"TIPS sold for negative rate" shows what a farce the US financial system is. The Federal Reserve keeps interest rates below the fake CPI rate. State comedians can't even keep that lie consistent.

Negative real interest rates cause bubbles. Where will the next bubble be? Will it be a total hyperifnaltionary collapse? There's nothing specific I see. It seems like a "corruption bubble" is forming. In the USA, stealing is *WAY* more profitable than performing useful work.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Best of FSK" - October 2010

I set a new single-month traffic record in October with 7717 Absolute Unique Visitors. I set a single-day traffic record of 1067 visitors, when "Worldwide Hyperinflation Race" was cited on survivalblog. It had previously been cited on infowars, but that didn't lead to enough traffic to set a record. "Nazi Social Contract" was also cited on infowars.

I don't mind if you cite content from my blog, provided you put a link back. Even if you don't, I'm not going to send a takedown notice or sue you. "Intellectual property" is not property, although copying without citing the source is sleazy. After a site editor asked me, he included my blog's full RSS feed in "Before It's News" (the economy section). Even though it's the entire article, a couple of % of people come to visit my blog, according to "Before It's News" statistics and my Google Analytics statistics. It leads to a few visits per day.

After a traffic spike, my regular readership tends to settle at a slightly higher number. Some people from the spike stick around.

I had a decent AdBrite month in October, earning $7.52. I'm still not close to earning $20/month to pay for a Linode. If I want to promote freedom as a business, I'm going to have to try something else. My eCPM is around $0.50, which means I earn about 50 cents per thousand pageviews.

I was disappointed that "Robert Kahre Wins Nobel Peace Prize" wasn't more popular. I thought that it was a clever post.

When I wrote it, I thought that "Worldwide Hyperinflation Race" was boring and obvious. I guess it's a catchy title. It's also an accurate description of what's actually happening. Maybe "things I think are obvious about economics" are not obvious to others.

"Posts that are actually popular" is not really correlated with my expectations. That's the value of having regular posts. Some things are an unexpected success. Some things flop.

I thought that my subway encounter with Chuck Schumer was really interesting, but not many people have read that post so far according to Google Analytics.

My most popular posts in October 2010 were, by Absolute Unique Visitors:

  1. Worldwide Hyperinflation Race (2,117)
  2. Did the USA Declare Bankruptcy? (449)
  3. Who's the Richest Man in the World? (385)
  4. The Hunt Brothers' Silver Corner (257)
  5. Nazi Social Contract (256)
  6. Ruby on Rails Sucks! (235)
  7. BMI/ASCAP/SESAC Legal Extortion Scam (187)
  8. The Federal Reserve Caused the Great Depression (183)
  9. The Compound Interest Paradox (176)
  10. The Gold Lease Rate is Negative! (155)
  11. Quantitative Easing 2 (145)
  12. Satanic Death Hospitals (141)
  13. Real GDP is Decreasing, 1990-2008 (123)
  14. Premium Text Messaging Fraud - 91097 and 654654 (110)
  15. The Gold and Silver Taxation Scam (94)
  16. Gold Bubble? (80)
  17. Real GDP Is Crashing, 2000-2009 (79)
  18. Agorist Philosophy Overview (77)
  19. Robert Kahre Wins Nobel Peace Prize (75)
  20. Real GDP is Decreasing, 1990-2007 (74)
  21. Gold/Silver Ratio (73)
  22. Righthaven vs. Charles Johnson (RadGeek) (71)
  23. Calculating Vega and other Greeks in Black-Scholes (70)
  24. The Five Levels of the Economy (66)
  25. The Pat Tillman Conspiracy Theory (65)
  26. Verizon LG enV Touch, Bitpim, and Open Source (63)
  27. The Compound Interest Paradox - a Simpler Explanation (59)
  28. The Fluoride Conspiracy Theory (58)
  29. The Interstate Notarization Act (56)
  30. StackOverflow Sucks! (55)
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  32. The Food Safety Modernization Act (53)
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  39. The Communist Manifesto's Successful Implementation in the USA (43)
  40. The Social Credit Monetary System (41)
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  44. Windows Vista Reinstall Update (39)
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  46. Do Aliens Exist? (38)
  47. Brett Favre (38)
Counting only posts published in October 2010, the most popular were:
  1. Worldwide Hyperinflation Race (2,117)
  2. Nazi Social Contract (256)
  3. Quantitative Easing 2 (145)
  4. Gold Bubble? (80)
  5. Robert Kahre Wins Nobel Peace Prize (75)
  6. Gold/Silver Ratio (73)
  7. The Interstate Notarization Act (56)
  8. The Food Safety Modernization Act (53)
  9. William Shatner's New Sitcom Sucks (52)
  10. Windows Vista Reinstall Update (39)
  11. Brett Favre (38)
  12. Is GM Going Bankrupt Again? (37)
  13. An Example of State Censorship (34)
  14. Carl Paladino (32)
  15. Rick Sanchez (31)
  16. Juan Williams and the NPR Religious Cult (30)
  17. Copyforbid (27)
  18. Foreclosure-Based Economy (27)
  19. "Best of FSK" - September 2010 (25)
  20. Verizon LG envTouch Sucks! (24)
  21. TBA Mortgage Bonds (23)
  22. Eric Holder Promises To Enforce/Ignore Federal Anti-Marijuana Laws (21)
  23. Audience Of Professional Actors At Town Hall Meetings (18)
  24. CEO Attitude (17)
  25. Colbert And Congress (16)
  26. "Competitive Devaluation" Fnord (15)
  27. Market Crop Circles And Pay-Per-Quote (15)
  28. Is The BAC Mortgage Bond Buyback A Ponzi Scam Coverup? (14)
  29. Primetime: What Not To Do (12)
  30. Annoying Baseball Playoffs (10)
  31. Drug Company PR Reps Are Trolling My Blog (8)
I also updated the "Best of FSK" list in the left sidebar. That gives the all-time top posts. I noticed that is biased in favor of older posts. (I have a PHP script that parses out the Google Analytics stats, so this is an easy regular post to make.)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fox vs. Cablevision

There was a dispute between Fox and Cablevision, regarding the fee for carrying the over-the-air signal. As usual, coverage of the dispute was entirely pro-State trolling, on both sides.

There are two conflicting laws. First, cable companies are required to carry the over-the-air signal. Second, broadcasters are allowed to charge the cable company a fee.

What is the fair fee? The cable company has a monopoly. The broadcaster has a monopoly. When two State monopolies have a dispute, the only solution is brinkmanship negotiating. Another example is sports leagues vs. players' unions. The incentive is to wait until the last minute to make a deal. The two sides are disagreeing over how to split the economic rent of the State monopoly. It isn't a real free market negotiation.

It seems that every few months, there's a dispute between a network and a cable provider. The rules of the State cable monopolies explicitly encourage such disputes.

There's one obvious solution to disputes like Fox vs. Cablevision. There should be unbundled pricing. Cable subscribers should be allowed to pick and choose whatever channels they want. If a channel decides to charge a high fee, then customers can decide to drop it.

Another obvious solution is "Anyone should be allowed to lay cable and start their own cable business." The cable corporation has an explicit State-backed monopoly. Competition is illegal.

"Bundled pricing" is a clear indication of a monopoly. The customer is forced to buy things they want, in addition to things they don't want. When I buy Windows, I'm forced to pay the development cost of IE, even if I use FireFox.

Cable companies don't want unbundled pricing. It would cost them part of their monopoly pricing power. Media companies don't want unbundled pricing. If I buy Comedy Central, I'm forced to also buy MTV and other Viacom channels. Neither side wants reform.

Also, cable companies have a monopoly. In NYC, you get Cablevision or Time Warner, depending on where you live. There is no place where you have a choice. By parceling out monopolies, politicians maximize corruption opportunities.

It's explicitly illegal for me to lay down wires and start a cable business. The broadcast networks were given the monopoly right to use certain frequencies for free. Competition is illegal.

In the Fox vs. Cablevision dispute, the mainstream media was completely pro-State trolling. Nobody said "WTF? Offer unbundled pricing! Let customers pick and choose what channels they want! If Fox executives want to overcharge, let customers have to option of not paying." Nobody said "WTF? Why should the local cable corporation have a monopoly? Why not let someone else lay cable and compete?" There is indirect competition, via satellite TV. Some phone corporations offer TV service now, but FIOS isn't available where I live.

Unbundled pricing is easy to implement. The cable corporations and media corporations resist, because it would make their monopoly less lucrative. "Bundled pricing" is a clear indication of an abusive monopoly.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Statist Witnesses

Around election day, there were politicians soliciting votes by the subway. They looked like people promoting a crazy religious cult.

I considered asking "Isn't taxation theft?" They would probably not have had a sense of humor. Their bodyguards may have assaulted me for asking. None of them seemed genuinely interested in feedback, even though they were standing there handing out flyers and shaking hands.

Politicians are interested in pushing their views. They aren't genuinely interested in feedback from voters. You aren't going to convince a hardcore Christian "Maybe it's one big lie." Similarly, you probably won't convince a politician "All taxation is theft! Government is one huge extortion racket!" They are too brainwashed to understand.

Now that I have greater emotional awareness, it's obvious. Politicians soliciting votes look like people promoting a crazy religion. Maybe I should have responded "Sorry, I don't believe in your religion."?

Government is a crazy religious cult. They are armed and dangerous.

I saw Chuck Schumer shaking hands on the subway. He was promoting someone for state assembly. He was a lock for re-election to the Senate.

It was obvious to me that Chuck Schumer was a psychopath. I saw him on the Daily Show and didn't notice. You have to be in person, to really notice that someone's a psychopath. You have to have some interaction. On TV, politicians are just reading from a teleprompter. (My parents didn't believe me when I told them that I saw Chuck Schumer, and also that it was obvious he's a psychopath. They didn't understand that you really can tell in a few seconds.)

The vast majority of politicians are psychopaths, so it wasn't a surprise. It was still interesting to observe.

TV is non-interactive communication. TV favors psychopaths, because you don't get direct feedback. If I say controversial statement X, you may get offended. If I were explaining it to you in person, the body language feedback might make it seem less offensive.

I have very high "psychopath awareness" now. I also don't suppress my body language. It would have been obvious to an observer, that I knew he was a psychopath. One of Chuck Schumer's assistants had an expression of horror on her face. She probably subconsciously suspected that he was a psychopath. Seeing my reaction confirmed it for her. Her reaction was "ZOMFG! Did that actually happen?!"

Before I cracked my pro-State brainwashing, a psychopath would make me feel confused and a vague sense of uneasiness. Now, I see exactly what's happening.

People learn to suppress their body language. Otherwise, they would continually offend the parasites/psychopaths around them. As a child, you aren't able to think "Maybe this adult authority figure is a psychoapth?"

Psychopaths have intense awareness that some people can partially see through them. Chuck Schumer noticed that I was alert. His "Warning! Someone can see through you!" ability was activated. He reacted with reflexive hostility, and I noticed. If I was a coworker, he would arrange for me to be fired or falsely charged with a crime. I was a random slave, so he just dismissed me. I deal with enough psychopaths at work that it wasn't unusual from my point of view. I have plenty of experience with highly skilled psychopaths.

I wonder if that was a setup? Of all the subway stations to visit, why would Chuck Schumer choose to visit mine? Statistically, that's remote odds. Why would he waste time promoting some state assembly candidate? He obviously was accompanied by an undercover plainclothes cop/bodyguard/spy. High-ranking State insiders don't go in public without a bodyguard. Did someone decide "Let's arrange for FSK to meet Chuck Schumer, and see how FSK reacts?" That's just one coincidence, but stuff like that is a common occurrence.

In case someone wants to know, Chuck Schumer is definitely a psychopath. I could tell instantly. My initial reaction was friendly, because he was superficially friendly.

Chuck Schumer is a high-skill high-ranking psychopath/parasite. He's probably as skilled as Bernard Madoff. That would be very interesting, if some State insiders want to do a detailed analysis of psychopaths. Chuck Schumer can psychologically manipulate and dominate people. There's practically no risk of him being charged with a crime. Maybe he'll lose his re-election bid in 2016.

In contrast, I saw Martin Golden on the subway (state assembly). I looked him in the eye and saw a feeling of absolute terror. He has the "abused productive" personality type. Politicians like Martin Golden live in continual terror that they will offend a psychopath and get Blagojeviched. Martin Golden was instinctively afraid of me, because I have high emotional awareness like a psychopath.

This isn't a Democrat-Republican thing, although Chuck Schumer is a Democrat and Martin Golden is a Republican. It's a psychopath-slave thing. Both major parties are psychopath-dominated. Even when they're a minority, psychopaths can do tremendous damage due to their ability to psychologically dominate and manipulate. In the present, most of the politicians, CEOs, and leaders are psychopaths. Some politicians and State insiders must be "abused productive", because otherwise the State couldn't do anything. However, the "abused productive" politicians are totally dominated by the psychopaths.

It was obvious from Martin Golden's body language, that he had the "abused productive" personality type. That's probably the exception rather than the norm, among politicians. Also, "state legislature" is a much lower-ranking job than "Federal Senator". A highly skilled psychopath would seek bigger prey.

If insiders are serious about "reform without collapse", they have to find a way to identify and exclude psychopaths. This is practically impossible, because the vast majority of insiders are psychopaths. It's probably better to have an agorist revolution, than convince the psychopaths to give up power. I'm not holding my breath waiting, for insiders to figure out a way to exclude psychopaths, especially when most of them are psychopaths. On the other hand, maybe someone other than me is seriously working on this problem. "We have to do something about all these psychopaths or the US government will fall apart!" is a very compelling argument.

If State insiders were serious about recruiting more people with high logical and emotional awareness (like me), they should try treating some mental illness patients with placebos over a period of years, no matter how many times they relapse. They could try it with some soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome, although they would probably need someone like me working with the patients for it to really work. If you tell the patients it's an experiment, it isn't immoral. The more severe the mental illness, the more likely placebos are to work. "Able to instantly detect psychopaths" is an ability everyone naturally has. People suppress it due to their pro-State brainwashing. A mental health patient (or post-traumatic stress syndrome patient) is cracking their pro-State brainwashing. Psychiatric drugs dull their senses and prevent them from naturally healing. It's a very traumatic process, so it's confused with a "mental illness".

It took me 5+ years. It might take other patients longer. On the other hand, since I already know the correct answer, that makes it easier for a real scientist who wants to do a proper experiment. It would be tricky, because the scientist himself is insane. Most researchers cannot start an experiment from the assumption "Suppose everyone in the world is insane?" Most drug corporation researchers are fake scientists. Even if they don't fully crack their pro-State brainwashing, mental health patients should be better off with placebos than with psychiatric drugs.

"You can't judge a book by its cover!" is pro-State trolling. Your brain is a massively parallel computer. Your initial evaluation is correct. Due to pro-State brainwashing, you learn to suppress your personal judgment. Psychopaths immediately correct people when someone deviates, reinforcing the Matrix. Psychopaths exploit the fact that people suppress their emotions, so people don't say "Boy! He sure is a scumbag!"

If you get offended every time you see a psychopath, that's a negative survival skill, if you're the only person who has that ability! In a hunter/gather society or a really free market, psychopaths would have to change or die. The State is a very psychopath-friendly arrangement. In the present, psychopaths are held up as the ideal, and productive workers are exploited losers.

You can't logically convince someone who's a psychopath. That's why they're a psychopath! It would be nice to figure out how to exclude psychopaths. The best solution is a really free market. Then, intelligent workers could build psychopath-free businesses. In the present, competition with a State monopoly is usually illegal.

On the other hand, if some State insiders are serious about psychopath detection and exclusion, they might be able to achieve real reform without total collapse. (Assuming someone was smart enough to organize a "random" meeting between me and Chuck Schumer.) It's tricky, because most high-ranking State insiders are psychopaths. It would be practically impossible for someone to organize a "psychopath task force" without some psychopath finding out about it and quashing it. On the other hand, no psychopath would want to admit publicly that he's a psychopath. How would the "psychopath task force" make sure that none of its members are psychopaths?

"All the economic and political leaders are either psychopaths, or are people that psychopaths can easily control." That's a serious problem. Whenever two psychopaths see an honest person questioning them, they will cooperate to crush him. That creates the illusion of a massive highly-coordinated conspiracy. Two psychopaths/parasites spontaneously cooperate whenever an honest and intelligent person questions them, even with no previous agreement. Nothing inspires psychopaths to cooperate more than an honest person who questions them.

For example, some SEC investigators expressed doubts about Bernard Madoff. They raised the issue to their psychopath boss. The psychopath SEC boss's instincts kicked in. "An honest and intelligent person is asking questions. I must crush him!" The psychopathic SEC boss was not aware that he was helping Bernard Madoff cover up a Ponzi scam. He just knew that some intelligent person was starting to act disrespectful.

If none of the leaders are psychopaths, things should work out well no matter what actual political system is in place. I'm not holding my breath waiting. However, someone influential may have figured out what's going on and is trying to do something about it. It was a bizarre coincidence that I saw Chuck Schumer soliciting on the subway. Is it a coincidence? Did someone organize it? There's a possibility that I'm seeing a pattern that isn't there. It shouldn't be immoral to speculate.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Influential Is Jon Stewart?

I saw a survey. It rated Jon Stewart as the #1 most influential man.

Who has more influence, Jon Stewart or Sumner Redstone, who owns Viacom? Obviously, Sumner Redstone has more influence. However, he doesn't want to take public credit for his influence. Otherwise, people would be outraged.

Technically, Viacom is a publicly traded corporation. However, Sumner Redstone has special supervoting shares that give him control. All mainstream media corporations are incorporated that way. All public corporations are controlled by insiders.

If Sumner Redstone didn't obey orders, then the banksters would push down Viacom's share price and arrange for a leveraged buyout. That's easy when you can counterfeit money via the Federal Reserve and counterfeit shares via naked short selling.

For this reason, the mainstream media almost never criticizes the banksters. Via leveraged buyouts, the banksters made sure that the "right" people control the media cartel. When most/all of the leaders are psychopaths, then it's easy to enforce a censorship agenda.

Sumner Redstone could fire Jon Stewart, replace him with someone else, and the Daily Show's ratings would probably be the same. Does anyone remember Craig Kilborn?

Sumner Redstone controls the means of production. That gives him influence. If I wanted a mainstream media program, I'd have to convince Sumner Redstone or a handful of other State insiders. It isn't a free market.

Does Stephen Colbert get good ratings because he's awesome? Does he get good ratings because his show is after the Daily Show? Would someone else be more or less successful with the same opportunity?

You have no idea if "The Daily Show With John Oliver" would get better or worse ratings than the current version. To get your own show, you have to spend years proving your a good slave monkey first.

It was interesting to see Jon Stewart interview the President. At the end, he made an interesting comment. He said "It's hard to just sit here quietly." He was only allowed to ask the questions the President approved ahead of time. He wasn't allowed to interrupt. He wasn't allowed to make a wisecrack if the President said something stupid. It's dishonest when Jon Stewart doesn't explicitly say "The rules of this interview say that I'm only allowed to read the questions chosen ahead of time."

Jon Stewart knows he's a slave. If he didn't obey orders, he wouldn't get to interview the President. He wouldn't be fired for "disrepecting the President". The media cartel would make up some other excuse for firing him.

Nobody interviewing a politician ever asks "Is all taxation theft? Isn't government one huge extortion racket?"

The media cartel is controlled by a handful of psychopaths. If you don't think in the "right" way, then they won't promote you and your ideas. It's censorship pretending to be a free market. To be successful in the mainstream media, you have to prove excellent self-censorship skills first.

The independent thinkers get weeded out, or they learn to conform in order to survive. If you invest years in your career, you aren't going to risk that to tell the truth. The Internet is changing things somewhat. You still won't reach as many people self-publishing on the Internet as with a mainstream media contract.

"Jon Stewart has a lot of influence!" is an illusion. His corporate overlord Sumner Redstone has the real influence. If Jon Stewart were fired and replaced, the new host would probably keep most of the show's ratings. Jon Stewart is a slave, albeit a high-ranking slave.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Prevents Fraud?

I had an amusing conversation with some of my coworkers.

Q: "What prevents someone from editing the position table and stealing billions of dollars?"
A: "Absolutely nothing. The DBAs could edit the database and nobody would ever know."

There are suspicious anomalies in the database. Is it gross negligence or intentional fraud?

A few months of trading data may have disappeared.

They have a policy that passwords automatically expire every 3 months. However, it's a huge bureaucratic hassle to get your password renewed. You'd be unable to work for a week while they process the paperwork. So, they created generic accounts that don't expire and everyone uses them instead. That means that you can't figure out who's doing what. That entirely defeats the purpose of having a login and password.

From what I can tell, the DBAs are typical parasite scum, but I don't work directly with them much. Surprisingly, my group has mostly competent people.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Waiting for Stupidman

There's a new State propaganda film, "Waiting For Superman". The theme is "Public schools are failing! We should spend more money on public schools!" It's the usual "Problem! Reaction! Solution!"

The film is by the same guy who directed "An Inconvenient Truth". "An Inconvenient Truth" translates from statist to English as "A Convenient Lie". "Carbon dioxide causes global warming!" is excellent fake science. It's an excuse for more State power.

The director was on The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert asked "If charter schools are so wonderful, then why not make every public school a charter school?" The director retorted "That isn't bureaucratically feasible."

In a really free market, anyone could start a school. The State controls the school budget, leading to lots of bureaucratic controls.

Unlike private schools, charter schools are still firmly controlled by the State. You need permission from the local government to start a charter school. In other words, you need to bribe the right people to get a charter school license. The charter school teachers are usually still State employees and members of the State teacher's union. With charter schools, there's an illusion of reform while the usual State middlemen still get their cut.

Contrast "charter schools" fake reform with "school vouchers", which is a better reform. With "school vouchers", parents get a check that they can take to *ANY* State-licensed private school. That's too close to a free education market. Teachers' unions and State bureaucreats shot down "school vouchers", because vouchers threatened entrenched interests. "School vouchers" comes too close to "Why do we need government involved in education?" In places they were tried, vouchers worked well, but State bureaucrats killed them to protect their turf.

The correct answer is "There should be no State involvement in schools." All taxation is theft, including taxes for State brainwashing centers (schools). That isn't what "Waiting for Superman" says.

There's another film released at about the same time, "The Cartel", which advocates for school vouchers. It didn't receive the massive hype of "Waiting for Superman". "The Cartel" doesn't fit the State propaganda agenda, so it wasn't heavily hyped. "Waiting for Superman" is great propaganda. It identifies a problem but recommends a fake solution.

There's a scene in "Waiting for Superman" where there's a charter school lottery. That would never happen in a really free market. The parents would directly pay tuition to get their child into a good school. With a charter school lottery, the parent is still dependent on State bureaucrats.

"Waiting for Superman" does not advocate for "school vouchers" or "Why should government be involved in education at all?" It's pure State propaganda.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dollar Carry Trade

For a long time, Japan's central bank kept interest rates at zero. This led to the "yen carry trade". The banksters were borrowing yen at 0%, and buying gold or other currencies. With free money and high yen inflation, this was a very lucrative trade.

These profits weren't free. Everyone in Japan paid the cost via higher inflation. Speculators made huge profits while the rest of Japan was stuck in a recession/depression. Speculators made a lot of money from the yen carry trade, while Japan's economy was stuck in a recession/depression for more than a decade.

Japan's banks were technically insolvent. They had bad loans they refused to write down. Instead of publicly admitting losses, loans were kept on the bank's books at the face amount. By keeping interest rates at 0%, this was an extended hidden bailout of the banks.

The banks couldn't admit they were insolvent. By having an extended period of 0% interest rates, the banks were able to earn their way back to solvency.

However, this encourages financial speculating/gambling, rather than real economic growth. With biased inflation measures like the CPI, inflation is misreported as economic growth.

This is exactly what is happening in the USA. The Federal Reserve is keeping the Fed Funds Rate at 0%-0.25%. The banksters borrow dollars at 0%, and buy longer-term Treasuries, stocks, gold, bonds, etc. At 0%, it's free money. No matter what they buy, it's practically a guaranteed profit.

The US banks are technically insolvent. With 0% interest rates, the banks can earn their way back to solvency. It's a hidden bank bailout.

From Ben Bernanke's point of view, it costs him nothing to print money. Why not print new money and loan/give it to your friends? This isn't free. Productive workers pay the cost via inflation. You lose your savings. The value of a paycheck is eroded.

Inflation robs retired people. They lose the value of their savings, pension, or Social Security check.

Inflation does benefit debtors, who can repay their loans with devalued money. However, salary increases aren't keeping pace with true inflation.

Inflation penalizes responsible people. Inflation steals your savings. Inflation helps irresponsible people. Inflation means that debts can be repaid with devalued money. Loan payments go into the bankster's profits.

Even if you have no debts, the banksters rob you. Your savings are stolen via inflation. If you have no savings, then you risk losing everything in the next recession/depression.

The value of your paycheck is eroded by inflation. True inflation is 20%-30% or more. How many people got a 20% annual raise?

This is the problem with the US economy. Productive behavior is not rewarded and usually penalized. Parasitic behavior is rewarded. It's the virtuous positive feedback cycle of complete economic collapse.

The banksters are making a ton of money via the "dollar carry trade". They are borrowing dollars at 0%-0.25%, and buying/lending. With free money and high inflation, they are practically guaranteed to profit via borrowing and high leverage.

Insolvent banks will earn their way back to solvency. Everyone else will pay the cost via inflation. The Federal Reserve literally is one huge money laundering operation. In comparison, other anti-money laundering laws are a total farce.

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