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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mainstream Media Weird Story

Here is an example.

This story supports my "The Matrix is cracking!" theory.

Aliens and psychopaths were using TSA screening to filter out alert people. Now, they're being restrained.


Anonymous said...

>Aliens and psychopaths were using
>TSA screening to filter out alert

The body scanning radiation machines could cause long term damage to the passengers being scanned. Travel enough and you might get cancer in later life.

Is this intentional? Do the clowns and thugs want to reduce the world population?

At first sight FSK's recent posts seem crazy.

However in the workplace I have come across nasty clowns that attempt to destroy any particularly honest and competent worker they come across.

When a clown homes in on an innocent person to destroy, nobody really seems to do anything to stop it. Well they might be some objections but as the clowns have the power nothing effective is ever done.

By destroy I mean slander, bullying etc.

FSK said...

I have achieved a higher level of emotional awareness and ability to see the Matrix.

I also believe that some high-ranking US government insiders have come to the same conclusion. I really believe there is a "psychopath task force" working on the problem.

It will take awhile for the change to take effect everywhere.

Anonymous said...

It will definitely take a while.

Better education for a start.

Basics of law (jury nullification), how to avoid getting tricked, drugs are bad for you, pitfalls of sex outside relationships, what we can learn from Gandhi etc., how the banking system makes great profit for a few out of the working man...

How with finite resources and jobs, corrupt politicians giving jobs to their friends is wrong...

It is not just government, but directors and managers need to improve to.

When a manager employs a friend that does less work or is incompetent it robs money from competent workers.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at