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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Satanic Death Hospitals

Look at an ambulance, and you'll see a logo similar to the following.

That logo always struck me as weird. What does a snake and a stick have to do with medical care?

I found it very disturbing when I realized the truth. That logo is a satanic symbol that represents death.

A line represents death, because it has a beginning and an end. A circle represents life and healing, because a circle keeps going. The first time I saw that symbolism (circle=life, line=death) was on The Fullmetal Alchemist (fnord!). The immortal homunculi have a snake in a circle as their symbol, and the mortal heroes had a snake in a line as their symbol.

As usual, this is just an amusing anecdote. I'm not presenting it as absolute definite truth.

I'm not 100% sure that the above logo represents death. I find that amusing and consistent with my observations about how hospitals actually operate. Hospitals are where people are born and where people die. Except for time-proven techniques (set broken bone, stitch wound, remove appendix), very little genuine medical care occurs in a hospital. I know other people that had inappropriate medical care forced on them against their will, in areas other than psychiatry.


Rob said...

The symbol comes from ancient Greek mythology. A few seconds of Google searching would have brought you this information from Wikipedia:

"The rod of Asclepius (...) is an ancient Greek symbol associated (...) with healing the sick through medicine. It consists of a serpent entwined around a staff. Asclepius, the son of Apollo, was a practitioner of medicine in ancient Greek mythology."

Also, in the Bible God commands Moses to make a bronze serpent on a pole to supposedly heal those bitten by serpents. (Numbers, chapter 21, I believe.)

Anonymous said...

it's from the bible dude, the old testament. Numbers chapter 21; a disease was sent on israel and god told moses to put a serpent on a staff and whoever looked at it would be healed and lived. i think it was later made evil because the people began to worship it.

Anonymous said...

Snakes have been a symbol of rebirth because of their ability to shed their skins and in a sense become reborn.

Anonymous said...

Rob is right...
and to me as a medic represents the wisdom to know when I can make a difference, the strength to do what is needed, and the beauty to accept what is

The snake is a symbol of rebirth and of healing....and also of wisdom.
the stick a symbol of strength.

In that regard, I think the original blog post is just simply nutty.

Anonymous said...

How does a snake represent life when satan took the form of a serpent?
And how can it be justified by Greek mythology and still mention The Bible in the same comment...according to The Bible, Greek mythology- no matter how preety it might seem, is still paganism.
Also, if a symbol was latter made evil because people worshiped it, then when did it become 'un-evil' and who declared it so?

Isaiah 53:5 says by Jesus' stripes we are healed...why then use a rod & serpent to represent healing?

shelby said...

Everyone is sort of right on this subject but the truth is this is a pegan symbol for all those who dont know ill use satanic to make it clear. I myself was baptised into this and the staff and snake represents life in death in speculation but that is not the big point. This symbol is more of a life is never ending and rebirth

Unknown said...

Maybe someone here should open up a bible, there is this neat little story of how snake bites ravaged a people. And so Erin with the help of god had a copper serpent coil around his staff. He then said to the people look, all those who lay eyes on the copper serpent will be healed. The ones that had faith and strength looked and then they were healed, the others who did not believe did not look and as the poison spread through there veins they died. So honestly nothing to do with Satan just the symbol of health.

Anonymous said...

The Caduceus also shows a serpant (2 actually) showing a visual representation of a double helix molicule. Perhaps the serpant in Genesis is what resulted in the spiritual death of man, leaving him aware that he was metaphorically naked and vulnerable... The birth of fear. The conspiracy theories goes something like "the bible is really one of many documentations of a 'serpant alien race' that provided humans with knowledge and manipulated our dna and created an "immaculate conception" (cloning). The DNA double helix symbol represented by 2 snakes (the Caduceus)is a symbol telling of human's 'true source' which is from the serpant race that in fact created us through genetic manipulation"

Anonymous said...

I know that this is an old post but I want to clarify something here for everyone including the author:

Hermes is the god of magical incantations, conductor of the dead, and watcher of merchants and thieves. The caduceus is Hermes magical staff. During the 7th century, Hermes was linked to alchemy. According to Dr. Blayney, alchemists were thought of as being the sons of Hermes, or Hermetists. It was during the 7th century that the use of the caduceus for the symbol of medicine began. The caduceus was represented by a staff with two intertwined snakes, and wings.

The Caduceus

Caduceus symbol

Alchemists not only practiced the arts of alchemy, but medicine, pharmacology, and chemistry as well, which is why they adopted the use of the caduceus. The symbol of the caduceus became a common medical symbol for many medical organizations, especially during the 19th and 20th centuries. According to Dr. Blayney, the use of the caduceus became even more prevalent with the adoption of the symbol by the Medical Department of the United States Army in 1902. Since the 20th century, medical organizations have come to use the staff of Asclepius more, while the symbol of the caduceus can be seen prevalently with pharmaceutical corporations and the Medical Corp.

A little truth and a little history can go a long way. It IS an occult symbol after all. :)

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