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Friday, November 5, 2010

Statist Witnesses

Around election day, there were politicians soliciting votes by the subway. They looked like people promoting a crazy religious cult.

I considered asking "Isn't taxation theft?" They would probably not have had a sense of humor. Their bodyguards may have assaulted me for asking. None of them seemed genuinely interested in feedback, even though they were standing there handing out flyers and shaking hands.

Politicians are interested in pushing their views. They aren't genuinely interested in feedback from voters. You aren't going to convince a hardcore Christian "Maybe it's one big lie." Similarly, you probably won't convince a politician "All taxation is theft! Government is one huge extortion racket!" They are too brainwashed to understand.

Now that I have greater emotional awareness, it's obvious. Politicians soliciting votes look like people promoting a crazy religion. Maybe I should have responded "Sorry, I don't believe in your religion."?

Government is a crazy religious cult. They are armed and dangerous.

I saw Chuck Schumer shaking hands on the subway. He was promoting someone for state assembly. He was a lock for re-election to the Senate.

It was obvious to me that Chuck Schumer was a psychopath. I saw him on the Daily Show and didn't notice. You have to be in person, to really notice that someone's a psychopath. You have to have some interaction. On TV, politicians are just reading from a teleprompter. (My parents didn't believe me when I told them that I saw Chuck Schumer, and also that it was obvious he's a psychopath. They didn't understand that you really can tell in a few seconds.)

The vast majority of politicians are psychopaths, so it wasn't a surprise. It was still interesting to observe.

TV is non-interactive communication. TV favors psychopaths, because you don't get direct feedback. If I say controversial statement X, you may get offended. If I were explaining it to you in person, the body language feedback might make it seem less offensive.

I have very high "psychopath awareness" now. I also don't suppress my body language. It would have been obvious to an observer, that I knew he was a psychopath. One of Chuck Schumer's assistants had an expression of horror on her face. She probably subconsciously suspected that he was a psychopath. Seeing my reaction confirmed it for her. Her reaction was "ZOMFG! Did that actually happen?!"

Before I cracked my pro-State brainwashing, a psychopath would make me feel confused and a vague sense of uneasiness. Now, I see exactly what's happening.

People learn to suppress their body language. Otherwise, they would continually offend the parasites/psychopaths around them. As a child, you aren't able to think "Maybe this adult authority figure is a psychoapth?"

Psychopaths have intense awareness that some people can partially see through them. Chuck Schumer noticed that I was alert. His "Warning! Someone can see through you!" ability was activated. He reacted with reflexive hostility, and I noticed. If I was a coworker, he would arrange for me to be fired or falsely charged with a crime. I was a random slave, so he just dismissed me. I deal with enough psychopaths at work that it wasn't unusual from my point of view. I have plenty of experience with highly skilled psychopaths.

I wonder if that was a setup? Of all the subway stations to visit, why would Chuck Schumer choose to visit mine? Statistically, that's remote odds. Why would he waste time promoting some state assembly candidate? He obviously was accompanied by an undercover plainclothes cop/bodyguard/spy. High-ranking State insiders don't go in public without a bodyguard. Did someone decide "Let's arrange for FSK to meet Chuck Schumer, and see how FSK reacts?" That's just one coincidence, but stuff like that is a common occurrence.

In case someone wants to know, Chuck Schumer is definitely a psychopath. I could tell instantly. My initial reaction was friendly, because he was superficially friendly.

Chuck Schumer is a high-skill high-ranking psychopath/parasite. He's probably as skilled as Bernard Madoff. That would be very interesting, if some State insiders want to do a detailed analysis of psychopaths. Chuck Schumer can psychologically manipulate and dominate people. There's practically no risk of him being charged with a crime. Maybe he'll lose his re-election bid in 2016.

In contrast, I saw Martin Golden on the subway (state assembly). I looked him in the eye and saw a feeling of absolute terror. He has the "abused productive" personality type. Politicians like Martin Golden live in continual terror that they will offend a psychopath and get Blagojeviched. Martin Golden was instinctively afraid of me, because I have high emotional awareness like a psychopath.

This isn't a Democrat-Republican thing, although Chuck Schumer is a Democrat and Martin Golden is a Republican. It's a psychopath-slave thing. Both major parties are psychopath-dominated. Even when they're a minority, psychopaths can do tremendous damage due to their ability to psychologically dominate and manipulate. In the present, most of the politicians, CEOs, and leaders are psychopaths. Some politicians and State insiders must be "abused productive", because otherwise the State couldn't do anything. However, the "abused productive" politicians are totally dominated by the psychopaths.

It was obvious from Martin Golden's body language, that he had the "abused productive" personality type. That's probably the exception rather than the norm, among politicians. Also, "state legislature" is a much lower-ranking job than "Federal Senator". A highly skilled psychopath would seek bigger prey.

If insiders are serious about "reform without collapse", they have to find a way to identify and exclude psychopaths. This is practically impossible, because the vast majority of insiders are psychopaths. It's probably better to have an agorist revolution, than convince the psychopaths to give up power. I'm not holding my breath waiting, for insiders to figure out a way to exclude psychopaths, especially when most of them are psychopaths. On the other hand, maybe someone other than me is seriously working on this problem. "We have to do something about all these psychopaths or the US government will fall apart!" is a very compelling argument.

If State insiders were serious about recruiting more people with high logical and emotional awareness (like me), they should try treating some mental illness patients with placebos over a period of years, no matter how many times they relapse. They could try it with some soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome, although they would probably need someone like me working with the patients for it to really work. If you tell the patients it's an experiment, it isn't immoral. The more severe the mental illness, the more likely placebos are to work. "Able to instantly detect psychopaths" is an ability everyone naturally has. People suppress it due to their pro-State brainwashing. A mental health patient (or post-traumatic stress syndrome patient) is cracking their pro-State brainwashing. Psychiatric drugs dull their senses and prevent them from naturally healing. It's a very traumatic process, so it's confused with a "mental illness".

It took me 5+ years. It might take other patients longer. On the other hand, since I already know the correct answer, that makes it easier for a real scientist who wants to do a proper experiment. It would be tricky, because the scientist himself is insane. Most researchers cannot start an experiment from the assumption "Suppose everyone in the world is insane?" Most drug corporation researchers are fake scientists. Even if they don't fully crack their pro-State brainwashing, mental health patients should be better off with placebos than with psychiatric drugs.

"You can't judge a book by its cover!" is pro-State trolling. Your brain is a massively parallel computer. Your initial evaluation is correct. Due to pro-State brainwashing, you learn to suppress your personal judgment. Psychopaths immediately correct people when someone deviates, reinforcing the Matrix. Psychopaths exploit the fact that people suppress their emotions, so people don't say "Boy! He sure is a scumbag!"

If you get offended every time you see a psychopath, that's a negative survival skill, if you're the only person who has that ability! In a hunter/gather society or a really free market, psychopaths would have to change or die. The State is a very psychopath-friendly arrangement. In the present, psychopaths are held up as the ideal, and productive workers are exploited losers.

You can't logically convince someone who's a psychopath. That's why they're a psychopath! It would be nice to figure out how to exclude psychopaths. The best solution is a really free market. Then, intelligent workers could build psychopath-free businesses. In the present, competition with a State monopoly is usually illegal.

On the other hand, if some State insiders are serious about psychopath detection and exclusion, they might be able to achieve real reform without total collapse. (Assuming someone was smart enough to organize a "random" meeting between me and Chuck Schumer.) It's tricky, because most high-ranking State insiders are psychopaths. It would be practically impossible for someone to organize a "psychopath task force" without some psychopath finding out about it and quashing it. On the other hand, no psychopath would want to admit publicly that he's a psychopath. How would the "psychopath task force" make sure that none of its members are psychopaths?

"All the economic and political leaders are either psychopaths, or are people that psychopaths can easily control." That's a serious problem. Whenever two psychopaths see an honest person questioning them, they will cooperate to crush him. That creates the illusion of a massive highly-coordinated conspiracy. Two psychopaths/parasites spontaneously cooperate whenever an honest and intelligent person questions them, even with no previous agreement. Nothing inspires psychopaths to cooperate more than an honest person who questions them.

For example, some SEC investigators expressed doubts about Bernard Madoff. They raised the issue to their psychopath boss. The psychopath SEC boss's instincts kicked in. "An honest and intelligent person is asking questions. I must crush him!" The psychopathic SEC boss was not aware that he was helping Bernard Madoff cover up a Ponzi scam. He just knew that some intelligent person was starting to act disrespectful.

If none of the leaders are psychopaths, things should work out well no matter what actual political system is in place. I'm not holding my breath waiting. However, someone influential may have figured out what's going on and is trying to do something about it. It was a bizarre coincidence that I saw Chuck Schumer soliciting on the subway. Is it a coincidence? Did someone organize it? There's a possibility that I'm seeing a pattern that isn't there. It shouldn't be immoral to speculate.


Scott said...

Yeah, I understand and agree with what you're saying. I think the vast portions of the public have no hope of understanding this though.

FSK said...

In this case, it's only necessary to convince non-psychopath insiders "The USA has a severe psychopath problem."

Either Chuck Schumer's assistants got an unexpected lesson in the Matrix, or someone organized it. I can't imagine a non-psychopath seeing my reaction to Chuck Schumer and not saying "WTF just happened?" "Eww! He's really evil!" is a reflex that almost everyone else suppresses.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
I agree that the USA has a severe psychopath problem, and I have invented the device that will cure the problem. I call it "The Butt-Mounted Head Extractor" but the production is stifled by my advertising department's inability to get this approved by the American Psychiatric Assn.

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