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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Robert Kahre Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Here's a fake news story that seems like it's from bizarro universe:

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to political prisoner Robert Kahre. Robert Kahre is serving a lengthy jail term in the USA for protesting the IRS and fiat money.

Kahre made a tax evasion scheme that exploited a clever legal loophole. American Eagle gold and silver coins have a legal tender value that's far less than the fair market value. Robert Kahre classified his employees as independent contractors and paid them in American Eagle gold and silver coins. Valuing the transaction at the legal tender amount, it was less than the IRS reporting threshold.

However, Kahre charged the transaction as an expense to his corporation based on the fair market value.

This was a clever tax loophole. Unfortunately, IRS thugs don't have a sense of humor. Rather than merely disallowing the transaction, they pursued criminal charges against Kahre. Criminal penalties for tax evasion are a type of economic terrorism.

FBI/IRS thugs conducted a military-style raid of Kahre's business.

Unfortunately for Kahre, the US legal system is a sham. The first trial led to a hung jury. The prosecutors got a mulligan, and secured a conviction in the re-trial. Robert Kahre is now serving a prison sentence as a political prisoner.

The Nobel Prize Committee is pleased to honor Robert Kahre for his sacrifice. Monetary freedom and tax freedom are very important.

Unfortunately, the US media completely censored this story. Instead, they fabricated the news that Chinese traitor Liu Xiaobo won the award.

A spokesman for the US media said "It's important to keep the American slaves clueless. Political oppression is something that happens in other countries, and not the USA.

It's shameful the way that the Chinese government has corrupted the Nobel Prize Committee. They used the Nobel Prize to make a cheap political point, while ignoring the real problems that occur in their own country."

The USA media spokesman was also referring to Chinese President Hu Jintao's 2009 Nobel Prize win, celebrating his victory against Tibetan terrorists.
To a brainwashed zombie, that news story seems silly. The Nobel Prizes are a sham.

It's hypocritical to accuse China of abuses, while there are political prisoners in the USA. Robert Kahre and Sholom Rubashkin are nonviolent offenders. They are jailed for political reasons. They are jailed for things that aren't real crimes, according to natural law.

In the USA, every jailed nonviolent offender is a political prisoner. The USA leads the world in prison population, both on a per capita basis and on an absolute basis. By that standard, the USA is less free than China.

By criticizing China's abuses, that helps cover up US abuses. Tax freedom and monetary freedom are important. The "pro-democracy" protesters in China are advocating for the wrong type of freedom. Democracy is fake freedom and not real freedom.


Dharmendra said...

This is really awesome. I found your post very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Government services in the UK are incrementally being privatized and government benefits (such as child benefits) cut back.

For example if you need to park in a hospital, you now have to pay a private company for the parking. You will get gouged for large amounts of cash if sick or if visiting a sick person.

The London Underground train system had a year or so ago, a large number of private companies maintaining the system. They went bankrupt and the government had to pick up the tab.

Child benefit is wrong if viewed in a certain light. Why should a childless person subsidize people with children via their taxes?

However taxes are going up.

If the government is cutting back on services and benefits, taxes should go down, not up.

The greedy, stupid clowns in government have got things backwards.

We pay more taxes and get less back in return.

Anonymous said...

Robert Kahre is a genius. What is next? I guess, something like "John Smith was compensated in pre-1982 pennies, but because these coins now worth more than double of their face value he is currently facing charges for under reporting his income"

Anonymous said...

The clowns in the UK are cutting back on the quangos (= government agency with some independence). I'm quite sure none of them do anything useful. In reality only a few of them may go and the useless clowns in them will just go into other useless jobs or their jobs will go to the friends of the current government.

There was one quango responsible for promoting British potatoes!!! You either need a British potatoe to eat or not. Why should taxpayer money to spent promoting potatoes?

University education used to be free if you got good enough A level grades. Now more and more people are pushed into university and you have to pay yourself.

So if the government is cutting back, why are taxes going up and not down?

This must be because the government employs a vast army of people to sit around in offices and DO NO USEFUL WORK.

When these insider clowns retire we have to pay again for their pensions.

Tax money is wasted on useless clowns. If it was left in peoples' pocket more USEFUL businesses could start up.

If the government needs more money to pay interest on bank loans then they should change the fundamentally corrupt system whereby banks get paid to create all new money and get government to create it themselves without involving banking parasites.

Robin Smith said...

It's even uglier than you think?

Liu Xiaobo - Nobel Prize for Oligarchy

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog today. and i have to say that you're making perfect sense.pls keep it up.

Unknown said...

I found most of what you had to say very interesting, however I was most curious about your claims about the Nobel Peace Prize and had to check it out for myself. I guess in reality what you are saying is that the folks at made up the story about whom they awarded their prize to. I mean think about it really, the organization that gave out the prize for 2010 to Liu Xiaobo is in cahoots with the American media, dude, really......

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