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Thursday, November 20, 2008

False Opposites

The opposite of a Boston Red Sox fan is not a Yankees fan; they have more similarities than differences. The opposite of a Boston Red Sox fan is someone who is not interested in baseball at all.

Similarly, the opposite of a Republican is not a Democrat. Both Republicans and Democrats believe "Taxation is not theft." and "There should be small group of people that tell everyone else what to do." The opposite of a Republican is an anarchist/agorist.

This is a common evil fnord. Two similar ideas are falsely touted as opposites. This allows people disgusted with one idea to flee to the false opposite.

As another example, the opposite of "The Federal Reserve should raise interest rates." is not "The Federal Reserve should lower interest rates." The correct opposite is "There should not be a central bank."

Debating false opposites allows true discourse to be suppressed.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so profound yet so simple and true. Very enlightened and inspiring.

AzraelsJudgement said...

Short, but very important entry.

fritz said...

Nice,,I love it.I even used it at work today.I live near Boston,and work at a bar,people were talking politics, I paused them and asked if anyone could tell me what is the opposite of a Red Sox fan. Of course they said a Yankees fan.

I than explained that the answer is of course someone not interested in the game at all. Than I began to put forth anti government agorist ideas. You know, Fsk ,you would have been proud.

Please some one comment on my big big question with this form of society. I have thought about it so much, and I need some help.

Ok here goes. The need for a military in the early stages of agorism.????

imagine if the united states fully embraces the change to no government and complete free market.All north America,most of western Europe and some others form such a society. But China and others wont let go of their hold on people.

I believe that a communist governments military could dominate any form that a private military could ever muster.

Once we got going,became productive,our military became disbanded, What would stop the commies, Huns,Or any other large organized group from taking our land, wealth,and lives?????????

If someone has some insight into this,It just might help me make the next big leap in understanding the way this movement might realistically unfold.

Thank you for any response you might put forth!! Fritz

Anonymous said...

Submitted to the Anarchism subreddit.

Sirius A Strebe said...

fritz, as much as people hate nuclear weapons, I believe that they might preserve an otherwise impossible era of small, independent, self sufficient communities determined on self-sovereignty.

In fact, they may be the cause of such communities.

Anonymous said...

Once we got going,became productive,our military became disbanded, What would stop the commies, Huns,Or any other large organized group from taking our land, wealth,and lives?????????

If someone has some insight into this,It just might help me make the next big leap in understanding the way this movement might realistically unfold.

Fritz, there are many examples where this has been attempted. You could cite the 10 years Russia tried to take Afghanistan - a decentralized group of armed people pose a MASSIVE threat against a large scale centralized army. They don't know where when, where or how they are going to be attacked.

You could cite the US-Vietnam war. Same thing. The US was beaten by decentralized forces.

Decentralized armed citizens pose a HUGE risk to any standing army. Which is why the State is intent on disarming its citizens.

fritz said...

Wow,,Thanks guys for your comments..Now I almost believe it is true that we could hold off a centralized army with an armed long as we have access to the latest advancements in weaponry and maybe foreign support..

But what about the nukes..with out N.O.R.A.D. and all the lose nukes around.With out ground to air defense. No air craft carriers. no surface to air response...What are we really looking at. No ability to strike first. How in the world can we keep the powers to be down????????

I really don't think myself a state troll..And I really don't think the state is protecting me. But I know at the same time how they work. They work with self interest. And if we are week, we will be taken advantage of . The governments of dictatorships will take advantage of the lesser,the more week, For their best interests.

I would like the transition to be clean,But I have this feeling that it might not be so nice. The people in charge might not let go of their dominance so easily..

I'm frightened of change but I feel it necessary....Fritz

Anonymous said...

A guerilla force can only oppose an attacking force that wants to be seen as "defending" or "good" to its own people. If the attacking force does not care about such niceties, it can easily pacify a guerilla force by killing 100 of their patriots for every 1 that dies in the attacker's army. This has happened before quite a few times in history.

Also, I'd like to point out that the opposite of a State which coerces your out of wealth is not Anarcho-Capitalism, it's a non-state. And this non-state can lean to the left or to the right just as well. But remember that your version of anarcho-capitalism would still require a state and taxation in order to prevent violence between its citizens of different class.

Anonymous said...

A false opposite is based the concepts that each of our emotions necessarily has an opposing emotion and that emotions automatically attract their opposing emotion. We have heard of these concepts before as opposites and opposites attract. An example of this would be love and hate or happy and sad, and many other “opposites” accepted as elementary knowledge.

According to the Law of Attraction, like thoughts attract like thoughts. If you were to think about love then you should be able to attract more loving thoughts back to you – right? The problem is that at a young age many of us were also taught that love and hate are opposites and that opposites attract. Because of this deeply embedded mistruth, when you think of love you will first have your thought subconsciously opposed by hate (the false opposite) and then hate will subsequently be attracted back to you (opposites attract) for a double whammy. Ouch! It’s like throwing out a boomerang and getting it back with razor sharp edges!

The result of meshing two completely different emotions together, such as love and hate, happy and sad, and so on, wreaks havoc on the psyche. It leads to intense mental conflict, emotional pain and suffering, and the inability to clearly express oneself. Not to mention it causes the Law of Attraction to manifest mixed results. Because of this conflict love and hate and many other common opposite pairs are actually examples of false opposites.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of beauty is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, but indifference between life and death.” – Elie Wiesel

Consider the following example:

What is the opposite of something to exist? It is for that something to not exist.

What is the opposite of love? It’s not hate – It’s for love to not exist (indifference).

What is the opposite of happy? It’s not sad – It’s for happy to not exist (indifference).

What is the opposite of black? It’s not white – It’s for black to not exist (indifference).

The example above demonstrates that the opposite of anything is actually indifference. Indifference can mean lack of emotion or total peace but in this case you can also think of it as it makes no difference. Just like the Law of Attraction says that our beliefs shape our reality, love and hate are only opposites because we perceive them to be. Black can be opposite of blue or nothing at all just as easily as it can be opposite to white. Just remember that to keep believing in “traditional opposites” serve no purpose other than to hurt you by bringing hate and sadness in place of love and happiness. It makes you wonder who thought these things up anyway? All should seek to eliminate the negative effects of false opposites as quickly as possible.

Unleash your will power and take the law of attraction to the next level by eliminating false opposites.

The great news is that false opposites only exist in our minds and can be changed at will. Once you free your mind from the constraints of false opposites you will see that your will power will be greatly multiplied, the Law of Attraction will yield positive results, and you will have the added benefit of clearing your mind of clutter that was previously dragging your down.

“Before people can begin something new, they have to end what used to be and unlearn the old way.” — William Bridges

To eliminate false opposites one must systematically replace the opposition of emotions in their mind with a new, neutral state of being. A great center point would be inner peace.

Anonymous said...

Repeat to yourself, until it becomes completely natural, that the opposite of anything is inner peace:

The opposite of love is inner peace.

The opposite of happy is inner peace.

The opposite of anger is inner peace.

The opposite of hate is inner peace.

The opposite of sadness is inner peace.

The opposite of lust is inner peace.

The opposite of anything is inner peace…

As you repeat this exercise it will peel back layers of your mind and overwrite the false opposites with a more neutral, friendly opposite (inner peace). It will also put a barrier between the old opposites to keep them from waging war against each other. As you progress you naturally find yourself feeling more peaceful every day. As it turns out this will greatly enhance meditation practices too.

Because inner peace is actually a more friendly state there will be much less resistance to your will power. This means that your mind will gravitate towards your predominate thoughts just as the Law of Attraction was designed to work but the effect should be more intense. Anything you think and believe will now manifest itself much faster as the Law of Attraction was intended to be experienced.

To key to getting the most out of the Law of Attraction is to know that there are no opposites besides inner peace and to know that like thoughts attract like thoughts. Eliminate false opposites from your mind to unlock and amplify the true will power. What you can conceive and believe you will manifest into your reality.

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