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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Annoying Cell Phone

I'm still annoyed at my LG envTouch cell phone. I'm 99.9% sure it's a Windows driver problem, that's causing my trouble with connecting to my PC.

I'm waiting until September 2011, when my contract expires, to get a new phone. This phone is such a POS. All I want from my cell phone is:

  1. Compose blog drafts on the subway and transfer them to my PC.
  2. Use it as a phone.
The ****ing driver won't work for the LG envTouch. It's so annoying. I tried reinstalling the driver and got an error. It did reinstall properly when I reinstalled Vista. Some "Windows Update" messed it up.

I'm going to try "boot Vista from flash drive" with a clean install (no updates) and nothing but the modem driver. If that doesn't work, I'm going to try "boot Linux from flash drive". I'm so annoyed. I'm almost definitely sure it's a driver problem.


Anonymous said...

Vista was rushed out by Microsoft with a huge, expensive marketing drive.

Vista was unfinished work.

Windows 7 is not a major release, but rather a finished version of Vista.

I installed Vista and found after a while that it had clipboard problems. Given the clipboard is very useful functionality this was a disappointment. My Nvidia graphics card worked fine with Windows XP, but started to crash and/or act flaky with Vista. The problems continued with Windows 7 and have only in the past month been fixed by a Microsoft update!

I had over a year of problems.

Anonymous said...

September 2011 is a long time away.

You work for a bank and so obviously have a decent salary.

You need to work out how much of your valuable time you are wasting messing around with your cell phone and your Vista computer.

Quite frankly you should spend some money getting a backup computer. So if one messes up you move to the backup one. Also think about moving to Windows 7 which is not a real major release but rather a finished version of Windows Vista.

Buy a second computer. Buy a Blackberry or Nokia cell phone. I have a Blackberry and find it perfectly usable.

You can use the time you save more productively.

Penny wise. Pound foolish.

Anonymous said...

I once knew a terrible man. He had stinky breath.

He never purchased new computers or Microsoft software.

He was stuck in a world of pain. His computers spent all their time spinning and never doing productive work.

He wasted opportunities.

But he was a thug and he found that he could make up for his stupidity by stealing.

Why do productive work when it is cheaper to steal?

He is a bankster and his world is bribery and extortion.

FSK said...

The issue is "Vista is a POS OS and LG envTouch is a POS phone." and not "FSK should use them without paying for them." I have a legal copy of Windows and I bought the phone.

Anyway, this is an interesting technical challenge.

I'm going to try:

1. Boot from USB drive Vista, with only the cell phone driver.
2. Boot from USB drive Linux.

I'm probably going to wait until Sept 2011 to get a new phone. It's good enough for now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my last Anonymous comment.

I was musing, perhaps too much to myself, about a man I used to know that was awful. He had ancient computers covered in black goo and he was too mean to buy new ones. He wasted a lot of time. It was just so stupid.

His company also broke the copy protection systems of software and broke license agreements.

My comment was remembering the stinky things he did.

Sorry if you thought I was referring to you.

The only parallel is a small one.

I think you should just buy a better cellphone as you will save your own time, which I think is more valuable than a couple of hundred dollars.

This awlful man was a completely different kettle of fish and I'm sorry I mixed the two up.

Anonymous said...

Just to make it clear, it was NOT referring to you in my Anonymous comment about a man that pirated software.

I was just musing to myself.

You are using up some of your time battling a cellphone.

This man did something totally different. He wasted his own time by using ancient computers that weren't up to the task. He also broke the license agreements of software.

The parallel is a small one - just about wasting time on things that may not be up to the task.

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