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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pat Tillman Conspiracy Theory

I saw Jon Stewart interview Jon Krakauer on his book on Pat Tillman. Here is an abcnews article on the Pat Tillman book.

Pat Tillman was an NFL player. After the World Trade Center terrorist attack, Pat Tillman signed up for the Army in a fit of patriotism. His relatives pointed out "You're a dumb ****head for giving up a lucrative NFL career and joining the Army and risking your life." He couldn't be convinced. His relatives did have a selfish motive; an NFL player usually spends a lot of his money helping relatives.

The Army then publicly hyped Pat Tillman as a national hero who gave up his NFL career to join the Army. Unfortunately, Pat Tillman died in a friendly fire "accident".

The conspiracy theory regarding Pat Tillman is "Pat Tillman wasn't killed in an accident. Pat Tillman was murdered on purpose!"

There are some arguments in favor of "Pat Tillman was murdered!" The Army didn't investigate too hard, after they found out he died. Another argument in favor of "Pat Tillman was murdered!" was "Military insiders tracked Pat Tillman's every move. He was the subject of much scrutiny." Pat Tillman was overheard saying "I hope I don't get killed here. People will exploit my death for their personal benefit!"

This article, this article, and this article have more evidence on "Pat Tillman was murdered!" There was an interesting bit on "The autopsy medical examiner said that the bullets were fired from close range.", which contradicts the official explanation.

Shortly after joining the Army, Pat Tillman realized that he made a mistake. Still, he decided to honor his promise to work in the Army. Regarding natural law theory of contracts, if you sign a contract, and it turns out the other party committed fraud, then you aren't obligated to honor it. If you sign up for the military and later realize it's a fraud, it isn't immoral to desert.

Pat Tillman thought he would be deployed to Afghanistan so he could pursue Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. Instead, he was deployed to Iraq.

Pat Tillman figured out right away that the Iraq war would be a disaster. He was telling all the other soldiers that the Iraq war was illegal/immoral.

Pat Tillman knew that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a huge waste. He was planning to be a big anti-war critic, after his release from the Army. That would be embarrassing, after he was hyped as a hero.

If a random soldier says "War is a scam!", nobody would care and he wouldn't be invited on the mainstream media.

Pat Tillman would have been a very credible anti-war critic, especially considering that he was an NFL player and his decision to join the Army had been heavily hyped. It's more convenient for him to be a dead hero, than for him to go around saying "War is a scam!"

It's also interesting to notice the double-coverup. First, there was a coverup of "Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire!" Second, there was a deeper coverup of "Pat Tillman was murdered on purpose!" Exposing the first coverup gives an appearance of coming clean, while still suppressing the bigger lie.

Did parasites benefit from Pat Tillman's death? Definitely. Are there people who would kill someone, if they thought they would benefit and get away with it? Definitely. Did they kill him on purpose? That's nearly impossible to prove. I'm not sure that Pat Tillman was murdered. I'm suggesting it as a possibility. High-profile critics of the State tend to die mysteriously.

I was really surprised that Jon Krakauer didn't mention "Maybe Pat Tillman was murdered on purpose?" It's negligent for someone writing a Pat Tillman book to not mention that angle. Was Jon Krakauer performing honest journalism? Or, was it deliberately crafted pro-State trolling? If Jon Krakauer wrote a "Pat Tillman was murdered on purpose!" book, then he certainly would not have been invited on a mainstream media program to promote his book. He probably would forfeit his career by writing such a book, as the mainstream media would no longer invite him to be a writer.

War is the health of the State. War is an opportunity for State insiders to loot and pillage. It's disappointing that Pat Tillman didn't get the opportunity to be a high-profile anti-war critic after serving his term in the Army. It's suspicious that Jon Krakauer didn't mention "Maybe Pat Tillman was murdered?" in his book.


fritz said...

Im x military with insider connections FSK. What im telling you is this angle. I believe he was murdered in an indirect fashion.he was Placed on a ridge exposed to friendly fire with out the ability to mark himself as friendly. Who ever placed him there is responsible for his murder in my opinion.

This is not a plug but very interesting. I know you read bearfoots world. Have you ever read, common sense 2 ???Totally awesome,worth a read.


theftthroughinflation said...

The sketchy part is that they burned his uniform and gear. If he was infact murdered from close range they would have had powder residue from the gunfire. Pressumably rifle fire from dozens/hundreds of meters away would not leave powder burns on his uniform and body armor.
Theres another theory I could imagine that involves the equipment being completely clean because it was not even on him when he died but thats perhaps abit much.
I would side with fritz if I was betting on it. If they planted officers in his unit who had been brainwashed to think of him as an enemy sympathyzer then they may have placed him in risky situations on purpose. It doubtful that a combat veteran in an "elite" unit like the rangers can be accidentally killed by friendly rifle fire by members of the same unit unless something negligent was done.

FSK said...

I saw John Krakauer on the Colbert Report on Thursday 8/19/10. He was pushing his "Pat Tillman" lie book again.

It's interesting. State parasites seem to be interested in pushing the "friendly fire" lie. I read that Pat Tillman's relatives are *REALLY* angry.

The new angle is "It was totally General McChrystal's fault." By placing the blame 100% on McChrystal, everyone else is exonerated.

I was offended that neither John Krakauer nor Steven Colbert mentioned "Maybe he was assassinated?!" Watching the interview, I wanted to punch John Krakauer.

The body language of that interview made me think "Pat Tillman was definitely assassinated."

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