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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Robert Kahre vs. Terrorism

This article was interesting.

Robert Kahre paid his employees using gold and silver State-issued coins. A 1-ounce State-issued gold coin has a face amount of $50. A 1-ounce State-issued silver coin has a face amount of $1. He valued the transaction at the face amount, and not the fair market value. Because the face amount was so low, it was under the IRS reporting threshold.

He was exploiting the contradiction that State-issued gold and silver coins have a legal tender value that's far below their fair market value.

The IRS then accused him and his employees of income tax evasion. There was a trial, which ended in some acquittals and some hung verdicts.

The IRS prosecutors re-tried him after the hung jury. After a hung jury, the bad guys get a mulligan, and may try again. In the meantime, the victim has to pay the time and expense of a trial. His business was interrupted because terrorists seized his property.

In the re-trial, the State prosecutors/terrorists probably made sure they picked a complacent jury. They probably rehearsed their propaganda, for why Kahre was a dangerous person who belonged in jail.

In the re-trial, the victim isn't allowed to say "Hey! There already was a trial on this issue and it was a hung jury! Why are you wasting my time?!" In a re-trial, you're barred from mentioning that there was a previous hung jury on the same issue.

Some people look for clever legal loopholes to escape the income tax. The bad guys will always look to close the loopholes. Looking for clever legal loopholes around the income tax is fighting the bad guys on their turf.

Robert Kahre was also accused of accounting fraud. When he paid his employees, he used the face amount of the coins. When he purchased the coins, he charged it as an expense to his corporation based on the fair market value. This inconsistent accounting might be the reason the IRS won their case. If you incorporate your business, you're voluntarily entering it into the taxation system. A true agorist should have unincorporated businesses.

Even if Robert Kahre were acquitted, the IRS can still prosecute other people for doing the same thing.

Robert Kahre had an incorporated business. By paying in gold and silver, he avoided the 1099 reporting requirement. What if his business was not incorporated, and transactions were 100% off-the-books? I suspect that the State terrorists would still have assaulted him. I don't know any examples of people practicing larger-scale agorism.

Robert Kahre was in the construction industry. The construction industry is heavily regulated by the State. It's probably illegal/impractical to operate an agorist construction business. On the other hand, it could be a "volunteer" group like "Habitat for Humanity"; the workers get paid off-the-books but they're legally volunteers.

Even if Robert Kahre were acquitted, he's still the victim of terrorism. He doesn't get compensated for the time and expense and stress of a trial. He doesn't get reimbursed for his legal expenses. State thugs confiscated his property and disrupted his business. Even if acquitted in a criminal trial, the bad guys may still pursue a civil trial to collect their tribute. Even if acquitted, the bad guys succeeded in wasting a lot of Kahre's time and money.

In the re-trial, Kahre was found guilty.

As lengthy sheets of guilty verdicts were read, Kahre's longtime girlfriend Danille Cline sobbed, putting her head against him.

Three jurors were observed crying, too. Some spectators, sitting on the defense side of the full courtroom, also were in tears.
If the jurors were crying, then why did they find him guilty? Didn't they were understand that they were giving the defendant a lifetime jail sentence by voting guilty? Didn't they realize they had the option of voting "not guilty"?

Criminal penalties for income tax evasion are terrorism. Why didn't Kahre's attorney argue "If you believe he owes back taxes, then file a civil lawsuit. Criminal penalties for income tax evasion are terrorism!"? Of course, if Kahre's attorney made such an argument, he would have been found in "contempt of court" and forfeited his law license. For that reason, a skilled agorist should represent themselves sui juris, when harassed by the State.

I'm a skilled speaker, and could explain my viewpoint better than any State-licensed attorney. Even if the prosecutor picks 12 pro-State trolls as jurors, I might be able to convince them over a trial that lasts several weeks.

It's a problem. 50% of the population has the parasitic personality type. If the State prosecutor picks a jury of 12 parasites, then a defendant is SOL. If the jury has 9 parasites and 3 people with the productive personality type, then the 3 might not be willing to confront the 9 and hold out for an acquittal vote.
He faces up to 296 years in prison and fines of up to $14 million, according to the U.S. Attorney's office.
The disproportionately harsh sentence is obviously evil. Each count of tax evasion is considered a separate crime, rather than it being just one crime. "One separate crime for each act of tax evasion!" is a trick that the bad guys use to give freedom seekers unreasonably huge jail terms. If he paid his employees in marijuana, he probably wouldn't have gone to jail that long.

Another interesting bit is that the mainstream media doesn't cover this story, except as a footnote or to say "HAHAHA!! That scumbag Kahre got what he deserved!"

Here's a few more interesting links on Kahre.

GOLD: the money of Kings

BARTER: the money of Peasants

DEBT: the money of SLAVES
That's an interesting perspective.

There's nothing wrong with barter. Gold and silver were selected by the free market as money, because they're the least common denominator for barter. If people don't have access to gold or silver, then they will substitute other goods.
The US is Rome. The last thing an empire does is invade Afghanistan.
That's pretty funny. If you're fighting a land war in Asia, that's a good sign that your empire is over!

I liked this quote:
‘This is a case about money, greed and fraud’
Who's guilty of greed and fraud? Is it Robert Kahre, or the prosecutor and judge?

That's the fundamental problem with a criminal trial when the main issue is taxation. Both the prosecutor and judge are State employees. In any dispute where one party is the State, the parasites control both the prosecutor and judge. If you're the type of person who understands "Government is a massive criminal conspiracy!", then you don't seek a job as a Federal judge or lawyer.

A true "jury of my peers" would be "12 people who understand that government is a massive criminal conspiracy"!

Judges are dependent on the State's taxation power to pay their salary. They will always side with the prosecutor in a trial about taxation. Judges are not selected by a free market process. Judges are chosen by politicians. You only get picked to be a judge if you have great political connections. All of a judge's friends are people who are dependent directly or indirectly on the State to earn their living.

This article was interesting.
Kahre's tax saga began in the early 1990s, when he went through bankruptcy after several partners in a now-defunct Las Vegas construction business took assets and left town, leaving Kahre with an unpaid IRS bill that led to seizure of his business equipment.
That's pretty neat. Kahre was previously the victim of the IRS theft, and that's why he embarked on his campaign of tax resistance.

Filling in the details, he had a business with some partners who turned out to be deadbeats. They took some of the assets of the business and disappeared. Kahre was left with the unpaid IRS tax bill. "These guys robbed me!" was not a defense; the IRS terrorists still demanded their tribute.

It seems that only the local newspapers in Nevada covered this case. It wasn't picked up by the national mainstream media. Most pro-State trolls discussing this case write "HAHAHAHA!! That scumbag Kahre got what he deserved!" rather than "Taxation is theft! Does it make sense to send an otherwise productive person to jail for the rest of their life?"

Severe criminal penalties for income tax evasion are terrorism.

The vast majority of people pay taxes without resisting. This makes it profitable for the bad guys to spend a lot of money terrorizing people like Robert Kahre.


fritz said...

I have studied the laws on taxation for a few years now and have gained great understanding..These are my conclusions.

1) There is no law that states a
human being has to pay tax on their labor.
2)there is no law that states a person has to pay tax on their labor either
3)in law a person is a corporation and subject to statutes
4) a human being is a free sovereign and subject only to common law.
5) when you receive your S.S.N. you have signed a contract. This contract states that you are a person(corporation)that is now working for the government.
6) Once you work for the government you are required to fallow their dictates.

Mark my words, this is all true, don't believe me, do the research. Once you are tricked by the contract you lose all your rights and are completely under the authority of your employer(the US government)


George Donnelly said...

It fills me with enormous sadness and despair to know that a good person's one shot at life is being cut short by aggression, especially aggression that masquerades as justice. It boils my blood in fact.

fritz said...

Sorry one more comment.

Blacks law dictionary 8th addition
( I am reading from the copy I have in my hand)

Terrorism,n The use or threat of violence to intimidate or cause panic. esp. as a means of affecting
political conduct. -terrorist,adj.& n

Doesn't it seem as if the terrorists are rounding up human beings and prosecuting them for terrorism??


Anonymous said...

You mention in this article that "50% of the population has the parasitic personality type". I'm wondering if you've ever read about the Myers Briggs personality types. Myers Briggs uses a four letter classification system that results in 16 different personality types. I believe that there are certain Myers Briggs types that are indeed parasitic. They have a strong need, perhaps dating back to prehistoric times, to stalk and dominate other people and to beat them in any form of competition, especially ones that revolve around who gets what resources. I believe that the highest levels of government and corporate organizations are dominated by these types and they control the vast majority of resources. They instinctively focus on gratifying their own pleasures without regard for consequences or the impact of their actions on others. There also seems to be an opposite type that has a strong need for order and structure, and these people sacrifice their own needs for sake of the society, and in the process mistakenly go along with the parasites demands to help maintain peace and orderly society. I've taken up the hobby of "typewatching" and in many cases I can identify a person's type by their actions, appearance, type of car they drive, etc. and can tell pretty quickly if they are someone that is a productive contributor or a drain on productivity. There is an author named Keirsey that has done a lot of work/interpretation on personality types as well and is worth reading(although not in the parasitic sense). I won't say which type(s) I believe are the parasites but I'd love to get your thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, if the IRS is willing to prosecute a person for evasion of taxes based on the current market value of gold and silver legal tender, do they owe me a tax refund for every year the dollars I pay into the system are DE-valued by inflation?

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