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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do Aliens Exist?

Is there intelligent life on other planets? If there is, why haven't we heard from them?

Statistically, it's incredibly unlikely that this is the *ONLY* planet where intelligent life has developed.

One possibility is that intelligent life always winds up destroying itself and its own planet. That is incredibly depressing. Fortunately, the Supreme Leader of Humanity has sufficient control to prevent such a disaster.

Another possibility is that intelligent life only progresses to a certain level of technology and then progress halts. The Supreme Leader of Humanity may be more interested in cementing his control than allowing human civilization to progress. Although technological progress has been halted in many areas, computers and communication equipment are showing tremendous progress. Since computers and the Internet represent a potential threat to the Supreme Leader of Humanity's absolute power, I assume that he approves of the development of these technologies. Perhaps humans need to advance to a certain level information-wise, before other technologies can be made public?

Suppose that intelligent life has involved on other planets. Human scientists can already detect large planets orbiting nearby stars. It's pretty obvious that advanced aliens would have the ability to detect all planets capable of supporting intelligent life.

Assume that intelligent advanced aliens on other planets exist. Either they have the capability to visit other planets or they don't. If they didn't have the capability of visiting other planets, then they probably would be beaming out radio signals at all possible frequencies, just so they could communicate with all other planets that have intelligent life.

Suppose aliens exist and have the capability to visit Earth. Their technology would be incredible compared to what humans already possess. The idea that the government would be able to keep their existence a secret is stupid. Why would the aliens make a deal with the Supreme Leader of Humanity? Why would aliens allow the Supreme Leader of Humanity to enslave everyone else? What could he possibly offer in exchange?

On the other hand, why would the aliens directly intervene? Maybe they follow a custom similar to the "Prime Directive" in Star Trek. They aren't allowed to interfere. On the other hand, perhaps some of those suppressed technologies are incredibly dangerous. In that case, the aliens would be obligated to keep those technologies suppressed, out of self-defense, until humans evolve to the point where they can handle them. Once they interfered out of self-defense, they would be responsible for the development of humans.

What sorts of technology would the aliens have? They might have technology that allows them to directly read people's minds and plant suggestions in their brains. This would allow them to manipulate world events from afar. For example, it would be very easy for them to plant a suggestion in the President and his advisers to "Invade Iraq!", since it was what they wanted to do anyway. Knowing that the Iraq war would lead to a sharp decrease in the credibility of government, the aliens encouraged that war.

Does that explain the secret hidden messages in TV shows and movies? When a writer is trying to be creative, it becomes easy for the aliens to plant thoughts in the writer's mind. This insures that the "right" ideas are slowly leaked out through certain TV shows and movies. I've come to the conclusion that the "fnords" are actually real. I can see them sometimes! They're too common and cleverly placed to be an accident.

Sometimes, I have dreams where it seems like there is someone else there. Are there aliens who have the ability to communicate with me while I'm dreaming?

Is the Supreme Leader of Humanity really an alien? Did some human manage to seize absolute control of the entire world, and then aliens intervened to prevent human development from grinding to a halt?


Anonymous said...

If you were a technologically advanced alien, you might not wish to communicate with lesser beings, or be able to communicate understandably over stellar distances.
Some aliens might not wish to advertize their existence. If there are other beings that behave as humans do in this universe, it would probably be a good idea to not advertize.
Obligation as a concept might not exist in other civilizations. It might be a uniquely human construct. Libertarian aliens would probably wish to trade, if we have anything they want at a profitable price considering the time involved for trade to take place ( unless you are assuming that Einstein's Theory does not hold universally.)
The first alien book ever discovered on Earth was titled
How to Serve Man.
It was a cookbook.

Ineffabelle said...

As far as the fnords go, there are actually several generation X "conspiracies" whose members decided in the late 80/early 90s to infiltrate the media and advertising fields. Due to Baby Boomer control of the top tiers of those industries, they have only met with limited success so far, but they do exist and attempt to create "counter fnords", fnords so obvious that it breaks the trance.
One such group is bOPffor.

This could easily be reconciled with the Alien control theory, in that some aliens wanted these groups to exist.

Born2Code said...

you are starting off with the wrong assertion. That intelligent life exists on this particular planet.
A historical study of the last 6000 years and the last 8 in particular indicates otherwise.

Anonymous said...

A few questions:

- Exactly how is it "statistically unlikely" that alien life doesn't exist? As far as I know we have no way of computing the likelihood.

- You allege in another article that somebody is keeping technology from us. We don't need conspiracy theories to know that the state of the world holds back technology, but presumably you think there's some magic unprecedented technology from UFO's. Why do you suspect this and what do you suspect we'd have if there wasn't a conspiracy to hold it back?

Anonymous said...

You're right about many things, but your mind still resists the truth about aliens.

If you read Old Testament carefully, you'd understand they've been here all along. The ancient people called them "god", "angels", etc, they just didn't use modern words like "aliens" or "extraterrestrials". But what's described is clearly extraterrestrial intelligent beings.

jones said...

Could be true... aliens could be controlling us... you see George bush frozen in a seat in a kindergarten with a book upside down when the twin towers came down. Maybe they are trying to keep a low profile as to no disturb us? There was a Amazonian tribe that was recently found. if you think about us bringing in trucks with our gadgets like phones and laptops, how do you think the tribe would react?

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that some of the realtors I do business with are aliens. They would like to control their client's minds, and use jedi such tricks to ensure their commissions. I have witnessed this first hand. Yes, I am being sarcastic, just a tad.

Anonymous said...

First of all we are all thinking as human beings. Our brains always tries to find patterns. Our statement that aliens which visit earth have better technology than us and that they are more advanced. That statement can be entriely false. For example, Take a Earthly creature, the cockroach, it has survived millions of years since the time of the dinosaurs. This insect has possibly survived since the beginning of time. They are superior to us in many ways. One their ablity to gorw immume to products therefore scientists always have to create more deadly chemicals. Just because the "aliens" have mastered intergalactic transportation doesn't mean they are superior. My theory is that aliens are not superior to us 1) if they were, why don't they take over the Earth
2) If they mean us no harm and abduct a couple of people, why don't they just reaveal themselves, take the number of people they need for scientific research?

Since the beginning of time, humans are reasearching the meaning of life and the creation of universe. Now the question comes down to, if you believe in aliens?

The universe we can say has over, trillions and trillions of galaxies. And in each galazy there can be over a google number of stars, (google is 1 and hundred zeros). Now in that number of stars there can are alot of planets containg water and possible necessities to contain life. Mars, the moon etc.

It doesn't matter if somebody is hiding the truth, it doesn't matter if we are the inferior or superior ones. We need to be concerned about what is happening now! Not what will happen, we need to take actions on our planet rather than worry about something like aliens. You need to take into consideration the there is 99.99% that there are alien life forms. something humans need to concerned about it is that we are a rapidly advancing race. We will master lightspeed travel in atleast a hundred years. From 1700 where mastering flight was considered impossible and stupid to 2000 where we mastered over 12 times the speed of sound. Where we landed to the moon and sent out a probe that has left the solar system. Where humans can go to the deepest trenches of the Earth to Mars. In just less than 200 years we have achieved all of that. Just imagine what we will be able to accomplish in 2100 or 2200. Remember, there is never a point where a civilization has reached perfection. You can never stop inventing technology. Its all up to the future generation.

Anonymous said...

Re this statement: - Exactly how is it "statistically unlikely" that alien life doesn't exist? As far as I know we have no way of computing the likelihood.

Well, lets see. Our own galaxy has 200-400 billion stars and we know of at least 150 billion OTHER galaxies with the same amount of stars. As we know it, life requires a star. If you calculate 200 billion stars * 150 billion other galaxies, you come up with a rough estimate on the number of stars (on the low end) of 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That's an AWFUL large amount of stars. As a matter of fact, thats more stars than we have grains of sand on the earth.

If earth just happened to be in the right place at the right time at the right distance from the star with the right organic molecules to begin forming life, you think we're 1 out of 30 sextillion? pretty tough concept to grasp. As we know it, everything that has occured once will occur again in 30 sextillion. Just to put it into perspective, if you take 30 sextillion and factor in your statistical probability of winning the lottery of 1:22.9 million, you would win the lottery 1,310,043,668,122,270 times.

Unknown said...

Blogger said...

The tired sci-fi cliche that "out of hundreds of planets, there's bound to be more than one with intelligent life on it" is absurd.

That's like saying, "out of hundreds of rocks washed up on the beach, there's bound to be more than one with intelligent life on it." No, there isn't.

And what we have on Earth is just a Prison Planet, anyway. On most planets most of them look the same because they're mostly law-abiding citizens, but here beings look very different, because each "race" was originally from a different planet. Duh!

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