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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wiener's Wiener

This story was funny. Someone posted a picture of a man's erect wiener to Congressman Wiener's Twitter account.

That link had an interesting twist. Edward's indictment is perfectly timed to push the Wiener story out of the headlines. I wonder if State propagandists keep a queue of "hot" stories, that they can use to bury any unfortunate news?

Jon Stewart said "Anthony Wiener is a personal friend of mine." He almost had me believing Wiener's explanation "Someone hacked my Twitter account!"

This is one problem with the mainstream media. Journalists and politicians are buddies with each other. Politicians and journalists are drawn from the same group of insiders. They're all statists who think alike.

It's pretty obvious what happened. Wiener meant to send it as a private message, but accidentally sent it to his full feed. Wiener is acting ambivalent. He's concerned that someone else with a Wiener picture will come forward, exposing him as a liar.

Does that ever work? Has any man ever bagged a woman by sending him a picture of his Wiener? Do you know any woman who says "After seeing that picture of your Wiener, I immediately fell in love!" "Today, on Jerry Springer, men who met their wives by texting a photo of their Wiener!"

Some journalists say "If your Twitter account really was hacked, then why don't you complain to the FBI?" Lying to the FBI is a crime. Lying to CNN is a not crime.

This is an example of "Right conclusion, wrong reasons." "Wiener published a naughty picture on Twitter. Therefore, he is evil." Wiener is a statist and a politician. Wiener uses the threat of violence to steal and tell everyone else what to do. That's why he's evil.

Even if Wiener is disgraced, some other statist will replace him. He is evil, not because of the photo, but because he helps promote State violence.

According to Google Analytics, this post is very popular in Google search. This is an unexpected SEO hit.

My political philosophy is "market anarchism" or "agorism", which is very different from the mainstream viewpoint. It's the only political philosophy I've seen that makes sense.

The mainstream debate between Republicans and Democrats is a fake debate. They're colluding to rob the American people. For example, TARP and the bank bailouts were a "bipartisan" effort, even though most people were opposed to that ripoff. Indirect bailouts via the Federal Reserve were much bigger than TARP.

My main points are:
  1. The Federal Reserve is evil. Via inflation, the banksters and politicians steal. The Federal Reserve can lend as much money as they want to whoever they want at 0% interest without any public disclosure. The Compound Interest Paradox is a more subtle argument against the Federal Reserve and fiat debt-based money. (Some people strongly disagree with me regarding the Compound Interest Paradox. They are wrong.)
  2. The income tax is evil. You have to get permission from the government and IRS whenever you work. That means you aren't fully free. You're a partial slave. With income taxation rates close to 50%, plus indirect taxes, you are very much the property of the government and Congress.
  3. All taxation is theft, no matter how it's collected and no matter what it's used for. Why should someone be allowed to use the threat of violence, to steal from you via taxes?
  4. Currently, problems created by government are falsely blamed on the free market. For example, the "free market banking system" didn't fail in the housing bubble/bust. There is not a free market in banking. The Federal Reserve is one big price-fixing cartel. Insiders get to borrow at artificially cheap rates, giving them an incentive to gamble. For another example, the "free market healthcare system" didn't fail. Via government licensing requirements, the supply of doctors is artificially restricted, driving up prices.
  5. All services currently performed by government could be done better in a really free market, by competing vendors. That includes police and courts and roads. It's a huge change in perspective, compared to what you were brainwashed to believe.
Check out the "Best of FSK" list in the left sidebar for more details. More and more people are getting interested in "market anarchism" or "agorism" or "anarcho-capitalism".


Anonymous said...

Some people say journalists are lazy, they don't investigate any more and just rely on government to feed them with news stories and give them interviews.

Many war reporters are embedded journalists that are inside army units. The army just shows them what they want to.

Journalists can't say anything too bad about politicians as then they will be cut off from news feeds and interviews.

FSK said...

More importantly, journalists who deviate from the propaganda agenda are fired.

During the Vietnam War, State propagandists learned "Don't let the media publish pictures of wounded soldiers and civilians."

dionysusal said...

"NEW YORK – A tearful Rep. Anthony Weiner on Monday admitted sending a lewd photo of his underwear-clad crotch to a young woman over Twitter and then lying repeatedly to protect himself. In a flash of defiance, Weiner refused to resign even as Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called for a House ethics investigation into whether he broke the rules."

What a joke. Nothing but bad Vaudeville.

FSK said...

I bet he even gets reelected. It's an embarrassment that Reid, Rangel, Schumer, and Pelosi get reelected. The Republicans are just as bad or worse.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:

Perhaps Weiner thought that some women like to receive "junk" mail.

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