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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Five Ideas You Can't Say on Television

I saw some of George Carlin's performances on YouTube. A lot of them were about politics more than comedy. Sometimes, just telling the truth is humorous enough. When I see George Carlin talking about politics more than comedy, my reaction is "I could do that!"

I decided to make an updated version of his "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television" routine. I should make the total different than seven so I don't get sued for copyright/trademark infringement. Plus, I could only think of five really good items to include. Presumably, while he was alive, George Carlin wouldn't sue me for writing an updated version of his joke. Now that he's dead, his copyrights are owned by his heirs, who may not have a sense of humor.

Forbidden ideas are more important than forbidden words.

Taxation is Theft

Everyone knows, to a certain degree, that taxation is stealing. However, you'll never see someone on a mainstream media source outright say "Taxation is theft!"

All forms of taxation are theft. This includes income taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, tariffs, a direct capitation, driver's licenses, and car registrations.

Inflation is Theft

Inflation is more subtle and more dangerous than taxation. Inflation is literally stealing money out of your pocket all the time. Suppose police came to your house and demanded 2% of your money every month. You would resist. Via inflation, it's functionally the same. The nominal value of your money stays the same, but its purchasing power is stolen.

The income tax steals your money as you earn it. Inflation continuously steals the value of your savings. Unless you buy physical gold or silver, the State has the power to steal your savings via inflation.

When executives of a corporation grant themselves options and shares, that's a type of inflation. The ownership interests of other shareholders are diluted, and the profits are given to a handful of insiders. The effect is lost in all the market noise. Executives spend the corporation's money repurchasing shares to offset the grants, but that just means the shareholders get a lower dividend.

Debt-Based Fiat Money is Immoral

The Compound Interest Paradox is never discussed in a mainstream media source. Mainstream media will complain about "irresponsible borrowers" and people who don't save. However, this huge defect in the monetary system is never mentioned.

If you don't understand the injustice of fiat debt-based money, then you don't understand economics or how the US monetary system works.

The US Constitution isn't a Morally Binding Document

The US Constitution is usually revered as a holy document. A Constitution provides no protection when the people who enforce it ignore it.

Depending on a Constitution for protection is placing the debate in the wrong frame.

What right do people who lived 200 years ago have to impose a contract on me? What right do you have to steal from me via taxes?

The official story is "government derives its existence from the consent of the governed". If that's true, then where do I sign up to withdraw my consent?

Don't say "If you don't like it, move!" First, there's no unoccupied space to move to. All countries everywhere have a corrupt taxation system and monetary system. Second, this is my home and I don't want to move. Just because a terrorist organization demands tribute from me, doesn't mean I should be forced to move.

War is the Health of the State

War is always an excuse for an increase in the power of the State and the people who control it. War is always an excuse for confiscating guns, stifling free speech, raising taxes, or raising inflation.

The "War on Terror" is causing more terrorism. The "War on Drugs" encourages drug use and increases profits for drug dealers who successfully evade the State. The "War on Poverty" creates poverty. The "War on Global Warming" is damaging the environment.

Most of the soldiers who actually fight the war don't benefit financially from war. If they're lucky, they make it home alive and emotionally scarred. The only thing that war accomplishes is that it's an excuse for politically connected insiders to loot and pillage.

When I saw George Carlin's standup performances on politics, my reaction is "I could do that, and better!" Some people say that a mainstream advocate for agorism is needed, and standup comedy is the only uncensored public speaking venue. I might not get invited on the Tonight Show, but I only need to get a few hundred people to attend my performances to earn a decent living. Video services like YouTube would be a useful self-promotion tool.


Anonymous said...

If you could make it entertaining, by golly, you might just be on to something there!

Anonymous said...

How about:

Democracy != Freedom?

Anonymous said...

In the medieval Europe the jesters and singers were the only people who could speak out the truth openly without severe consequences. Today we almost have the same pattern. People who are not taken seriously can say what they want. If Luis Farrakhan would say Israel should be erased from the world map nobody might give a f***, because he might not has enough power and all. But if Mahmud Ahmadinedschad says so people are making a hell out of it.

Anonymous said...

Got another one for you FSK,

Voting is pointless.

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