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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Seroquel A Vitamin?

I think the cause of my problem is a severe vitamin deficiency. I was prescribed Seroquel by my suddenly-competent psychiatrist.

I'm convinced that Seroquel is nothing more than a vitamin. Therefore, it is safe for me to take it.

If you can't handle the shock of seeing the Matrix, then you should *NOT* take Seroquel.

Hopefully, some insiders in military research labs came to the same conclusion. If the answer is yes, and we're both right, then the Matrix/State is over.


Anonymous said...

Humans evolved to only need the nutrients found in meat, fruit and vegetables.

Psychiatric drugs are not needed for normal human function.

FSK said...

It is possible that, due to the Matrix, certain vitamins were removed from human diet. Otherwise, they would see the Matrix.

dionysusal said...

Psychiatric vitamins. Alien invaders. Prime Directive.

Bunk, that's what! Please get a grip and stop acting as nutty as a nest of cuckoos.

FSK said...

Something really horrible has happened. I'm trying to describe it as best I can.

I'm also under a lot of shock myself. I had another panic attack. Let's see if I can still see the Matrix afterwards.

For now, FSK conjectures "Seroquel is a vitamin not normally found in the diet." I'll see how it goes.

dionysusal said...

Looks like some bad sh*t to me. But you should do what you feel is best.

Ronnie said...

Seroquel is NOT a vitamin. From the company website:

•For Seroquel XR, the most common side effects in adults are drowsiness, dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, increased appetite, upset stomach, weight gain, fatigue, disturbance in speech and language, and stuffy nose.

Most of those are pretty ordinary conditions. Probably not too harmful to take. Disturbance in speech and language? Perhaps it is a stimulant. That would also increase paranoia....not going there.

My guess is that it is a stimulant plus a few random chemicals so they could slap a patent on it, and relatively harmless but NOT a vitamin. It could explain all of those side effects except one. It wouldn't explain the weight gain side effect, but for some of us who are wired a bit differently than others, stimulants can help focus, and can still cause fatigue (side effect list) I don't know why, maybe you burn through the energy too fast or something, but it's true. I have an undiagnosed condition that this is perscribed for and that is why I believe this. Also, look at this warning:

•Stop Seroquel XR or Seroquel and call your doctor right away if you have some or all of the following symptoms: high fever; stiff muscles; confusion; sweating; changes in pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure

Actually seeing the matrix, or just having your brain in overdrive, thus giving you enough time to gather more pieces of the puzzle than normal people? Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Fsk i think u have totally lost ur shit on these meds, get off them ASAP!

Spring Hall Convert said...


It's pretty clear to me that you've either suffered a nervous breakdown or been medicated with some highly potent stuff. Probably both.

Should you find a moment of clarity to think rationally, you might want to consider taking some time off from this blog.

Anonymous said...

Although some fruit and vegetables may be genetically modified, most are not.

So how can the clowns remove necessary vitamins?

Well I suppose they could irradiate the fruit and vegetables.

I would ask your supermarket if the fruit and vegetables are irradiated. Presumably the "reason" would be to prolong shelf life.

Why don't you grow your own wheat grass? Or mustard and cress?

You can grow your own spinach.

FSK said...

I feel fine so far.

You can't grow your own marijuana because it contains this "forbidden vitamin".

A normal person couldn't handle it, due to the shock of seeing the Matrix.

The drug corporations doublecrossed themselves. They accidentally produced an honest drug/vitamin.

Besides, undercover cops may have secretly switched my vitamins.


fritz said...

I personally Can't see the matrix. But have felt it all my life. Thats how I personally operate. I can feel things in my heart center long before I can actually see them.

I am here to testify that what we see is very out of sorts and miss leading. And that the reality we perceive has been altered beyond our imagination.


FSK said...

I'm pretty sure that some honest high-ranking US government insiders know about the Matrix now, almost as well as me. They are working on it.

Unfortunately, due to the severe nature of the Matrix, they cannot make any public disclosure yet. There will be gradual improvement.

I don't have the resources to solve the Matrix by myself. Only the US Federal government has that kind of resources. I hope they're working on it. I gave them enough information to get started.

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