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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blogging Holiday

I decided to skip posting today. I made a post so that people don't think I was hospitalized.


Scott said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I haven't been commenting because I normally hit a folder I have with certain bookmarks and for the last month your blog wasn't coming up. I was thinking "Whatever happened to FSK?" and looked in my links and they had been deleted. I then searched my hard drive for the various FSK articles I've saved and they had all gone missing as well. Strange since no one else has access to my computer. Reasonably, it's absurd to think someone hacked my computer just to try and erase all references to you, and therefore I must have accidentally somehow deleted them all myself, but I sure didn't do it intentionally and don't see how it could happen accidentally. I guess it's a mystery, unless it turns out it happened to other people as well in which case it will be something of a concern.

FSK said...

I have no idea if Scott is kidding or serious.

If Scott is kidding, then it's a good joke.

If Scott is serious, then I noticed weird anomalies on my computer as well.

Anonymous said...

I have some questions about Scott's post.

Computer software is complex.

You may access a web page seemingly hosted on one web site, but in fact you may merely get an empty frame that refers to content on another website, that may in fact be generated by a server side script on the fly.

What exactly had Scott saved to his computer?

Was it just a link?

Was it just a wrapper empty web page containing a reference to a live web page?

Maybe the web browser updated itself and the old bookmarks were in an old format and not recognized.

Recently some shortcuts on my desktop disappeared. They referred to a hard drive that is sometimes not connected though. Still they should not disappear.

Scott said...

No, not kidding about it. You know how every browser has bookmarks or favorites, and they are usually arranged in little folders in a window? They are not folders in the operating system, but representations in the browser. I have one folder that has the sites I check every day. FSK disappeared from there some weeks ago. Having discovered this, I thought maybe it was accidentally deleted, like perhaps was scrolling down the list and pressed delete. But then I went to search my hard drive for my FSK articles that I save and those were gone too. Now maybe that is a fluke as well and it's only a coincidence I noticed both at the same time. I am not drawing conclusions about this yet. If this actually is a bizarre and over the top FSK censoring conspiracy, then perhaps it would have happened to others as well.

As far as it being unlikely, it is in the realm of intelligence operations, and FSK could be on various lists since he consistently points out how the emperor is naked. I am on one of the watch lists myself, I always get very carefully screened when traveling.

FSK said...

I've been considering "evil aliens" more than humans being clever enough to do that.

Scott said...

LOL. Well I'm pretty sure you're joking about aliens. If there were aliens, it doesn't seem like they'd be the ones objecting to your articles, unless there is some sort of an evil alien overlord scenario behind the scenes to create a one world government with authority to remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and thus kill all plants because the aliens are allergic to chlorophyl.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very useful insofar as its content is mainly text which is easier to digest that website with lots of videos.

Your way of describing government actions as Problem! Reaction! Solution! is valuable. I can now view government actions as causing permanent problems. If the free market was allowed to work on its own, a problem would soon disappear on its own. When the government appears, a small temporary problem turns into a big permanent problem.

Anonymous said...

Consider housing in London, UK.

1) Many London workers (not in banking or government) find that they have to spend half their salary on rent. If they have to work long hours for their money they resent this.

2) So they move outside London and commute in. This wastes 2 - 4 hours of their time everyday in traveling.

3) If the free market was working, rooms would stay empty in London, landlords would be unable to find tenants and eventually rents would fall.

4) However immigrants and the unemployed take up the empty London rooms. High rents do not put them off, as the government pays it all. Why rent to a British worker when you can make more money by renting to a clown or unemployed person?

5) Essentially housing benefit gets paid to upper class and middle class landlords via their poor tenants and is effectively a government subsidy to property owners.

6) If a politician crows about how he is a self-made millionaire it is often off-the-back of property.

Government housing benefit has the effect of pushing workers (outside banking and government) outside London. The unemployed can only afford to live in London.

This is also why teaching is so bad in London. Good teachers don't want to live in London and pay all their wages in rent.

The government has to reclaim the money they pay in housing benefit. They do this by stealing houses by slapping 40% inheritance tax on them. The banksters and estate agents are all too happy to push up property prices.

What determines the price of property in London? It is certainly not based on the cost to build a house.

The price is determined by what a 17 year old youth with spots sitting on the receptionist chair in an estate agency says. He/she just goes on what the last house sold to a corrupt, looting bankster went for.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at