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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is GM Going Bankrupt Again?

Here's an amusing anecdote. For their past several new cars, my parents have always bought from GM.

The GM dealer was so rude to them, that they decided to buy a Toyota. The GM dealer literally didn't return their calls.


Anonymous said...

At times myself or my family have asked businesses to give us a call when a certain item comes into stock or for more information.

They don't call back. Perhaps this is because it costs money to phone people.

I work for myself and a very small amount of the time I'm asked to phone people that are either a long way away or in foreign countries. These are people that are _potential_ customers and not paying customers. The last time this happened, I phoned the guy twice but just got his voicemail. I left messages. I didn't phone back after that. I asked the guy to pose his question via email. He never bothered to get back to me. I explained to the guy email is the better option for communicating.

FSK said...

In this case, my parents had bought from that dealership before. They certainly qualified as serious customers.

Anonymous said...

Well this is the way businesses work.

Your parents probably spoke to a 19 year old woman on the phone that spends her time filing her nails or a spotty teen. They aren't paid to look up old customer records.

Maybe if they had a real cut of the business they would be more attentive.

I've always worked hard for companies and it took me a long time for work out that no matter how hard I worked, I would always get laid off over someone's dumb brother-in-law.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says -
GM used to teach sales people techniques of follow-up called:
"Keep selling 'til he buys or dies". Sounds like the new Government Motors Sales Management team has minimal expertise in sales, thus since they already have secured their commissions and bonuses, closing the deal is really irrelevant to success; and customers are but a reason for indifference.

Anonymous said...

When you got the government backing you, you don't need customers. They also have Mexican Axle and a made in Canada by robots Camaro. Take the stimulus money and stimulate somewhere else.

My brother got a Mercedes. Cadillac was giving him the run around. If the economy was so bad at its worst, why could no one find a deal on a car with all that inventory? The cash for clunkers cost us $25k each.

So the government will solve the problems they created by printing more money, wasting more tax dollars, and raising taxes. How have they done thus far: medicare broke, medicaid broke, social security broke, the post office broke, Amtrak broke, the defense department broke. when the mustang ranch in nevada was taken over by the IRS for failure to pay income taxes and the government ran it they bankrupted it. Everything the government runs is bankrupt! I'll agree there.

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