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Monday, March 22, 2010

Turd in the Punchbowl!

There were some good bits on Comedy Central this week.

On Tuesday's episode (3/16), Jon Stewart did a criticism of the financial industry that looked like it was straight from my blog. He mentioned that the banksters may borrow at the Fed Funds Rate (currently 0%-0.25%), while the average joe has to pay much higher rates. He mentioned Lehman's abuse of Repo 105 to hide losses. He mentioned that the banksters borrow huge sums of money on shady assets, while paying themselves a huge bonus.

Jon Stewart didn't say "Inflation is theft! The USA has a completely unfair monetary system! The Federal Reserve is one huge price-fixing cartel!" Still, it was the best criticism of the financial industry I've seen in the mainstream media.

There was one evil fnord on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report recently. They were both shown patriotically filling out their census forms. Presumably, some State bureaucrat demanded they air that segment. The correct answer is "The authority of the government is not legitimate!" However, I'd choose to fight another battle. I'd probably only answer the question regarding "How many people live here?" and leave the rest blank. The census is important, because government bureaucrats must keep track of their property!

Wednesday's episode of South Park also seemed like it was directly from my blog. The main point was "Of course a famous and wealthy celebrity is going to have sex with as many women as they can. Who wouldn't?"

I really liked the way the men looked nervously at the woman next to them, when saying "Why would a man want to have sex with lots of women?" That's really insightful, about how productive/parasitic relationships work. An "abused productive" person always fears retaliation by parasites. A parasite doesn't need to always violently retaliate. Psychological intimidation is sufficient.

In that episode, the women were all portrayed as parasitic. In reality, it's closer to 50%. I liked the way the Tiger Woods' wife was portrayed as evil. Based on what I've seen, she has the parasitic personality type.

Another interesting bit is "There's a turd in the punchbowl!" If an abused productive person starts to suspect a scam, then the parasites around them conspire to hurt them. Nothing inspires cooperation among parasites like an honest person.

Using an example from current events, Matthew Lee complained to Ernst & Young that "Repo 105" was wrong. The first thing Ernst & Young parasites thought was "There's a turd in the punchbowl!" Instead of taking the complaint seriously, they fired him. Matthew Lee hasn't found another accounting job since getting unfairly fired by Lehman.

Ernst & Young couldn't seriously investigate Matthew Lee's complaint. That would have required admitting they might not have done a good job. In this manner, the State economy selects against honesty and intelligence.

I don't fit into most large corporations, due to my tendency to object to dishonest behavior. Even at a small startup, one of the co-founders is almost always a parasite. A dishonest hiring manager can tell that I'm intelligent and honest. He'll make up some other excuse for refusing to hire me.

I like the bit where a soldier said "Wait a minute? WTF are we doing?" The response was "There's a turd in the punchbowl!" He was then Pat Tillman-ed. Any soldier who starts to see the scam risks his life.

My father said "I hope FSK doesn't act like that!", referring to how Kyle and that soldier questioned the scam. Unfortunately, honesty severely restricts your career opportunities.

I also liked the "What handkerchief?" mental health screening. Many public schools now have mandatory mental health screening for students. Those tests are as scientific as the "What handkerchief?" test.

Mandatory child mental health screenings are corporate welfare for psychiatrists and pharmaceutical corporations. Those fake screenings are an excuse to forcibly drug children.

When I was in the mental ward, it seemed the staff there were saying to each other "There's a turd in the punchbowl!" My higher state of alertness was falsely labeled as deviant behavior. Instead of seriously investigating, they forcibly drugged me and silenced me. A corrupt mental health industry plays a key role in preserving the Matrix.

Suppose Matthew Lee had told his State-licensed therapist "I think that there was accounting fraud at Lehman!" The therapist would say "There was no fraud at Lehman. You imagined it. You were fired because you were doing a lousy job, and not as retaliation because you pointed out fraud." The purpose of a State-licensed therapist is to reinforce the pro-State brainwashing of the patient.

There's also a "Turd in the Punchbowl!" effect in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Politicians don't want to seriously investigate allegations of incompetence by State insiders. This creates the illusion that they're covering up intentional misconduct, rather than severe corruption and negligence.

"9/11 was an inside job. Therefore, the authority of the Federal government is illegitimate." seems believable. It's an approximation of the truth, which is "All taxation is theft! The authority of government is not legitimate!" The 9/11 Truth movement is treated like a turd in the punchbowl, because it's too close to the real truth. Another problem is that some forums, like the Ron Paul forums, censor the 9/11 Truth movement. They think "Some people who support Ron Paul also believe 9/11 was an inside job. Therefore, all Ron Paul supporters are fruitcakes. We must censor this subject!"

Whether you believe 9/11 was an inside job or not, taxation is still theft and government has no legitimacy at all. Either way, agorism is the best strategy for fighting State evil. The 9/11 Truth movement must be censored, because of the conclusion "Government is a scam!" rather than anything else.

There also were some good fnords in the new series "Ugly Americans". If you take it literally, it seems silly. If you realize that most of the characters are analogies, it makes sense.

The bosses at work are demons. Translating to FSK language, demons are high-ranking State parasites.

The wizard is a typical parasite that exploits the State. He earns a decent living, without doing any real work. He isn't as ambitious a crook as the demons. The wizard does just enough work to get by, while deflecting blame and responsibility to other people. The best analogy is Wally from Dilbert. A wizard is a low-skill low-ambition parasite. Alternatively, the wizard realized that striving for more just isn't worth it. The wizard accepts his role as a cog in the machine. The wizard locally maximizes his ability to exploit the State.

A zombie is an abused productive person who's given up. The protagonist's roommate became a zombie because a woman said "I only date zombies."; she wanted a guy she could push around. A zombie is the typical brainwashed mindless wage slave. I noticed that certain parasitic women avoid me now; they'd rather be with a man they can exploit.

I was surprised that the police were drawn as human. The only human-looking characters besides the protagonist were the police.

The protagonist represents the dilemma a typical intelligent person faces. You don't want to be abusively evil like the demons. You don't want to be someone who shirks their responsibility like the wizard. You don't want to have given up like the zombies. You don't want to be corrupt like the police. What other possibilities are there? The implication of the story is that the protagonist has to become one of the other character types in order to survive.

Sometimes, Comedy Central has the best news. In the guise of fiction and humor, there's an opportunity to tell the real truth. "There's a turd in the punchbowl!" illustrates the way that State parasites crack down on honest people. If only one person at a time develops honesty, then State parasites can easily eliminate them one at a time.

In this manner, a world where everyone is crazy becomes a stable fixed point. When someone starts saying "Hey! This is wrong!", they're forcibly silenced. Usually, it's merely social pressure from parasites who psychologically dominate you. Other times, you might be fired from your job. A corrupt psychiatry/death industry silences dissent. If necessary, you might be murdered like Pat Tillman.

"There's a turd in a punchbowl!" is a great plot point on South Park. It indicates the way State parasites preserve their scam, by cracking down on dissenters.


dionysusal said...

I think it’s more likely that some of Jon Stewart’s writers have knowledge and experience that dovetails with yours, although it is fun to think that he actually reads your blog. If you’re reading this, Jon: Whazzzzzzup!?!

As for the “9/11 truth movement,” it’s been pretty much co-opted and balkanized by the bad guys, just like most grass roots movements are eventually (the “tea party” is the latest victim). I no longer investigate 9/11— I have proven it to be a scam for myself and myself only, and that’s good enough for me (there was a time when I was on a crusade to convince other people, but I quickly tired of being told I was a “tin foil hat-wearing nut case” by all the Stockholm Syndrome victims and gave up). Instead, I’m trying to dedicate myself to improving the world (or what’s left of it). Educating myself and others on the financial/monetary scam is a big part of that, so I thank you, FSK, for being an invaluable source of excellent information. I have learned a great deal from this blog and am trying to pass on what I learn. Please keep up the good work. You have more supporters than you probably realize. Take it light, my friend.

Unknown said...

Why are 50% of women parasitic?

FSK said...

50% of all people are parasitic. That isn't a gender-specific insult.

Some people are borderline. They will be productive or parasitic depending on the circumstance.

VDnNr83t0XGZ0hc6eRA1 said...

I was listening to a radio today and a listener called in and started to talk about parasitic health care bill. The tone of those comments was similar to that of FSK blog and I thought Wow! Great Guy! Great Radio? Five seconds later DJ turned the guy off and turned on welfare mom who boasted how happy she and her brats were with HC bill.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've met someone that was alternatively productive and parasitic. This was nasty and indirectly this goon lost me my job. As he was more political than me he gained favor, but he destroyed an important part of the project. Cash flow for the project went down. I lost my job, despite working hard. The goon stayed on despite his sabotage.

Everything you say and do has a consequence. This guy realized he could get by with doing no real work. In fact as the boss was an idiot, doing real work was dangerous. Messing around doing stupid things suggested by the boss without questioning them destroyed the project.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Russo said that that 9/11 must be a fraud, as otherwise there would have been other attacks after it. The shoe-bomber was just too incompetent to be believed. If he really wanted to set fire to his shoe he would have done it in the bathroom and not in plain site by striking loads of matches.

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