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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Nymphomaniac Pattern

A nymphomaniac is a woman who has many different partners in a short period of time. I used to think that a nymphomaniac was a parasitic personality type, because they're obviously doing something stupid. Recently, I observed someone stuck in the nymphomaniac pattern. Now, I see that a nymphomaniac is actually a relatively intelligent woman trapped in the Matrix.

As an abused productive worker, the only possible sexual partners are abusive parasites. The nymphomaniac has successfully learned her pro-State brainwashing very well. This leads to the following cycle:

  1. The nymphomaniac succeeds in attracting a parasite. She has mastered her pro-State brainwashing, and plays her role well.
  2. The nymphomaniac then realizes that her partner is a jerk. She is intelligent, and staying with a jerk is obviously stupid.
  3. The nymphomaniac stops aggressively flirting with her partner. Usually, the parasite dumps her, rather than her dumping him. However, she causes the dumping, because she stopped catering to her partner's parasitism. In a sense, she passive-aggressively dumped her partner, (subconsciously?) manipulating him into dumping her.
  4. The parasite gives a superficial reason for dumping her, unrelated to "It's because I'm a jerk!" The nymphomaniac assumes the authority of the parasite is legitimate, and works on being a better abused productive person. The abused productive worker is looking for a pattern that isn't there.
  5. The nymphomaniac is single again. However, her only potential partners are also parasites. Thus, the cycle continues.
The only way the cycle ends is:
  1. The nymphomaniac settles for a parasite who isn't that abusive.
  2. The nymphomaniac learns to emulate parasitic behavior, and dates an abused productive worker. However, this is merely switching teams and playing the parasite role, rather than not being a brainwashed pro-State troll. Such a relationship is unstable, because the nymphomaniac won't really respect the abused productive worker. An intelligent productive worker won't emulate parasitic behavior, because parasitic behavior is obviously stupid.
  3. The nymphomaniac starts to subconsciously figure out what's going on, and winds up involuntarily hospitalized and labeled with a "mental illness".
The parasite relationship equation is defective. The nymphomaniac is attracted to the parasite, but the parasite isn't really attracted to the nymphomaniac. This means that the parasite has the upper hand, and may do as he pleases.

A parasite prefers to date women that he isn't really attracted to. This way, he can dominate them!

The abused productive worker thinks "I must conceal my attraction to my potential partner. Otherwise, he will use this information to control me." Unfortunately, parasites are very easily able to recognize "This woman is attracted to me, but is trying to conceal it!"

The parasites continue their scam, because the abused productive worker doesn't consider the possibility that someone would actually be that evil. The parasite might not even be consciously aware of what he's doing. He's merely emulating the behavior of people around him.

I wonder if that partially caused my first panic attack? I was dealing with an abusive parasitic manager at work. I subconsciously realized "OMFG! Someone is actually that evil!" It was a huge shock! I always assumed that everyone, especially those in State-backed leadership positions, had good intentions like me. I always gave the parasitic manager the benefit of the doubt, and assumed he was stupid or incompetent. If only he learned, he would be a better manager; parasites actively encourage such thinking. That's like a pro-State troll who says "If only the right laws are passed, then the State would not be evil!" I played my abused productive role well, doing my best to help him. That worked against me, because I was pointing out the boneheaded mistakes he was making, trying to help him. I was trying to fix his mistakes, but he interpreted it as a challenge to his authority. In reality, he was playing people's emotions nearly perfectly. The abusive manager had a high-paying financial industry job. He was a parasite who had mastered his role very well. He actually did a great job helping me crack my pro-State brainwashing, by being such an abusive jerk.

It was an amazing experience, to see one parasite totally dominate a group of skilled abused productive workers. Except for that abusive manager, nearly everyone else had the productive personality type.

The abused productive worker is logically strong, but emotionally weak. The people who are emotionally dominant are the parasites. The parasites are accustomed to manipulating others. The abused productive worker is an easy target. The abused productive worker is naturally drawn to a parasite.

Abused productive workers are conditioned to conceal their attraction and interest. This also means that two abused productive workers cannot normally start dating each other. Based on a lifetime of abuse by parasites, they are accustomed to concealing their emotions. Also, they are very insecure. Any misstep is misinterpreted as "The other person isn't interested in me!" Both abused productive workers have this problem, and the relationship cannot progress.

This explains how an abused productive man says "She is a nice woman! Why does she keep dating jerks?! Why won't she date me?" An abused productive woman can only date parasites. That's the way the rules of the Matrix work. The abused productive woman will never respect an abused productive man, because he's emotionally weak.

Also notice this is a method for preserving the Matrix. Two abused productive workers can't get together and share observations. There's always a parasite around to disrupt discussion.

The abused productive woman will hang out with an abused productive man. She'll be happy for the opportunity to play the parasite/dominant role. However, when dating someone, she's conditioned to playing the abused productive worker role.

I was stuck. I realized that dating a parasite is obviously stupid. I wasn't emotionally strong enough to date another abused productive worker. Even when I tried flirting with another single productive woman, some parasite will always come along and interrupt.

I'm (hopefully?) out of the abused productive worker pattern now, because I've cracked my pro-State brainwashing. I can recognize abusive behavior, but I choose not to implement it. Therefore, it's possible for me to successfully date someone who is an abused productive worker. I'm emotionally strong, but not abusive. I'll be similar to the emotional state/feedback of a parasite, but I'll be genuinely strong rather than faking it. I haven't put the theory into practice yet, but it's an interesting observation. (Don't say "FSK is wrong because he isn't benefiting from his theory." I only figured this out recently.)

When attempting to meet women, it's a good idea for me to provide honest emotional feedback. I don't have to worry about "My future partner will abuse me if I express interest!" I'm able to stand up for myself independently of that. Plus, I'm pursuing women who have the abused productive worker personality type. They probably won't try to force their will on me.

When interviewing for a wage slave job, providing honest emotional feedback to a parasite is probably a bad idea. Inevitably, one of the interviewers on the hiring committee has the parasitic personality type. He will notice that I can see through his manipulations, and veto the decision to hire me. I can't conceal my awareness. Parasites know that someone like me is the biggest threat to their scam. When dating, I only need to convince one woman "FSK is a good guy!" When interviewing for a job, I need to convince a group of people, ONE OF WHICH IS ALWAYS A PARASITE, "FSK is worth hiring." In most/all businesses, the hiring decision must be unanimous, which gives the parasite control. Even if the parasite isn't participating in the hiring decision, he can always manipulate for me to be fired later. Almost *EVERY* business, even a two-person startup, has a parasite pulling the strings.

On some job interviews, the hiring manager said "I thought you were a great candidate. However, some of my other subordinates thought you were unsuitable. Therefore, I'm not hiring you." The parasitic interviewers recognized "If FSK is hired, then he will be my competition! Therefore, FSK should not be hired!" In this manner, the "Hire only if unanimously approved!" policy blocks the hiring of really skilled workers.

Here's an example of parasite control tactics. NLP or "fast seduction" advises "Occasionally criticize the woman, so she feels uneasy and unsure. This way, the woman is always eager for praise from you." That is catering to the abused productive personality. Normal human behavior is "Criticize your partner only when they do something stupid." Parasites take a normal behavior and turn it around into a mind control tactic. By providing random feedback instead of honest feedback, the abused productive worker is kept continually on edge. The abused productive worker is looking for patterns that aren't there, when the real pattern is "This guy is a jerk!"

NLP and "fast seduction" tactics teach people to play the parasite role, rather than teaching someone to be a true leader. There are no true leaders that can be used as a role model. You have to figure it out on your own. It's easier, once you realize the nature of the scam and "Everyone in the world is insane!" The productive workers are insane, because they're abused by parasites all around them. The parasites are insane, because you'd have to be insane to intentionally abuse other people.

The only advice I can give to an abused productive man is "Try to figure out what is normal human behavior." It's like the "opposite George" episode of Seinfeld (fnord!). The way you've been pro-State brainwashed to behave is frequently exactly the opposite of "normal" human behavior.

Some useful bits are:
  1. Attempt eye contact. You can identify potential interest in a stranger by the way she responds to eye contact.
  2. Be somewhat persistent, but not overly persistent. An abused productive woman will not be able to provide 100% consistent "I'm interested in you!" feedback, due to her pro-State brainwashing.
  3. Learn to correlate "appearance/attitude/body language" and "Is this person a parasite?"
  4. Practice on a lot of different of people. A school is a *LOUSY* environment for practicing, because it's the same people over and over again. A subway is a good environment for practice, because you'll almost definitely never see the other person again.
  5. If someone is a jerk, don't let it bother you. Just move on. If someone has the productive personality type but is not receptive, move on. Many abused productive women assume, by default, that a man who flirts with her plans to hurt her, because they're used to dealing with parasites. Many/most women misinterpret friendliness as aggression. My attitude is "I'm not responsible for other people's insanity.", but I give up if they're too insane.
  6. Try a bunch of different things, but don't violate the Non-Aggression Principle.
I'm adding "nymphomaniac" to "high functioning autism" as one of the intelligent women profiles. A "high functioning autism" person compensates by shutting out all emotional interaction. A nymphomaniac can successfully play her role as an abused productive worker, and is also smart enough to realize "Dating a parasite is stupid!"

The nymphomaniac pattern is "Attract a parasite. Realize that dating a parasite is stupid. Start over with a new parasite." The rules of the Matrix make it almost impossible for two abused productive workers to start dating each other, because both are emotionally weak, due to a lifetime of abuse by parasites. Even if two abused productive workers are dating each other, it doesn't work well, because neither partner is emotionally strong. Over time, one partner will fall into the parasite role.

I've mostly cracked my pro-State brainwashing. I probably am emotionally strong, but not playing the parasite role. That's what an abused productive woman really wants anyway, which is to be treated fairly. The "loser nice guy" tactics are really passive-aggressive abused productive worker tactics, and will only attract parasites.

By acting the way I now consider to be "normal", I should be able to help an abused productive woman crack her pro-State brainwashing. It'll probably take awhile. I am noticing more progress when I go out, but I'm not fully successful yet. I've made a lot of progress cracking my pro-State brainwashing, and I should be able to make further progress without another panic/manic attack and involuntary hospitalization.

I'm noticing things I haven't noticed before, which is evidence that I'm still making progress.

The "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is a huge mistake/fraud. Once you start realizing subconsciously what's going on, it's very traumatic. You wind up involuntarily hospitalized and labeled with a mental illness. Anti-psychotic drugs interrupt your body's natural healing process, as you crack your pro-State brainwashing. Anti-psychotic drugs are literal blue pills.

In order to crack your pro-State brainwashing, it's insufficient to realize "Taxation is theft!" You also have to understand the nature of productive/parasite human relationships. A sane person would not voluntarily enter such a relationship (as either role). It's a problem when everyone is insane! It should be possible to convert an abused productive worker to "normal". A parasite is used to being in control, and will never change.

The "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness was probably developed by people with the parasitic personality type! They then hired people with the productive personality type to help them implement their scam! I wonder if anyone knows the truth, and set up this massive fraud on purpose? There are people evil enough to do that! At one time, I would have said, "Nobody really is that evil!", but I'm not sure anymore. The abusive manager at my options trading job, the Rails Advocate, and the Idiot New Manager at that job are all people who would definitely murder millions of people, if they thought they could profit from it. On the other hand, the psychiatry/death industry could also be a massive mistake. Either way, it's wrong, and needs to stop.

It's interesting to notice and understand things that had me completely confused many years ago. If only I knew 15 years ago what I know now! Fortunately, I'm not so old yet that I'm useless.


barry b. said...


what was the name of that video you mentioned a while back with nancy pelosi and minimum wage

fritz said...

I think you are coming to a good understanding of women and things. Just keep plugging away, consider it a game that you keep getting better at.


Anonymous said...

I've had similar thoughts to you.

In a few jobs I've often wondered if a manager is just plain stupid or evil.

A friend of mine says the worst type of manager is one that is both stupid and nasty.

Anonymous said...

Humm..... intresting observations. I spent most of my life thinking almost all people were either evil jerks or so brain dead they caused lots of pain with out realizing what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

I don't like how you referred to them using the word parasite -_- disgusting

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