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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Michael Savage, Autism, and Paid Disinformation Agents

My post on "Is Autism an Illness?" was surprisingly popular.

Mainstream radio host Michael Savage made a sharp criticism of autism. He said that it was not a real disease. Most children labeled autistic really just need proper parenting.

The pharmaceutical/psychiatry/death industry was quick to rebuke him. It is rare for a mainstream media personality to criticize the official party line regarding treatment of people labeled "mentally ill". How dare someone suggest individual responsibility by parents over doping children into submission?!

Michael Savage's criticism of autism was based on personal experience. He had a brother who was labeled autistic and murdered in a hospital, after years of awful medical treatment. I had a hard time finding an article quoting this aspect of the story.

He appealed for sympathy by telling listeners of his brain-damaged brother, Jerome, who died at 20 in a Staten Island "snake pit" hospital without ever having spoken a word.

This article on Slate was offensive. The author was quoting the DSM (psychiatrist Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) for proper diagnosis and treatment of autism. Quoting the DSM for proper diagnosis of autism is like quoting a Nazi SS manual for proper treatment of Jews. The DSM is pure propaganda, and not an objective scientific document. The method for including diseases in the DSM is a majority vote at a psychiatrists' convention. At one time, homosexuality was considered to be a mental illness.

I wonder if Michael Savage considered the possibility that his brother was damaged by the medical treatment and drugs that were forced on him?

A few dozen protesters were picketing WOR radio, demanding that Michael Savage be fired for telling the truth. I suspect (but cannot prove) that those were professional picketers. Some autism/pharmaceutical advocacy group paid for those obnoxious protesters. For example, it is common for unions to hire professional picketers to supplement picketing by workers.

This picketing illustrates another problem. Why should a handful of people, who probably don't normally watch his show, have the right to demand he be fired? Why does a vocal minority have the right to impose censorship?

It is offensive that someone be fired for saying something that contradicts official propaganda. Michael Savage is correct. In the vast majority of cases, autism is not a real disease. Autism is a problem because of poor parenting. Autism is a problem because public schools do not work for a large percentage of students.

If people start questioning "Is autism really a disease?", then they'll also start asking "Is attention deficit disorder really a disease?" or "Is bipolar disorder really a disease?" or "Is depression really a disease?" or "Is schizophrenia really a disease?" Those questions must *NOT* be asked. That would wreck the death industry's business model.

The official propaganda is "1 in 150 children have autism", and not "the public schooling system does not meet the needs of 1 child in 150". (The actual number of children damaged by public schools is closer to 100% than 1%.)

Only a tiny minority of autistic children are so disabled that they cannot feed or dress themselves. The vast majority of children labeled "autistic" merely have a natural immunity to the State brainwashing campaign, and don't perform well in schools/brainwashing centers. If you are the parent of such a child, homeschooling is probably your best option.


Anonymous said...

What is that saying, "write about the stuff you know"?

Applies here. This might be your best post ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree the way psychiatry is handled is unwise. But then you say it's a problem with parenting. That's also an oversimplification.

The real truth is we don't know everything about how the human mind influences human behavior.

Things that may be completely off our radar may somehow lead to certain thought processes.

The problem is there are no sound psychiatric treatments. Pills and surgeries are usually unnecessary and cause major side effects. But talk therapy rarely ever probes as deep as it really needs to.

If the child were asked to describe all their thoughts in detail as best as they could, including words, images, etc.(best to clarify to the child that anything they are experiencing in their head or anywhere in the body due to the mind-body connection should be reported) then we could figure out what influences that and help break negative thought patterns by recognizing them and logically determining how to construct positive thought patterns.

The Mind really is still unchartered territory. For what ever reason people are afraid to dive into themselves.

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