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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Was Jett Travola Murdered?

There was a lot of mainstream media coverage of the death of Jett Travolta, John Travolta's son.

One point not emphasized enough in the mainstream media was that Jett Travola was taking Depakote before his death. Depakote is an anti-psychotic drug.

I only found these two stories that mentioned both Jett Travolta and Depakote.

Some pro-State trolls said "Jett Travolta was taking Depakote. He stopped taking it and then he died. That is proof that Depakote is a beneficial drug."

That is completely wrong. Anti-psychotic drugs are incredibly addictive. It takes your body more than a year to recover after you stop taking them. If Jett Travolta had taken Depakote anytime in the past year, it's probably be a contributing factor in the death.

The people in the article were also bashing John Travolta's Scientologist anti-psychiatry beliefs. It's likely that there's a positive correlation between Depakote and Jett Travolta's death, but I haven't seen the details.

It appears that Jett Travolta was diagnosed with an illness from when he was very young. It is possible that a lifetime of abuse by a corrupt medical industry led to the homicide. I place a lot of blame on Depakote.

One of my ***hole psychiatrists tried to get me to take Depakote. He said "You didn't like Abilify. Depakote is a much better drug!" I couldn't make my attempted murderer understand "Both Abilify and Depakote function by blocking my neurotransmitters. I am not interested in drugs that block my neurotransmitters, because they prevent me from thinking and doing all the things I normally like to do." My psychiatrist acted as if I had made the ridiculous assertion that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth.

If you are having negative experiences with drugs, a psychiatrist/murderer will always say "Try a different drug!" or "Try more drugs in addition to those you're already taking!" A psychiatrist/murderer will never say "Maybe you don't need drugs." If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.

I really like the way that the mainstream media spins this story. Even though Depakote probably *CAUSED* the death, the blame is actually placed on the fact that the victim stopped taking Depakote. The withdrawal for anti-psychotic drugs is *SO NASTY* that the withdrawal shock could kill someone who's already weak from other abusive medical care.

The medical industry in the USA is nearly a total fraud. Jett Travolta might have lived a normal life if our society didn't have a completely corrupt medical industry. Jett Travolta had a lifetime of abuse by the medical industry, but I suspect Depakote played a very substantial part in his death.


Anonymous said...

hey, that's it. depakote. that's what i was given after a 10 minute meeting with a death merchant / psychiatrist (you replied to my comment about it in the last reader mail). it made me go insane for a few days and then i stopped taking it after the third day and basically went back to normal. it took about 6 months or so before all of the nonsense (sluggishness, bad mood... "depression") lifted, but this was of course when i *stopped* taking the medication.

Anonymous said...

and i didn't finish reading the post before i posted that other comment. yep, i tried every anti-depressant known at the time. or at least all of the major ones. every one of them had some kind of awful (or at least obnoxious) side affect. "ok so try this one!" who knows what mixing them was doing to me. but i stopped taking them in secret because i convinced my family to let me go on my own. i lied and said everything was working with the meds, went out on my own, took a risk and stopped taking them, and have been fine since. i have also saved a ton of money in the process. i still get "down" sometimes but i learned to deal with it on my own.

fritz said...

I cant imagine anyone going to a medical doctor would think they wouldn't be prescribed medicine. That's what they do. Anyone in the field who is approved to operate by the American medical association prescribes medicine.

It would be like calling a power tool specialist over to your house to cut down a tree, and wondering why they are using a chainsaw instead of an axe.

A.M.A psychiatrists and other doctors are legal drug sales men and woman. Its a known fact. That,s what they have been trained in and that's what they know. Of course they are going to offer you drugs...dahhh..or why else would you go there.

Its like going into a milkshake shop and wondering why they are trying to sell you a milk shake. You shouldn't be there if you didn't want a shake.

Here is an idea. there are many natural paths out there. Plenty of alternative ways to treat mood disorders. Sure your insurance might not pay for them. But whats more important than your health?

But going to a medical doctor and wondering why you are being prescribed drugs is the most insane thing I have ever heard.


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