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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brett Favre

I don't understand the current scandal regarding Brett Favre. While playing for the Jets two years ago, the Jets hired a female masseuse. Allegedly, Brett Favre had an inappropriate relationship with her.

Why did the woman wait two years before making a claim? The State explicitly encourages people to wait years, before making sexual harassment claims.

"Sexual harassment" cannot occur in a really free market. If a worker feels mistreated, then they should switch jobs. In the present, the State places artificial barriers in the labor market. A mistreated worker doesn't have the option of quitting. "Sexual harassment" laws are an attempt to patch an unfair system.

If a woman makes a false sexual harassment claim, then the employer will generally fire the man without investigating. It isn't worth the potential legal liability to the employer.

Also, prostitution should not be a crime. If the Jets want to hire a prostitute for their star quarterback, then that should not be illegal. Instead, they hire a "massage therapist" and pretend to not know what's actually happening.

The Brett Favre scandal is an example of State propaganda. Prostitution should not be a crime. "Sexual harassment" laws are used for abuse. "Sexual harassment" cannot occur in a really free market; an abused employee would switch jobs. This Brett Favre scandal contains many evil fnords.


dionysusal said...

Couldn't agree more. Being a big Chicago Bears fan, Favre has been a general nuisance to me for a long time, so I'm quite enjoying his fall from grace. But besides showing himself to be a total cretin, he really hasn't done anything wrong. If he wants to send pictures of his junk to some skank over his cell phone, that's between him, her, and possibly his wife-- although I think the NFL does have some kind of "conduct detrimental to the team" thing in their player contracts, so they might end up suspending him. But no "crime" was committed, and the State should buzz off (yeah, right).

1/πi said...

I do think harassment, sexual or non, is a valid claim if emotional and/or temporal damages to productivity can be accurately proven and assessed. Don't forget that, even in a free market, there will often be time and capital costs to changing employment or starting a business.

Otherwise, I agree with you. In fact, his other sexual partners should also be filing lawsuits against him for fraud and/or breach of sexual contract, seeking penalties based on the risk and potential cost to each of them of sexual disease transmission.

The greater the risk and cost of sexual disease transmission, the greater the cost of fraudulent promiscuity should be, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Mistreated workers cannot just quit and get another job.

If you saying anything bad about your current employer in a job interview, you won't get the job.

There is pressure to tell lies and say that your current job is wonderful and your boss is wonderful.

You can only get a new job by saying your current job is wonderful and giving you valuable experience.

If there is something wrong with your current job it means you are not up-to-date on current industrial trends and so are ineligible for new employment as the people with wonderful jobs are obviously smarter and more experienced that you.

If something goes wrong, even if it is somebody else's fault, it is a black mark against you. They will say sweetly any dispute reflects badly on you because they can't divine you are right and who is wrong. Why pick you when there was 100 other perfect candidates with clean records?

So a boss can harass, bully and ill-treat his or her workers. If they say anything they will get a bad reference. If they tell the truth, even without a bad reference, they won't get a job because of what I said above.

Recruitment agencies pump people to exaggerate their current job.

Any honest person will over time get fed up of the whole dishonest business.

Lane said...

"If you saying anything bad about your current employer in a job interview, you won't get the job."

Are you trying to say that if you leave your job because you are being harassed and you tell a new employer then you won't be hired?

How does making a public claim of harassment solve this (made up) problem?

Anonymous said...

In reply to Lane, perhaps not in her line of work, but in some types of technical/office work saying anything bad will ensure you are less likely to get a new job.

I thought this was a known fact.

If you listen to Human Resources advice given on Internet web pages, you will see they say never to bad-mouth your former or current employer.

Some people will rightly think this is censorship and lack of free speech by economic terrorism by stopping people getting new jobs.

If you have a stupid boss making bad technical decisions, a bright and honest worker might think it best for the company to point out the bad decisions. Doing so will get you fired.

Saying why you were really fired will ensure you don't get a job easily again.

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