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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Statists give noble-sounding names to evil ideas. One example is "copyright".

Really, "copyright" should be called "copyforbid". Copyright allows the owner to forbid other people from making copies.

Copyright is a State-created right. It doesn't exist according to natural law. Copyright is enforced via a lawsuit. Copyright lawsuits are legal extortion.

Copyright has its origins in censorship. When the printing press was invented, it was seen as a threat to the king's authority. The solution was that the king's censors read the proposed book. If approved, the author was given a license to print it. This later was translated into giving the author exclusive printing rights. In the present, most copyrights are owned by corporations and insiders.

In the present, intellectual property laws are used for extortion. Via copyright, patents, and trademarks, insiders extort from non-insiders. Insiders use copyright to restrict the freedom of non-insiders.

When debating statists, the words themselves have a pro-State bias. Terms like "copyright" and "intellectual property" have an inherent pro-State troll bias. They should be called "copyforbid" and "intellectual unproperty".


Anonymous said...

Patents, especially applied to software, are granted for machines that are not really innovations and could reasonably be thought up by anyone competent in the field. The patent office tends to grant patents to inventions that don't deserve a patent. Patents do not recognize it is very likely two totally different people at opposite ends of the world could come up with similar discoveries.

I've heard of cases whereby lawyers that don't even understand the basics of what trademarks are try to enforce them by bullying little people doing no harm at all. Trademarks are for the sale of good and services. For example if I created a website with the domain, FSK cannot sue me for trademark infringement unless I start to sell goods or services under this domain. But if I created a domain such as, then Acme Corporation would probably try to sue me under trademark law, despite the fact that trademark law does not apply here. Lawyers are crooks that misrepresent the law to try to frighten people.

If the government was awake, any lawyer that misrepresents the law in a letter should be struck off.

Anonymous said...

I think intellectual property has a place, but it is so often misused by lawyers.

Copyright law is so vague you can sue any company. You can say your own company name is copyrighted and then try to sue any other company that uses just a few letters of your name.

There was one case in the UK, whereby a sick, clown lawyer threatened to sue a company that had the letters "ll" in their name because the company this sick creature represents used the letters "rr" and "rr" looks a bit like "ll".

Again this is a very sick joke and clown lawyers that act like thugs shaking down people for money with bad cases ought to be struck off.

Anonymous said...

For an example of an absurd patent see

Actually this seems rather sensible compared to lawyers that sue over the use of English alphabet characters and English words found in every dictionary.

Again lawyers that extort money over English characters and words should be struck off.

But the government won't do this because they are full of lawyers.

I think FSK should pay me 1000 USD for every time he uses the letter "a"! I have used this letter in my post and therefore I own the copyright for it!

Again stupid lawyers use similar reasoning in their absurd cases. Just because you use something doesn't mean you own it.

Anonymous said...

One evil theme is that a rushed, harassed company employee is given an impossible deadline by a sick manager.

The harassed company employee STEALS intellectual property belonging to the real inventor of it.

(If caught out, the sick manager will claim the harassed employee acted alone and he knew nothing = willful stupidity/blindness.)

The dishonest company then claims the STOLEN intellectual property is theirs i.e. was created by a employee in the course of their duties. This is a lie - it was stolen from outside the company.

They then go to a bent lawyer who proceeds to shake down the original inventor for protection money.

The danger is that if you go to a lawyer, he or she will tell all your secrets and hidden information to the other side, SO THEY CAN THEN ELABORATE THEIR LIES and KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO AVOID BEING CAUGHT LYING.

The idea is that bent lawyers make their fees and that crooked clients are rewarded for bringing bent cases to them.

Bent lawyers like bent clients.

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