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Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Competitive Devaluation" Fnord

I heard another new fnord phrase. It's "competitive devaluation". It's another way of referring to the "Worldwide Hyperinflation Race".

If you give a complicated obscure name, then an evil idea sounds noble. "Competitive devaluation" makes it sound good. If you say "The banksters are printing money and giving it to themselves.", then it sounds evil.

That's a common and amusing State trick. They make up nice-sounding names for evil ideas. If you keep inventing new names, then the same old evil is disguised.


Ronnie said...

Remember on The Simpsons, when Lisa was president, and she proposed a "temporary refund adjustment"? Everyone was happy until they found out it was really a tax increase. Careful rewording wouldn't trick people if they gave a crap about vocabulary and educated themselves a bit.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
Federal speak is always clothed in moral garments, no matter how nefarious the actual BOHICA job is. Temporay is permanent, less is more, and receipts and payments are neither. It is always the old wisdom: "IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHOSE OX IS BEING GORED." And it is always easy to identify the gorer and goree.

This Blog Has Moved!

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