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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Audience Of Professional Actors At Town Hall Meetings

This story was pretty funny. There will be an Obama "Town Hall Meeting" on MTV. There was a "casting call" published. They are hiring professional actors to be in the audience.

This post attempts to defend the casting call. I wasn't convinced. The excuse is "It's MTV's casting call and not the Presidents." That makes it acceptable? If MTV does a bad job with casting, then they probably won't get the President as a guest again. Besides, there probably are undercover State spies working for Viacom; it's well-known that State spies infiltrate most large corporations.

Unless they say at the beginning of the show "The audience is paid professional actors!", then it's immoral to pretend to have a "town hall meeting". You're providing the illusion of openness, while it's completely scripted.

This is disgusting and offensive. There was another candidate who used an actor, pretending to be a "regular guy".

Another example is "mental health drug" commercials. The "patient" is an actor, and not someone who actually has a mental illness.

Statists love "town hall meetings". They pretend to have an open forum, when they're really tightly controlling things. The town hall meeting provides the illusion of openness.

You only get to ask pre-approved questions. If you aren't going to ask the "right" question, then you don't get to give your question. The moderators screen the questions ahead of time. If you don't ask the question you tell the moderators you're going to ask, then you get tasered.

The power to cut off someone's microphone is also a great censorship tool. If someone asks a tough question, the politician gives a fake evasive vague answer. The questioner can't say "Answer my question you twit! Don't give me an evasive answer!" The microphone is passed to the next person.

They're taking it one step further. The audience is now professional paid actors. Why do they even bother faking it? Enough people are fooled by the charade.

Town hall meetings are offensive. It's pretend debate and openness. Just once, I'd like to see someone ask at a town hall meeting "Isn't all taxation theft? Isn't government just one huge extortion racket?" The fact that this question never comes up indicates that it isn't really an open forum.


Anonymous said...

I agree that State spies infiltrate most large corporations. Actually, I think our CFO is #1 State spy. She really works for the government and we pay her salary, but she is essentially a government employee. Would we need CFO is there was no requirements of complex financial reporting?

Anonymous said...

This goes on in the UK as well. Before our elections (which ALL parties lost and 40% of the population did not vote at all), the politician clowns held meetings.

But it is a fair bet only cronies attended. If you hold a "public" meeting on a weekday during the morning or afternoon, most normal people cannot attend because they are working.

I think one journalist tried to get into these meetings but the political clowns made it very difficult for him.

He wanted to ask David Cameron a list of nasty questions, such as why he claims the maximum expenses and why he needs a big house in the country with the mortgage interest payments paid for out of public taxpayer money. But he never got to ask them.

David and his wife have millions of pounds between them. Why was (or is) the taxpayer paying their mortgage interest payments?

Scott said...

To be fair, the ad specified "no pay". However it is very interesting that you have to provide a photo, your acting resume, and your political views before being allowed to "attend" an "open town meeting".

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