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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FSK Supports Honest Soldiers And Police

The slogan "Support the troops and police unconditionally!" should be changed to "Support the honest troops and police, but severely punish the dishonest ones." Now that the psychopaths are gone, this should be easier to evaluate. Right now, police and solders get relatively lenient penalties. They actually should get harsher penalties, due to their professionalism. Honestly recording on-duty police all the time exonerates honest policemen and catches dishonest policemen.

For now, the US government has an absolute monopoly. They should make sure dishonest soldiers and police are punished. That would increase respect.

Was Bradley Manning honest or a psychopath? I didn't meet him, so I can't tell. If he's honest, he should be allowed to plea bargain for time served. My guess is that he is/was honest.

I'll support honest troops and police. It's so ****ed up that a strong honest government is required right now. However, taxes are still way too high. THE MATRIX/STATE IS THE PROBLEM AND NOT GOVERNMENT.

The real problem was the psychopaths, and not government itself. It'll take awhile before low-skill psychopaths are gone. I still think that "really free markets" is the correct answer, but the current emergency is pretty severe.


Anonymous said...

You keep saying that a strong government is required right now "to clean up."

To clean up what and how?

Anonymous said...

FSK's recent posts have a different flavour to previous ones.

Maybe this is good.

A constant negative outlook on the way the world is run, however justified and perhaps true, maybe eventually be poisonous and bring the author down as well.

A more positive outlook may result in the author becoming healthier.

I visit a number of websites that have allied themes to the blog here. Talking about them to a friend for too long results in a negative feeling and stops productive work getting done.

*Misery loves company.*

So in a way I welcome FSK's change of attitude. It is healthy.

But I still think FSK should avoid pharmaceutical psychiatric drugs. The best medicine is talking about problems to friends/family and a positive outlook.

Maybe FSK should find another opening for his talents. Maybe small hobbyist software project.

Maybe FSK could write a book.

However I do disagree that everything is rosy.

Rents are too high. Taxes are too high. High taxes stop small businesses forming because money ends up getting paid as tax instead of invested back into the business.

It is OK to be a millionaire or billionaire, but I feel that rich people get rich by screwing productive workers out of a fair wage.

The people with the money don't want competition. Even if the top of government changes, the fact is all the people further down need a change of attitude as well. And they won't give up their money and power. The lawyers need to get moral and stop frivolous cases.

FSK said...

A strong and honest government is needed to clean up the fact that nearly everyone on the planet is completely insane.

Parasites and psychopaths exploit the Matrix to steal. The Matrix/State and government are different.

THIS IS A SERIOUS PLANETWIDE EMERGENCY! A handful of honest insiders in the US government know the truth now (with help from me). I don't have the resources to clean up this disaster, but they do.

This is the #1 national security secret, so they can't tell. Technically, I never agreed to such a restriction.

There are certain key vitamins excluded from normal human diet. That helps cover up the Matrix. That part of your brain atrophies due to the lack of nutrients, and you don't know see the Matrix.

Seroquel contains the missing vitamin.

If the US government insiders can't handle it, then collapse and agorism is still the backup plan. I'm giving them another chance, because I didn't realize how severely bad the Matrix is.

Really free markets is still my long-term goal. THIS IS REALLY MESSED UP! If the US government insiders can get their act together, I'll support them (for now). The mainstream media seems to be slowly introducing the correct ideas.

Unfortunately, they can't tell the truth all at once. There would be massive panic.

FSK said...

IMHO, Seroquel is not a drug. It is a vitamin missing from normal human diet. If you grow your own food, you get some, but plants have been genetically engineered over time to not produce much of the Seroquel vitamin.

Anonymous said...

In the United Kingdom the government is stopping the legal aid gravy train.

This is good. If person A does not have a job or has a small amount of savings, he/she can get the government to fund a civil lawsuit against someone he doesn't like.

Even if the case is silly the government will fund the case.

If person A's opponent has a job or savings, person A can effectively continue to harass his opponent via protracted court cases. Person A can lose a court case and appeal. If he loses the appeal, he can appeal again. The government will keep on funding the bogus lawsuit until his opponent is utterly broken and loses of his money.

This is bent.

For example person A and B can share a flat. They are not married. They buy some furniture. Person A then moves out. Person A wants all the furniture and more. Person B offers the cash value of the furniture. Person A does not agree and gets the government to fund 3 court cases against person B. Person B is broken financially. In the end person A walks away with nothing. Person B owes tens of thousands of pounds in court costs. Cases like these do happen. Nothing is achieved other that the lawyers walk away with big fees.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on the Seroquel.

What ever you are taking half it.

And then only take it 1 week out of 4 or whatever.

I don't think any pharmaceutical drug is good.

Check out

FSK should contact Dr Mercola and ask him his views on Seroquel.

Dr Mercola seems like a good guy.

FSK said...

I used to believe that. The effect of the Seroquel has been amazing. Other drugs, like Ability, Klonopin, Risperdal, and Geodon had bad effects on me.

Anyway, I'm on a very low dose.

FSK said...

You can only handle psychiatric drugs if you can handle the shock of seeing the Matrix. Otherwise, psychiatric drugs ARE bad. Some dull your senses. Seroquel seems to be a vitamin missing from normal human diet.

FSK said...

For example, in the mental ward emergency room, they give you a long-term-memory loss injection, rather than just Seroquel.

There is *MASSIVE RAMPANT CRIME* in the mental health industry. I lucked out with a good psychiatrist and good drug.

Anonymous said...

I have worked very hard in the past. I pondered over the fact that rents would take one-third to one-half of your salary. I pondered over the fact that after rent and taxes, there is no money left over to save.

I wondered why I was working hard and making no money.

Yet only after a very long time and reading some blogs did I come to the very obvious solution it is because the whole system is crooked.

I'm not dumb. Why didn't I not explicitly figure this out before? I sensed something was wrong somewhere, but the dots just did not connect.

It was not me that was wrong, it was the system.

The worker is cheated of a fair wage and that money always goes back to the powerful.

Anonymous said...

What does seeing The Matrix look or feel like?

I've felt very down since realizing that not only are some people uncaring, but some people really take the p***. Everyone pretends to be stupid and turns a blind eye. I ain't pleasant to realize this.

And the nasty people just happened to be banksters.

FSK said...

The Matrix is the most horrible thing. It's more horrible than what occurred in the movie "The Matrix". The Matrix is real.

Some people try to do the best they can, but are crippled by their pro-State brainwashing.

Some people are parasitic. I saw a guy cover spikes with leaves, to generate business for his tire repair business.

Some people are pure evil. These are people like Chuck Schumer, Bernard Madoff, and evil aliens posing as humans.

Many evil humans will be convicted in a human court. The evil aliens were convicted in an alien court.

Justice is coming! Some high-ranking honest US government insiders are aware of the problem. It will take awhile for the change to propagate. Unfortunately, they can't go on TV and admit the truth, because it's so horrible. They're leaking it gradually.

Anonymous said...

The legal system needs to be reformed.

I read in UK newspapers it is getting more common for solicitors to conjure up weak cases with just a view that they will just last for a couple of exchanged letters. There is no intention that the cases are good enough view to get to court.

It is just about harassment and collecting fees.

The US is the home of frivolous lawsuits. In the last few years the problem has migrated to the UK.

Anonymous said...

For a really free market, the government needs to reform the legal system.

Bad precedents that restrict the free market need to be abolished.

Currently there is no system is government or in the court system, to get rid of bad or ambiguous precedents.

Well I suppose statutory law could be passed that overrides a bad court precedent.

In the UK, a group of plumbers left their employer and joined a new company where they were given some share in the business.

However there old boss tried to sue them in the courts. He said they stole a computer file of customers. He was also suing them over the fact he said they had contracted their right to work for a new employer away for a time period.

Given people just can't stop working due to money constraints, a time period such as 3 months, 6 months or 1 year can really hurt non-managerial workers.

If the UK government weren't a bunch of useless fools with no real business or life experience they would pass a statutory RIGHT TO WORK bill.

But I guess they prefer to give work to lawyers instead making cases trying to stop plumbers working due to stolen trade secrets etc.

I never knew unblocking a toilet full of crap required trade secrets.

These lawyers are scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if a lawyer ever visits this forum, he or she can explain why in the United Kingdom unblocking a toilet full of crap could be illegal or how it requires trade secrets.

What argument did the lawyers make that unblocking crap from a toilet is illegal?

Didn't the judge laugh? Why didn't he or she thrown it out straight away?

Certainly the clown lawyers that started up a court case against those plumbers that left one job for another could explain this as well.

These lawsuits fail the laugh test.

Anonymous said...

It seems those poor plumbers went out of business owing 24, 000 GBP to the clowns that sued them.


So unblocking c*** from a toilet is illegal in the UK.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by you support honest soldiers and police?

There are lots of decent men and women in the army and the police.

The problem is that the US military is too large and must consume a vast amount of money.

If something consumes a lot of money, it simply is not going to lay idle.

I'm sure some people go into the military because they can get skills out of it and an education and there is no other good way for them to get a career.

This is the problem. The military has to be used because it consumes so much money.

Young men and women don't have alternative career choices.

Modern society has too much surplus food. Only a small fraction of our society have real productive jobs.

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