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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ron Paul Doublecross Prediction

I have a very weird conjecture. The Supreme Leader of Humanity is intentionally manipulating world economic and political leaders to make the worst possible decisions. The Supreme Leader of Humanity has decided that government was a bad invention, and he's out to destroy them all simultaneously. He has decided that an agorist revolution is the only sensible result.

Ron Paul's Presidential campaign is an excellent opportunity for The Supreme Leader of Humanity. My prediction is that he will arrange for Ron Paul to be cheated in the most annoying way possible. Ron Paul will win 35-40% of the delegates in the primaries. He will have a plurality of the delegates (plurality means more than anyone else). He won't have the majority he needs to guarantee nomination. The other top two candidates will strike a deal and Ron Paul will be excluded.

This strategy will alienate a huge number of people. They will completely lose all confidence in the government and the voting system. They will be willing participants in the coming agorist revolution. I think that Ron Paul supporters are overall smarter than the average person. When they are completely alienated by the "democratic" process, many will be willing participants in an agorist revolution.

This prediction is only a hunch. I'm not 100% sure. If it turns out to be wrong, don't use The Strawman Fallacy to discredit the rest of what I write about.

Ron Paul's supporters say that he's the last hope for the American Republic. When he loses, does that mean we can give up on the American Republic and start developing the replacement system?


Anonymous said...

revolutions never work even if you are right. They usually cause chaos, terror and murder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Is that what the British said about the American Revolution?

FSK said...

I think it's possible to have a successful nonviolent economic revolution. That seems like the only sensible course of action given the current circumstances.

The only way to be sure is to perform an experiment. This type of experiment cannot be performed alone. You need trustworthy trading partners to get started.

Fivemileshigh said...

The ideas you expressed in "Code Geass" applies equally to SLH and his actions in the Ron Paul campain. For readers that haven't got to that part yet, you stated "The main fnord in "Code Geass" is that even if you had the power to absolutely command anyone to do anything, you could not ultimately use that power for good." (BTW, this same principle is also one of the main ideas in the I, Robot/Foundation series by Asimov) If this principle is true, it has 3 implications: 1. SLH doesn't exist, or 2. SLH exists and is aware of it and actively chooses not to interfere, which has the same net result as far as we are concerned or, 3. SLH exists, is not aware of the principle but chooses to interfere, in which case he is not exactly intelligent, or worst, SLH exists, is aware of the principle but chooses to ignore it, in which case he is evil.

On a different note, excellent blog! I've been reading it for a few days now.

Anonymous said...

haha, it well describes my disillusionment with the system after supporting RP and working up through the Good Old Party as a delegate only to realize first hand the futility of using the system to reform itself.

Keep up the articulate writing and the coherent reasoning, it's good practice to follow your logic.

Anonymous said...

UUUHhh, this became true! Ron Paul collected necessary delegates from 6 States, enough to earn a Republican Nomination, but had the rules changed on him while on the convention floor by the Romney camp! You can read about it here:

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