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Sunday, November 28, 2010

FSK Asks - Boot Vista From A Flash Drive?

I've been looking into this. It isn't simple.

According to this page and this page, I need this 1GB download, "Windows Automated Installation Kit". Is that right?

What happened to "format disk, copy files over, make it bootable"? That doesn't work anymore? I need this 1GB download just to make a bootable Vista USB flash drive?

On the one hand, that's completely silly. On the other hand, that's exactly what I expect from Microsoft.

I've also looked into making a Linux bootable flash drive.

Recall my goal. I'm pretty sure my problem with my cell phone to PC transfer is a driver issue. I want to make a clean Vista install (booting from USB), with *NO* updates and *NO* drivers except for the cell phone. Then, I'll see if it works.

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robert30062 said...

You need to get Windows 7 Professional. I'm a computer network administrator and we are rolling that OS out in our environment with great success. There are plenty of things about MS stuff that is terrible but Windows 7 Pro is very good I must admit. It even goes against the usual thinking of a newer OS requiring more of the hardware but in fact I have loaded 7 on machines that were running XP and it actually runs FASTER. Although you have to make sure the hardware will work with 7 but to be honest, 7 has the most robust driver library, even for legacy devices, that I have ever seen in a desktop OS release from MS. Another thing to consider too is that when MS says they will "no longer support" an OS that means that if you load updates or anything like that it may crash your machine because they haven't lab tested the updates for Vista compatibility. Load Linux if you want, that sounds fine, but if you want to stay with a Microsoft OS, time to ditch the worst realease ever, time to ditch Vista altogether.

This Blog Has Moved!

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