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Friday, April 11, 2008

Evidence of a Massive Conspiracy

Here's another reader comment that deserves its own separate post.

Thomas Blair has left a new comment on your post "Network Neutrality Thoughts":

First, I enjoy your blog. You have a clarity of thought and word that is unmatched among the blogs I read regularly.

I'm curious to know why types of technology the SLH has had access to prior to their wide dissemination. Your posts are all so well reasoned up until the point where you (seemingly inevitably) tie in the SLH. In that way, he appears like God does to theological writers - as an unsubstantiated phantasm. I'm very curious to know what other kinds of evidence you have for the existence of an SLH other than inductive reasoning. I, too, am inclined to think that some group exists behind the scenes, manipulating media and money for their own gain, but I have no evidence to back up my thoughts. Have you any?

Whenever I write about the Supreme Leader of Humanity, don't use the Strawman Fallacy against me! You should evaluate each of my ideas independently. Even if you disagree with some of my writing, that doesn't automatically mean it is all wrong. Most mainstream writers self-censor themselves, because they don't want their readers to use the Strawman Fallacy against them. This guarantees that non-mainstream ideas are rarely discussed or debated. This behavior/brainwashing is a piece of evidence favoring the Supreme Leader's existence!

There is no direct evidence of the Supreme Leader of Humanity's existence. Do you expect him to walk up to me and introduce himself? (Francois Tremblay likes to make false claims that he is the Supreme Leader of Humanity. I doubt that, because if he were the true Supreme Leader, his blog would be better (although it's still on my "Favorites" list).)

I don't view the Supreme Leader of Humanity as a god. He's a specific person, but I don't know who he is. If you go with the "aliens hypothesis", then the Supreme Leader of Humanity may be an alien.

There's no direct evidence. There is a *TON* of circumstantial evidence.

If there's a single "smoking gun", it's the Compound Interest Paradox. There's no way an honest government could allow something like the Compound Interest Paradox to occur. The Compound Interest Paradox can be verified entirely using information from "official" sources.

From time to time, a Congressmen speaks out against the Federal Reserve and meets an untimely demise. Ron Paul does *NOT* count, because his argument is weak. Ron Paul says "The Federal Reserve and income tax are unconstitutional." That is not the key point. The Federal Reserve and income tax are *IMMORAL*, which is much more important than the legal argument. By presenting a weak criticism of the Federal Reserve and income tax, Ron Paul almost helps the bad guys, via the Strawman Fallacy.

There are a *LOT* of secret societies:
  1. Skull and Bones (Kerry and Bush are both members. The 2004 Presidential election was, literally, two frat buddies running against one another.)
  2. Bilderberg
  3. Bohemian Grove
  4. FBI/CIA/NSA (I lump all official and quasi-official government agencies together.)
  5. BOpFFOr (first mentioned to me by Ineffabelle)
  6. Freemasons
  7. Rothschilds
  8. Illuminati
  9. IMF/WTO ("confessions of an economic hit man", which I haven't read)
There are many others that I either forgot about, or never heard mentioned.

As condition for membership in the IMF or WTO, countries are *BARRED* from using sound money. There were a few governments that tried to hold out, but they were infiltrated or overthrown. *EVERY* country everywhere is using the same unsound fiat debt-based monetary system.

If there were no conspiracy, some country would have an honest monetary system and honest taxation system. They would be incredibly productive.

The Rothschilds are an interesting secret society. In the 18th and 19th century, their power and influence was widely discussed and debated. You'll almost never hear of Rothschild publicly mentioned anymore. Their power has *NOT* dissipated. Actually, they've consolidated and increased it. They let other people do their dirty work for them. They directly or indirectly control *ALL* the newspapers and TV stations, guaranteeing they'll never be publicly mentioned or scrutinized. Some people say that the Rothschilds are the true owners of the Federal Reserve.

Another interesting story about the Rothschilds is that they appeared on the scene with seed capital from an unknown source. The foundation of their secret society was based on a model that had *ALREADY* stood the test of time. The Rothschilds are themselves controlled by some other group.

In most major wars in the 18th and 19th century, the Rothschilds were funding *BOTH SIDES* of the war. The winning side is under a crushing debt burden, and the losing side is outright conquered. If an international bank has branches in several countries, the bank becomes stronger than the government. Any non-cooperating political leader can be easily assassinated/overthrown/invaded.

All these secret societies follow *NEARLY THE EXACT SAME RULES*. The pattern is:
  1. Any member who leaks secrets to the general public is killed/ostracized/kicked out.
  2. The members of the secret society wield influence and a lifestyle *FAR GREATER* than the average person experiences. This is an incentive for them to not "break ranks", because they'd be sacrificing all their perks.
  3. In severe cases, your friends and family would suffer if you broke the secret society's rules.
  4. Membership is usually by birth. Outsiders are only recruited when necessary.
  5. Women are usually not allowed full membership.
The ban on female membership is interesting. If you're planning to enslave/murder billions of people, it's easier to get men to sign up for that sort of thing than women.

"Kill/expel people who violate secrecy" coupled with "perks for members" is an incentive for people to keep the secrets. Membership by birth reduces a lot of the risk of recruiting outsiders. If all the members of the secret society have known one another since they were children, they're more likely to protect the group's goals. Suppose someone shows the ability to think independently, and inconsistently with the group's goals. They can be shunted to a less influential area.

Secret societies existed as soon as government was invented. Very rapidly, people figured out that being the "official" ruler is dangerous. It's like walking around with a bullseye. It's much better to be the advisers, controlling things from behind the scenes. Usually, the ruler will directly follow the advice of his assistants. Even when the ruler is killed, the advisers are usually kept; the advisers are the ones who actually know how things work!

There are only 3 political systems that are a "Nash Equilibrium":
  1. Everyone is free.
  2. One person is free.
  3. Zero people are free.
In the present, most Americans falsely believe they are in the "Everyone is free" state.

Consider the possibility that "100 people are free". That's an unstable equilibrium. Those 100 people will have *INTENSE* competition with one another. Eventually, one will dominate the other 99 and become Supreme Leader. He may allow someone *ELSE* to falsely believe they are Supreme Leader, but only one can be the true Supreme Leader.

It's just like Highlander. There can be only one! (Is "Highlander" a fnord in the same sense as "The Matrix"? I only saw the first movie in the series. I read that the others were lousy and didn't bother watching.) Lately, whenever I see a really popular and good movie or TV series, my reaction is "Where's the fnord?" I was watching "Lord of the Rings", and I was thinking:

One State to rule them all, One State to find them,
One State to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Someone suggested "zero people are free" to me as a possibility. That's ridiculous. If that were the case, eventually, someone would figure out what's going on and break the equilibrium. Even if we are in the "zero free people" state, then the Supreme Leader of Humanity is a useful abstraction.

The trend is towards "less freedom for individuals". The assault is too carefully orchestrated. If there was nobody secretly pulling the strings, then there would be more randomness in the outcomes.

The really interesting bit is that people in the USA are allowed "information freedom", while being denied economic freedom. For example, I haven't been violently silenced based on my blog's content; in China, it would be unsafe for me to write a blog like this. I interpret this "information freedom" as an indication that the Supreme Leader of Humanity *WANTS* the smartest people to figure out what's going on.

The Supreme Leader of Humanity is manipulating the economic and political leaders into making the stupidest possible decisions. At the same time, the smartest non-politically-connected people are slowly gaining awareness of the scam.

"One free person" is a stable equilibrium, because anyone who presents a legitimate threat to the Supreme Leader's goals can be ruthlessly hunted down and killed. Everybody free is also obviously a stable equilibrium. If someone started accumulating slaves, then the other people would unite to oppose him. In a truly free market, you could profitably sell protection services to someone who had been enslaved. (Any slavery contract is an invalid adhesion contract. People working for repayment of a crime is a separate matter.) For example, in the US civil war, if the USA were a free market, Northerners could profitably sell emancipation services to slaves who escaped from the South. They could offer police protection plus some money in exchange for work.

One of my favorite tricks by the Supreme Leader of Humanity is "two steps forward, one step back". For example, the Patriot Act dramatically increased State power. A lot of people objected. The most abusive provisions of the Patriot Act were repealed. The "civil rights activists" claim a victory. In the meantime, the power of the State has increased.

Another related paradigm is "Problem, Reaction, Solution". Some problem is highlighted, one that was ultimately caused by the State in the first place. The media overreact, saying "OMFG! THIS IS BAD!" Then, the solution is an increase in State power.

For example, public schools are lousy. This is no surprise, because public schools are guaranteed funding via state violence. There is no "market penalty" if public schools are lousy. The media says "OMFG! Public schools are failing!" The solution is increased regulation of schools. For example, control of school curriculum is taken away from the local/city level and raised to the state/Federal level. Increased regulation of schools raises the expense for someone trying to operate a private school.

As another example, consider the subprime mortgage problem. The most likely result will be increased regulation. These regulations will increase costs for home buyers and squeeze small mortgage lenders out of the market. The subprime mortgage problem was ultimately caused by the Federal Reserve and the Compound Interest Paradox.

Another mind control trick is the Strawman Fallacy. Mainstream media always attacks the *WEAKEST* point of an unpopular position, hyping it incessantly. A proper debate should focus on the strongest parts of the opposing viewpoint, instead of ignoring them.

What technology has the Supreme Leader of Humanity kept secret? How can I possibly know?

If you chart scientific progress over time, you'll notice that there was a dramatic *HALT* in progress around 1913. In the present, the computer/electronics and software industry is allowed to progress exponentially, while progress in other areas is severely held back by government regulations.

There's evidence of Zero Point Energy technology discovered by Tesla in the late 19th or early 20th century. With a zero point energy generator, you can build a flying saucer; a rapidly spinning disk creates lift.

Tesla claimed that with a Zero Point Energy generator, it's possible to generate an electric force field to protect an area from invasion. Such technology would make war obsolete/impractical.

There's evidence that the transistor was secretly leaked by the Supreme Leader of Humanity, allowing the computer revolution to begin.

I heard a rumor that the Supreme Leader of Humanity has technology that allows him to read *AND* edit phone conversations in real-time. In other words, you could be talking to someone on the phone, and what the other person says doesn't match what you hear. Such technology, strategically deployed at the right moment, would have an amazing effect.

When the ATM encryption specification was developed, the NSA demanded a seemingly minor change. A new decryption attack was discovered approximately 20 years later; the original design would have been vulnerable, but the improved design wasn't. This is evidence that, in the area of cryptography, the NSA has technology 20+ years ahead of everyone else.

If the NSA is 20+ years ahead of the general public, then it's reasonable to assume that other secret labs have technology 20+ years ahead of what's available now.

I heard another interesting story. Before September 2001, the US military did *NOT* have bombs that were capable of destroying a bunker buried beneath a mountain. Very rapidly, such bombs were developed and mass-produced. That suggests a reservoir of scientific talent somewhere.

Consider the Federal ban on stem cell research funding. The moral arguments against stem cell research are fabricated. The problem is that stem cell research is *INCREDIBLY PROMISING*. Potentially, it could make many aspects of the drug industry obsolete. Are drug companies merely protecting their turf? Does someone, somewhere, know what stem cell research will uncover, and is squelching the technology?

Already, scientists can tell when different areas of a person's brain are active. If you had tools that were 20-50+ years more advanced, is it possible to directly read a person's thoughts? Is it possible to directly plant thoughts in someone's head? Many propaganda stories on the Internet are a carefully calibrated mix of truth and lies. I'm getting very good at recognizing "This part is true" or "This part is false". Is this an ability I've developed? Is some outside force helping me?

Sometimes, I have dreams where it seems like someone else is there, trying to give me advice and help me. Am I imagining it? Is someone helping me?

I read an amusing experiment. "Brain waves" occur at a specific frequency. If you wear a tinfoil hat, you're *AMPLIFYING* signals that occur at that frequency. If you believe someone is interfering with your thoughts, a tinfoil hat is making it easier for them!

What evidence is there of a massive conspiracy? There's no *DIRECT* evidence. There's a *TON* of circumstantial evidence.

If there's a single smoking gun, it's the Compound Interest Paradox. Until the mid-20th century, Congressmen and Presidents openly spoke about the evils of the US monetary system. Lately, the Supreme Leader of Humanity makes sure that no intelligent politicians get elected.

The income tax and Federal Reserve are two sides of the same evil. The income tax is a partial slavery system. People have limited choices regarding jobs, but ultimately they must pay 40%+ of their productivity to a corrupt government.

Another piece of evidence for the massive conspiracy is the Grand Conspiracy Experiment. Suppose you suggest the possibility of a massive conspiracy to someone. They will experience an emotional reaction and refuse to discuss it further. That reaction itself is evidence that the massive conspiracy exists.

JFK's "The President and the Press" speech is interesting. He wasn't warning the "average joe" about a massive conspiracy. He was warning the *ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL LEADERS* about a massive conspiracy opposed to their interests. JFK figured out the existence of the Supreme Leader of Humanity and his plans. That's why he was killed.

Before 1913, the USA was regarded as a severe threat. With a fair taxation system and fair economic system, the US economy was *INCREDIBLY* productive. The world was on an international gold standard. Due to trade surpluses, most of the world's gold was finding its way to the USA. Some of that gold was no longer in the hands of the international bankers. Private capital pools were developing, allowing all sorts of businesses to be started. The Supreme Leader's problem was that the US economy was *TOO PRODUCTIVE* compared to the rest of the world.

The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, by Eustace Millins is worth reading. It's available for free online. The Rothschilds sent an economic adviser to the large banks in the USA, to set up the Federal Reserve. The spy didn't say "Here's how we're going to wreck the US government and US economy." Instead, the spy said "Here's how you can make yourselves rich at the expense of everyone else." It's much easier to appeal to someone's greed than to point out that they're really wrecking their country. The US has an open society. The bankers' spy was able to travel openly, as a traveling businessman. He was bringing "sophisticated economic techniques" to the USA.

I am nearly 100% sure that the Compound Interest Paradox is a real defect in the US monetary system. When you suggest the Compound Interest Paradox to an economist, they will experience a certain type of emotional reaction, saying "That can't possibly be right." I am nearly 100% sure that "Taxation is theft!" Whenever I see a politician being grilled about "Taxation is theft!", they experience the same reaction as an economist discussing the Compound Interest Paradox. Whenever I ask a physicist about Zero Point Energy generators, they have the *EXACT SAME REACTION* as an economist discussion the Compound Interest Paradox or a politician discussing "Taxation is theft!" My reaction to this behavior is "OMFG! Zero point energy is real! Are you kidding me?!" I don't have a specification of a working Zero Point Energy generator. If I had surplus money to spend supporting research, I would pay for a zero point energy researcher I trusted to be unbiased. I'm not 100% convinced that Zero Point Energy is real, but it's a possibility that's seriously worth investigating. You'd have to go back to Tesla's research and the state of "generally accepted science" 100+ years ago, ignoring most/all recent discoveries, some of which may be forged.

What is the Supreme Leader of Humanity's agenda? What would you do *AFTER* you've enslaved the entire world? After all, if the Supreme Leader didn't enslave everyone, someone else would have beaten him to it! If I were Supreme Leader, I would try to figure out a way to free everyone. (Maybe my blog is secretly serving the Supreme Leader's agenda.)

The Supreme Leader of Humanity knows how evil the State is. The State is his mechanism for enslaving everyone. Is the Supreme Leader really an anarchist?

What can the Supreme Leader do? He can't call up the US President and order him to shut down the US government. Instead, he's doing the next best thing. He's manipulating the President and Congress into making the stupidest possible decisions. This guarantees that the State will collapse under its own bloat and inefficiency.

A lot of the libertarian free market writing was done in the mid-19th century. Bastiat, Louis Even, and Karl Marx all lived in the mid/late-19th century.

The Communist Manifesto is an interesting document. My favorite Karl Marx story is when he was participating in a tax revolt (cited by the Picket Line). Was Karl Marx really a free market advocate? The Communist Manifesto is a three-stage plan for establishing a free market.
  1. An economic system where around 10%-25% of the people are mostly free. This is the "petty bourgeoisie" that Karl Marx refers to. This was the USA in the late 19th and early 20th century, when most Americans were farmer owners or small business owners.
  2. The State seizes control of the means of production. This is what the Supreme Leader of Humanity has done. We are currently near the end of phase 2. Corporate control of the means of production is the functional equivalent of State control of the means of production.
  3. The State voluntarily relinquishes control. Everything is distributed from State control back to the people. A global free market is established, without any government at all.
A lot of fake communists wistfully say "People should just get together and cooperate!" That's how a free market works!

The "10 planks of the Communist Manifesto" describes how to transition from phase 1 to phase 2. That has already been fully implemented, *EXCEPT* for the Internet, which reduces/eliminates the State monopoly on media and newspapers.

How is the transition from phase 2 to phase 3 accomplished? It's done via an agorist revolution! The dismantling of a State communist economy must occur from the bottom-up rather than the top-down.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was an interesting experiment by the Supreme Leader of Humanity. Is it possible for a government to collapse *WITHOUT* massive violence and bloodshed? The answer is "yes". However, the Soviet Union merely transitioned itself from a Soviet-style communist society to a USA-style communist society. The same handful of people who controlled the Soviet Union *STILL* control Russia's economy. Hopefully, when government collapses due to an agorist revolution, the transition will also be nonviolent.

I don't have absolute 100% convincing evidence of the Supreme Leader of Humanity's existence. How can I possibly be completely sure? However, there's a *TON* of circumstantial evidence. I doubt we are in the "zero free people" Nash Equilibrium. Even if that were true, then the Supreme Leader is a useful abstraction for escaping the current mess.

I don't treat the Supreme Leader of Humanity as a god. He's a specific person that I (probably) haven't met.

The current corrupt economic and political system is *TOO CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED* for it to be an accident. I suspect that the Supreme Leader of Humanity *REALLY WANTS* an agorist revolution to occur. The Supreme Leader wants people to revolt nonviolently and economically against the current corrupt system.


Zhwazi said...

Actually the strawman fallacy is misrepresenting somebody and then attacking the "straw man" created by this misrepresentation. You probably mean a variant of the "ad hominem" fallacy where you attack the person's ideas based on some irrelevant factors like, in this case, their other ideas.

thomasblair said...

I never used a strawman. Another commenter suggested ad hominem, but I didn't do that either. I just mentioned that the SLH seems to just materialize in the middle of otherwise well-evidenced and well-reasoned posts.

I certainly have my suspicions that a person like the SLH exists, and I agree that the phenomena you term the 'compound interest paradox' and the 'discounted cashflow paradox' are strong arguments for a powerful body influencing public policy in the background.

Anonymous said...

Regarding SLH, have you considered the possibility that SLH is not a person, but a meme construct working for its own benefit?
Throughout human history, many memetic organisms had controlled people through hardware and software means. For instance, it could be argued that tobacco, the combination of a plant containing certain chemicals, and an idea/instruction (a meme) of smoking, chewing and otherwise being cool, together, had changed human history, forcing people to grow process and make sure the plant is procreated and safe from extinction. There is no central leader of tobacco, but the masses obey the rules created by a combination of chance and the tobacco meme.
Religions are another example. A zealot acts in a certain way, not to benefit a specific person, but a construct. Granted, a smart human will intercede and place him/herself into the position of gratest benefit (pope, cult leader, etc), but the trolls are trying to benefit 'something greater' than a human, and are largely correct though misinformed about the true nature of their actions.
Many meme examples exist, and others are better at illustrating them, given my humble writing and thinking abilities.
If SLH is not a human being (or an alien being in the normal sense of the word) but a memetic organism, not much changes, except that human motives may not apply. SLH is trying to survive by populating as many heads with ideas that assist its existance, and failing that, ideas that will distract people from anything that is not beneficial to its existance. Bad forms of economics and government are certainly a good distraction.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Thomas Blair. You have made some intelligent arguments, and then you spiral off into la-la-land with this SLH bullshit. If I were you I would stop posting about the SLH and I would stop ruminating about whether or not the SLH or the powers that be are letting you do your thing. The reality is that the do not give a shit about you and your blog, or the 'remnant'. Why do you think we have Ron Paul? LOL Ron Paul = false solution, come out and say it and stop tap dancing around it!

Blissentia said...

Here's an interesting document concerning what you guys are discussing. It's entitled "Red Symphony":

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