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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The USA Has A Severe Psychopath Problem

Highly skilled psychopaths have infiltrated all high-ranking positions in government and in most large corporations. It isn't an intentional coordinated conspiracy. We are in a very psychopath-friendly environment.

Psychopaths and parasites instinctively cooperate, when confronted by an honest and intelligent person asking questions. That leads to the same outcome as a massive highly-coordinated super-efficient criminal conspiracy.

Psychiatric drugs are a convenient psychopath tool. It silences critics, without murdering them, which would be too obviously evil. Also, a drug-addicted mental health patient is a nice cash cow. The "massive coordinated conspiracy" effect led to the current corrupt mental health industry.

My first psychiatrist was very insistent that I take the drugs/poison. His body language said "If FSK refuses to take his drugs, then my profession will be exposed as a fraud and the Matrix will fall apart! I can't allow that to happen!" He had a sense of extreme urgency, that I must be forcibly medicated. The psychiatry industry is psychopath-dominated.

Intelligent people can't cooperate. First, they usually assume it's their personal fault rather than the fault of the psychopath. Second, psychopaths follow a "divide and conquer" strategy. The psychopath focuses on the most intelligent person around, while temporarily convincing all other opposition that he's a swell guy. Third, in many industries, it's literally illegal to start a new business. Even a software startup is a hard business to bootstrap via reinvested earnings. Finally, most intelligent people don't develop high emotional awareness. The psychopaths continually keep them on edge, preventing them from fully maturing.

Even when a psychopath gets caught, the other psychopaths will promptly abandon him. The scam continues, even if some bad guys get caught. Once it's obvious that Chuck Schumer is dogfood, the other psychopaths will abandon him. Until then, anyone asking questions will be met with stiff resistance. (Here's a nice experiment. Have one guy start questioning Chuck Schumer's corruption, while he seems to get no support, and see what happens.)

"Suppose evil people completely infiltrated government. They have the ability to manipulate people's emotions. They can even edit memories, if necessary. There are some non-evil partially-resistant people around, but they are totally manipulated by the psychopaths. Everyone who can sense the psychopaths is labeled as defective." That sounds like a bizarre science fiction movie. That is what actually has happened.

This leads to the "aliens masquerading as humans" myth. That's the psychopaths. They're criminally insane, but have everyone totally fooled. "Chuck Schumer is criminally insane and the Secret Service didn't notice!" is the sort of thing that would make them say "WTF?" I can tell, but the psychopath can always arrange for me to be fired.

When psychopaths are not in control, it's usually easy to keep them out. It's obvious to an intelligent person, who's a psychopath. When psychopaths are in control, it's the independent thinkers that are excluded. The government violence monopoly facilitates psychopaths, because everyone else is SOL once the psychopaths take control.

When making a hiring decision, psychopaths will almost *ALWAYS* exclude an honest and intelligent person who can partially see through them. This leads to selection in favor of psychopaths, and people who can be easily controlled by psychopaths. The independent thinkers are excluded. The independent thinker starts wondering "Why am I a pathetic loser who can't find a job?" The psychopaths make the lie reality.

Here's how the "group interview" scam works. Four honest people and one psychopath interview the candidate. They interview in series, rather than in a group, so the honest people can't compare notes. The candidate is very intelligent. The psychopath notices and gets alarmed. The four honest people have a favorable impression. The psychopath has an urgent need to quash the candidate. After the interview, the psychopath edits everyone else's memories and the candidate is rejected. The "unanimous approval required to hire" rule gives the psychopath a veto anyway, just in case he can't convince everyone.

I wonder if "10% unemployment" is actually "The top 10% most productive workers can't find a job, because no psychopath will hire them!" That certainly would explain a lot. No amount of stimulus will fix that. "Psychopaths refuse to hire competent workers. I know what will fix the problem! Give the psychopaths more money!" The psychopaths use the stimulus money to hire their psychopath buddies, while the productive workers are still unemployed. What incentive is there for psychopaths to actually improve the economy, when they're getting free money from the government?

Due to the Matrix, most humans lack the ability to say "WTF? He's a psychopath!" Those that can partially see through the scam are fired by the psychopaths. Some wind up with a "mental illness" and are forcibly drugged and silenced. Psychopaths and mental health patients are natural opposites. Via the corrupt mental health industry, all the people with "psychopath detection" ability have been removed from the population. Due to psychopaths everywhere, the people who can see what's going on are labeled as defective.

Some people are forcibly medicated. Some people self-medicate with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other recreational drugs. If someone wants to conduct the "treat mental illness with placebos" experiment, they would also need to make sure the patient also doesn't take any recreational drugs. Recreational drugs dull your senses so that you don't see the Matrix. That's why they're really popular even though they're bad for you.

The "natural predator" for the psychopath is someone with high logical intelligence. However, if you only have logical intelligence, the psychopath can manipulate you. You also need some emotional intelligence. In the present, the psychopaths have successfully eliminated all their "natural predators" (except for FSK and maybe some of my regular readers).

A psychopath can't trick me regarding Math. That obvious contradiction caused me to see through a psychopath and have a mental breakdown. A highly-skilled psychopath tried lying to me about Math (regarding options market making software). Only a psychopath would be stupid enough to try that. Until then, I assumed "Everyone is trying to do the right thing!" That is false. Some people are pure evil.

If someone with high logical intelligence starts developing emotional intelligence, they have "mania" or a panic attack. If someone with high emotional intelligence starts developing logical intelligence, they have depression.

For example, someone would say "People with a personality like FSK should not seek a career in politics." That's because I would offend the psychopaths. They would ruin my career, and I would have no idea what happened. Some people like me need to be explicitly recruited, to help deal with the psychopath problem.

The philosophy of agorism is "Government is controlled by psychopaths. Forget it. Let it fall apart and build psychopath-free alternatives."

"Work within the system" means "Maybe non-psychopath government insiders can get their heads out of their ***es and fix the psychopath problem." Until the psychopaths are restrained, there's no way a non-psychopath could "work within the system".

If the psychopaths are eliminated, "gradually shrink government and then it disappears" might be actually attainable. I'm not holding my breath waiting.

That's the reason I'm an anarchist. Government failed its "protect me from psychopaths" job. The current implementation of government is that government is a tool of the psychopaths.

My subway encounter with Chuck Schumer was disturbing and interesting. I wonder if his assistants/slaves noticed and did something about it? My "conspiracy spider sense" makes me suspect that someone organized it, but obviously I can't prove it. Whoever organized it would be legally barred from telling me. It would be nice to see a slave revolt against the psychopaths. My "evil gag reflex" is pretty strong now. His assistants must have noticed, but I have zero confidence in government. It's bad that I have a strong "evil gag reflex", because a psychopath would refuse to hire me, and psychopaths make almost all hiring decisions.

It's nice to imagine there's a "psychopath task force" somewhere working on the problem. I have no idea if that's true. The typical policeman isn't that bright, but hopefully some of the elite policemen know what they're doing. In times of emergency, the usual "Competent people aren't allowed to work!" rules are sometimes suspended.

However, there's one way I can find out. Right now, "Chuck Schumer is not reelected in 2016!" seems crazy-impossible. If there is some scandal and he is forced to resign or not be reelected, then that would be an indication of progress. Remember, I predicted it here! Even if he is reelected in 2016, that doesn't prove my main points are wrong. That would prove that the US government is hopeless, even though I gave Chuck Schumer's slaves a clear indication of the truth.

For the psychopaths I worked with, a simple logical analysis usually shows their scam, but not always. Even Bernard Madoff was suspected by Harry Markopolis. A simple "mean and variance" analysis of Madoff's fund returns should have raised a red flag. The SEC should have requested a randomly-chosen sample of trading records from Madoff and carefully audited them. None of those occurred, due to Bernard Madoff's ability to psychologically manipulate people. Obviously, "FSK didn't like Chuck Schumer!" isn't evidence that's admissible in court. There's almost definitely plenty of other evidence that is.

Even if Chuck Schumer is neutralized, there's still a lot of other psychopaths that need to be restrained. It's probably a majority of Congress (both parties) and most senior executive positions in government and most large corporations. Google had an advantage when it was first created, but it has probably been thoroughly colonized by psychopaths now. "Chuck Schumer is a Madoff-class psychopath!" is only the tip of the iceberg.

"Get rid of the psychopaths!" would mean the elimination of the State but not the government. Of course, "really free markets" is still the correct answer. Is the USA about to have a "great psychopath purge"? In other parts of history, a purge usually occurs when the psychopaths kick out the independent thinkers. Maybe it'll go the right direction this time.

Even if the "great psychopath purge" doesn't occur, the other solution is that the US government won't exist anymore. The psychopath-to-worker ratio is way too high. The correct number is "zero psychopaths in positions of high authority". The actual current status "zero independent intelligent people in positions of high authority" is obviously unsustainable. There are some intelligent people in nominal positions of authority, but they're controlled by the psychopaths around them. For example, Barrack Obama has the "abused productive" personality type, but he's restrained by his psychopath advisers (like David Axelrod). President Obama really wants to do the right thing, and people can tell, but he's restricted by his false beliefs, his pro-State brainwashing, and the psychopaths around him. (Maybe Obama really is a psychopath, and had me fooled based on his TV appearances. See below. You can't tell if someone is a psychopath on TV. It has to be in person. It has to be interactive.)

In the present, the psychopaths have succeeded in eliminating all their opposition. The "natural predator" for psychopaths have been effectively removed from the population. That's good news if you're a psychopath. It's bad news for everyone else. It's also bad news for the psychopaths, because the entire system is about to fall apart unless the "psychopath problem" is fixed. However, a psychopath would not understand that explanation.

Are some government insiders about to get their act together? I have no idea. I'm not holding my breath waiting. In the meantime, I'll do what I think is best.

This article was bizarre. My "conspiracy smell" says "WTF?" "Obama is taking anti-anxiety medication" is weird, given that the Secret Service now knows that the "chemical imbalance" theory of "mental illness" is wrong. Maybe my analysis of Barrack Obama, as seen on TV, is wrong. Another possibility is that Obama isn't a psychopath and the psychopaths are uniting against him. If he is a psychopath, the "psychopath task force" is going to have to do something about it.

Anyway, "and so it begins" is my response. Something big is coming down. The avalanche has started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.


dionysusal said...

Check out this video for a prime example of the psychopaths you're talking about.

And Obama might have had noble (in his mind) intentions early on in his career, but like Anakin Skywalker has been twisted by the Dark Side. He is definitely one of the "bad guys."

Anonymous said...

I met a psychopath once. He used to work for a very old bank. In the United Kingdom two major banks almost went down in the financial crisis and had to be bailed out with taxpayer money. I found it very ironic this man was associated with both banks and had milked both of them with sub-standard work. The work he passed off with just laughable. It was beyond junk.

In one meeting a project manager at the bank was mad at him. She told him directly his clown buddy had left employment at the bank and would be going to another bank. So she said he could start the process of ripping off another bank.

When I first met this man he told me that money had run out for the work he had promised one of these two banks and so he didn't really want much time spent on it. However for the past year, no sensible work had been done at all. So he doesn't do the work, waits for the paid time to expire and then announces they don't have to do any work because the time is over. Marvelous. What a brilliant shyster?

He mode of operation was:
1) Hire a graduate straight out of university

2) Inveigle them with low level theft and lying to paying clients

3) Tell different sets of lies to different sets of people so nobody knows what is going on

4) Lie to his own company in meetings even when the reason for the lie is not obvious

The hidden basis on which his company makes money is to tie government departments up with contracts that are full of loopholes whereby they can be ripped off money wise and legally too.

It so amused me when years after I left this joker for good, I heard two major UK banks had almost gone down and this very sick joker was associated with both of them.

Robin Smith said...

For the term 'recreational drugs', I use the term 'vices of wage slavery'.

Real Reform: Executive Wage Slaves ... and their vices

It includes other things like obese eating, reality tv, cafe food culture, fake holidays, extreme sport done badly, and obsessive use of gadgets

I think it means the same thing

FH ambassador Asia-Pacific said...

Wow........ some overwhelming concepts in your blogpost. I do agree with you that the USA has a huge problem with psychopaths within society. You are going to find this documentary film about psychopaths to be really useful:

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