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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Personal Journey Towards the Truth

A couple of people have asked about my personal journey towards the truth. I should clarify this somewhat. There is the order in which I personally discovered things. Then, there is the order I should present things to someone else.

The order in which I discovered the truth is:

  1. the Discounted Cashflow Paradox
  2. The Put/Call Parity Formula is Wrong.
  3. The chemical imbalance theory of mental illness is nonsense.
  4. Petitioning the State for redress of grievances is pointless, regarding my abuse by the psychiatry/death industry.
  5. Ron Paul would be a neat President! However, the election system is fixed and he has no chance of winning.
  6. the Compound Interest Paradox
  7. The Federal Reserve is immoral.
  8. The income tax is immoral.
  9. Petitioning the State for redress of grievances regarding the income tax and Federal Reserve is pointless.
  10. The USA is actually a Communist country!
  11. Property taxes are immoral.
  12. All forms of taxation are theft!
  13. Who needs a government, anyway?
  14. Agorism is the only sensible strategy for a freedom-seeker to pursue. If I want to have a job that isn't a complete waste of time, then I have to ignore/break all the laws that risk restrict productive activity. The only way to live a morally just life is to do things that are illegal, such as tax evasion/resistance. If I voluntarily pay taxes, then I'm a war criminal.
  15. Public schools are really brainwashing centers. The mainstream media is a propaganda engine.
  16. OMFG, you can build a Zero Point Energy generator! Are you serious!
The order I would present the truth to someone else is:
  1. Taxation is theft! The most evil tax is the income tax. The second most evil tax is property taxes. All taxation is theft, including those allowed by the original Constitution.
  2. Inflation is theft! The Federal Reserve is immoral.
  3. The USA is actually a Communist country!
  4. If government is funded exclusively via theft, then you can't justify having a government.
  5. Voting doesn't work, because of a corrupt mainstream media, corruption among those who count the votes, and most people are stupid.
  6. All monopolies are evil. The most evil monopoly is government. If you give people a monopoly of violence and a monopoly for resolving disputes, then what happens if there's a dispute involving those with the monopoly? State employees are protected by "sovereign immunity". They're practically immune for liability for misconduct while on the job. If a policeman enforces an illegitimate law, he's shielded from liability. If a policeman mistakenly shoots you, then that's too bad for you. If a judge makes a bad ruling, that's too bad for you.
  7. Agorism is the only resistance strategy worth pursuing.
  8. A Constitution is not a legitimate contract, because I never personally consented to it and I don't have the right to withdraw my consent. If you assert that the majority may steal from the minority, then all sorts of crimes can be justified. If you can create the illusion that a majority back each bad law, then all sorts of crimes can be justified.
  9. Public schools are really brainwashing centers. Most private schools are almost as bad, because they follow the model set by public schools.
  10. The only way to get people to accept the current corrupt system is via a massive brainwashing campaign.
  11. If you look carefully, you can see the secret hidden messages in television and newspapers. I can see the fnords! They're actually there! It's exactly like in the movie "They Live!" I really have the special power of the sunglasses in that movie! The are two types of fnords. There are the evil fnords, that are parts of the enslavement Matrix. There are also good fnords, which are clues and hints that help people figure out what's going on, such as the movie "The Matrix". It's obvious where the evil fnords are coming from. Who's generating the good fnords?
  12. The State intentionally restricts the pace of scientific research, via State funding of research. There may be very advanced technologies intentionally withheld from the general public, such as zero point energy.
Here's the details of my personal journey towards the truth.

1. When I first started working as a software engineer, I started researching investing and stocks. The most conservative method of pricing stocks is the "discounted cashflow method". You take the future income stream and discount it to the present at the Treasury yield rate.

However, stocks have historically increased their earnings at a rate of 3%-5% more than the Treasury yield rate. Over every historic period of substantial size, stocks have outperformed bonds. If you run a discounted cashflow simulation over a 50-100 year timeframe, you conclude that the correct stock price is infinite.

At the time, I didn't realize the correct answer. Real interest rates are negative. If you keep your savings in bonds, you're guaranteed to get ripped off by inflation. The numeric value of your principal is safe, but its purchasing power is not safe. The long-term value of a bond investment is zero. That's the reason I calculated an infinite stock price when I discount at the Treasury yield rate.

I've recently realized that a stock investment does not outperfom gold. A historic back-test for more than 10 years is invalid, because gold ownership was illegal from 1933-1975 and from 1975 until now, central banks have been selling/leasing their gold reserves to keep down the price of gold. They have nearly exhausted their gold reserves, and their ability to manipulate gold's price is decreasing. For the past 10 years, gold has substantially outperformed the S&P 500.

In other words, when you do a discounted cashflow comparison of stocks vs. bonds, you're literally doing a "zero divided by zero" calculation. The long-term value of both stocks and bonds is zero. You can't prevent corporate management from granting themselves option grants or mismanaging the corporation. You can't prevent the Federal Reserve from inflating and diluting the value of your bonds.

Even real estate underperforms gold, because of the drag of property taxes. With real estate, you may use leverage via a mortgage, but then you risk bankruptcy during the next economic bust. With real estate, you can earn income via rent, but you pay taxes on rent collected and property taxes. With a gold/silver investment, you get full allodial title.

However, a small real estate investment may be sensible. If you anticipate the collapse of the State, you'll be free of the burden of property taxes. If you rent your property out to other agorists, you should make sure they consent to recognizing you as the legitimate owner after the State collapses.

2. I was working at a option trading business. They taught all the technical employees about stock option theory. My immediate reaction to the put/call parity formula was "I call shenanigans!" According to the put/call parity formula, options are priced as if the expected gain in stock equals the Fed Funds Rate. Everybody knows that stocks outperform Treasury Bonds by a substantial margin over every decent timeframe.

I was really confused by this contradiction. When I tried explaining it to other people working there, they just didn't get it. They couldn't answer my objection, but didn't really understand what I was saying either. They had been brainwashed to believe "The Black-Scholes Formula is right!" and they couldn't question the axioms. With my Math background, I knew the difference between axioms and conclusions. Right there on page 1 of the options textbook was the axiom "Expected stock returns equal expected bond returns. If stock returns were greater, then people would borrow and buy stock". That was obviously false.

The reason is that when you borrow money to buy stock, you aren't borrowing money from someone else. You're borrowing brand new money into existence. This prevents that arbitrage process from occurring. If the money supply were fixed, as in a gold standard, then the arbitrage axiom would mostly hold. Even then, stocks should slightly outperform bonds, because of the risk of owning stock. More risky stocks should have a greater premium.

3. Due to stress at work, I barely slept at all for a month. They promoted someone to manage the tech group, but he had no experience managing people, and he totally mismanaged things. It was like the Rails disaster at my current job, but worse.

I was really stressed out and afraid. I called 911 for help. I wound up in the psych ward. I asked to leave, and was told I wasn't allowed to do that. I was given injections and drugs against my will. I was living alone in a different city than my parents. I managed to call them and they bailed me out of the hospital.

After release, I was placed on very strong anti-psychotic drugs. I asked my psychiatrist to reduce the dose or let me stop taking them, but he refused. Finally, I got my parents to agree to let me stop taking them. The withdrawal was horrible. The withdrawal symptoms look like the outbreak of a new mental illness. After a few relapses, I think I've recovered enough to avoid hospitalization again.

Being kidnapped and tortured is very educational! That's why the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay must be kept there! They learned too much during their incarceration!

4. I looked into the possibility of suing the hospital and my psychiatrists for malpractice. I realized that it was hopeless. No lawyer would be willing to represent me on contingency. If I spent my own money pursuing a lawsuit, it would cost $50k-$100k or more, it probably would take years, and I probably wouldn't win. The psychiatrists followed "standard industry practices" and they falsified the medical records so it looked like what they did was appropriate.

Even though the psychiatrists and the hospital horribly mistreated me, they are protected by "sovereign immunity".

I researched this on the Internet. There are groups of people saying "Let's lobby/petition the State to end the abuse by the psychiatry/death industry!" However, they are volunteers with limited resources. They can't match the propaganda/lobbying engine of the pharmaceutical industry. Even though the truth is on their side, they are hopelessly outmatched.

The pharmaceutical industry makes too much money marketing and selling harmful drugs. Psychiatrists have invested years in their careers, learning how to murder people. They can't abandon the investment they made in their career and try something else. All those people won't give up their perks without a fight.

I've since realized that schizophrenia or bipolar disorder is the illness of being able to see things that are actually there. When I first started seeing the fnords, it was very traumatic. Now, I'm able to notice them or not notice them as I choose. If I want to see them, I can pay attention and see them. Normally, I let them pass in the background, because it's too depressing.

The bad guys need the psychiatry/death industry. They need to silence the people who start suspecting the nature of the massive conspiracy. If they were outright murdered, that would be too obvious. Instead, they are given drugs that dull their senses and silence them.

I attempted to "petition the government for redress of grievances" regarding abuse by the psychiatry industry. The response was "Go **** yourself!" Why should I feel loyalty to a system that was unable to prevent me from being murdered?

My treatment by the psychiatry industry was literally murder. All my psychiatrists told me "You must take these drugs for the rest of your life. Your complaints about side effects are merely symptoms of your illness." If I had followed my psychiatrists' advice, I would never have recovered. They had literally murdered me. The side effects were 100% caused by the drugs, because the symptoms went away when I stopped taking the harmful drugs.

5. I started to get interested in Ron Paul's presidential campaign. I was active on the Ron Paul Forum for awhile, until I realized that the election was fixed. If the mainstream media were fair, they would have been saying "Look at how awesome Ron Paul is!" at every opportunity. They didn't even waste much time criticizing him. Instead, they censored him by not mentioning him at all.

At this point, I knew that the mainstream media's portrayal of the psychiatry industry was wrong. I was more willing to question their analysis of other things.

I saw a debate clip where Ron Paul was critical of the IRS and Federal Reserve. I wrote a bunch of articles on the Federal Reserve and income tax on the Ron Paul wiki and Ron Paul forum. I got tired of fighting with trolls, so I decided to start my own blog. Plus, having a blog was convenient, because I could make a link for the most common points instead of repeating myself.

6. There were a lot of websites that had information on the psychiatry industry conspiracy, which I knew to be correct. These websites also had information on the evils of the Federal Reserve and income tax. Since they were 100% accurate on the psychiatry industry, I figured these other topics were worth investigating.

The "Federal Reserve conspiracy" websites were talking about how the Federal Reserve leads to permanent debt enslavement. This argument is really complicated. My explanation of the Compound Interest Paradox is simpler than the other explanations I've read.

The Compound Interest Paradox is really complicated. "Taxation is theft!" is obvious. The Compound Interest Paradox is more subtle, but also more damaging. I estimate more wealth is confiscated via boom/bust cycles and inflation, than outright via taxes. The income tax steals from me as I work. The inflation tax steals money out of my checking account. Even if I invest in stocks, I'm not fully protected from the inflation tax.

Once I understood the Compound Interest Paradox, it's very easy to conclude "I can't support a corrupt monetary system."

7. Even if you don't understand the Compound Interest Paradox, it's easy to see the immorality of the Federal Reserve. People's savings are stolen by inflation. The proceeds of inflation are given to the insiders who print and spend the new money.

In order to explain the evils of the Federal Reserve, it's sufficient to say "Inflation is theft!" The Compound Interest Paradox is a subtle consequence of an unjust monetary system. The Compound Interest Paradox is much more damaging than constant uniform inflation.

People don't use gold and silver as money because taxes and regulations make it impractical. People who say "The free market discredited gold and silver as money" are completely missing the point. State violence is 100% responsible for the elimination of the gold standard. The gold standard itself was not defective. Heavy regulation of money via the Federal Reserve destroyed the gold standard.

8. The income tax is the most evil tax. The income tax prevents people from boycotting the Federal Reserve, because income taxes must be paid in Federal Reserve Notes. According to the IRS, all economic activity is subject to taxation.

The income tax means that people must get permission from the State to work. By manipulating the money supply, the Federal Reserve can control the unemployment rate.

Working is a natural right. By taxing labor, the State is taxing a natural right.

The popular impetus for the income tax is to make sure that wealthy people "pay their fair share". In practice, the reverse occurs. The wealthy elite receive more in State subsidies than the amount of taxes they pay. If you steal $1B via the State, and then pay $300M in income taxes, does that make it morally acceptable? Instead of redistributing wealth from wealthy people to the average person, the income tax steals from everyone and gives the proceeds to wealthy insiders.

If I'm a small business owner, I am taxed and the proceeds are used for corporate welfare for my large corporate competitors. In addition to the tax itself, I must pay the cost of ensuring I pay the correct amount of tax. I must either hire an accountant, or do it myself; both cost time or money. The burden of regulation compliance also is greater for small business owners than large corporations.

9. A lot of people have complained to their Congressman and in other venues about the injustice of the Federal Reserve and income tax. Petitioning the State for redress of grievances regarding the income tax and Federal Reserve is pointless. What happens when you petition the State for redress of grievances, and the response is "Go **** yourself!" Then what do you do?

The Supreme Court has approved of the Federal Reserve and income tax via a series of decisions. Via stare decisis, these decisions may not be questioned. There's the obvious conflict of interest. The President frequently says "I'm going to appoint Supreme Court justices that make the decisions I want them to make!" An ideal Supreme Court justice appears superficially impartial, but is biased in the correct direction. All politicians like the Federal Reserve and income tax. A corrupt monetary system and taxation system increases the power of the State and the influence of politicians.

On the issue of the income tax and the Federal Reserve, the Supreme Court is not impartial. Even though the Supreme Court has made many decisions that allow the income tax and Federal Reserve as currently implemented, those decisions should not be accepted as morally binding.

10. It was pretty bizarre to realize that the USA actually is a Communist country. When I was in college, some students were saying "The economic system in the USA is unfair! Communism would be better!" Their arguments really confused me. Communism is obviously a stupid economic system. However, there were obvious flaws in the US economic system. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on.

"People get together and voluntarily cooperate" is actually a free market! In a true free market, if a group of people want to get together and do stuff, there are no restrictions. If a group of people want to get together and cooperate in private, that's none of my business, although that's illegal in the present. Private property is valuable, because it makes sure that individuals are rewarded for their work. When people work, they should keep the fruits of their labor.

I don't mind if a group of people decide to jointly own some property, as long as they receive no special legal perks. With joint property ownership, each owner is individually fully liable for damages that arise from that property. For example, if a group of people jointly own a restaurant, they should each be fully liable if a customer gets food poisoning. "Limited liability incorporation" is an artificial creation of a coercive government. Most plausible business risks could be insured, minimizing risk of ruin to business owners for circumstances beyond their control. In the case of food poisoning, you'd probably purchase food poisoning insurance and kitchen safety inspections from the same vendor. In a free market, customers would probably refuse to eat in a restaurant that didn't have food poisoning insurance.

The current economic system has the worst of both worlds. Income taxes, property taxes, and the inflation tax demolish all individual property ownership rights. "Respect property rights!" really means "Respect established corporate monopolies/oligopolies and shield them from competition!"

Those students in college were tricked! They thought "not USA" equals "Communism". They were arguing in favor of Communism, while the USA already is a nearly perfect implementation of Communism.

Corporate control of the means of production is the functional equivalent of State control of the means of production. A corporate bureaucracy and a State bureaucracy have more similarities than differences. Management of large corporations can't make correct economic decisions for the same reason that managers in a communist dictatorship can't make correct economic decisions. Large corporations are shielded from competition by the State, and they don't get proper price signals regarding what work should be done.

The key provisions of the Communist Manifesto are:
  1. income taxes (all labor owned by the State)
  2. a central bank credit monopoly (the State decides what businesses can raise capital; individual savings are property of the State)
  3. property taxes (all land owned by the State)
  4. regulation of industry and State licensing requirements for many jobs (all businesses extensively regulated by the State)
  5. mandatory public schooling (all children brainwashed by the State)
  6. mainstream media monopoly (all information controlled by the State, although the Internet is changing this)
The underlying philosophy of the US economic system is "all people are property of the State". The handful of people who control the government are the true owners of all the resources in the USA. People are allowed limited freedom, but it's mostly an illusion to keep them complacent.

I have the freedom to choose my own job, but no matter where I work I must give 50% of my productivity to the State. The State restricts the market and restricts my employment opportunities. The State restricts my ability to start my own business, due to the burden of regulations and the difficulty of raising capital. For example, if I'm a small business owner, I must pay $3k-$10k per year to make sure I'm in compliance with accounting regulations and tax regulations. As a small business owner, that's a huge chunk of my profit, in addition to the taxes themselves. To contrast that, management of large corporations pays a negative taxation rate, due to the massive State subsidies they receive. The CEOs of large corporations are not chosen by a true free market process, but rather nepotism capitalism. Sometimes, non-insiders make their way up to CEO, but only then if they have the "right" attitude/brainwashing; such counter-examples are not proof that the economic system is fair.

11. The income tax is the most immoral tax. Property taxes are the second most immoral tax. Due to property taxes, nobody owns full allodial title to their land. Instead, you merely have a perpetual transferable lease.

12. All taxation is theft. This includes income taxes, property taxes, the inflation tax, excise taxes, tariffs, sales taxes, driver's licenses, etc. Anytime you have no choice but to pay the State in exchange for permission to do something, that's an immoral tax. Even a strictly Constitutional capitation tax applied equally per person is immoral.

13. Once you realize "Taxation is theft!", you realize "Who needs a government at all?"

If you take a pure free market perspective, all services currently provided by the State could be more efficiently provided by a true free market.

The Federal Reserve is a totally corrupt monetary system. Obviously, money could be more efficiently handled by the market. Once you take away the State's monetary monopoly, it loses a large chunk of its evil power.

Roads can obviously be handled by a free market. Local roads would be maintained by people living in the area. Expressways would be toll roads, exactly as is implemented now. The true cost of pothole repair is only a few hundred dollars. Split equally among residents of a street, that's only $20-$30 each. Even if there was a "free rider problem", it'd be negligible, and free market courts could efficiently enforce $30 verdicts. Police protection and local road repair might be bundled together, since road repair is cheap.

Schools can obviously be handled by a free market. In the present, there are private schools, but they are only accessible to the wealthy. The average person is already paying the cost of public school, leaving little resources leftover for private schools.

Even police, justice, and national defense can be handled by a free market. The current monopolistic police and justice system has the "Who watches the watchers?" problem. If police, judges, or Congress make/enforce a bad law, then they are absolutely immune from accountability, due to sovereign immunity. Lobbying by lawyers has made the legal system inaccessible to the average person. An expensive lawyer is necessary for anyone involved in a lawsuit or fraudulently accused of a crime. If you're the victim of a frivolous lawsuit or frivolous criminal charges, you usually lose your legal fees, even if you win the trial.

National defense is actually cheap in a free market. With no centralized government, there's no profit from an invasion. Everyone would actively resist an invasion. If there was a serious risk of invasion, then nearly everyone would be armed. Even a few percentage of armed people is enough to discourage an invasion. War is only "profitable" when you can force people to pay the cost via taxes. If the target population is not disarmed and pacified/brainwashed, then an invasion has practically no chance of success. If necessary, a few nuclear weapons could be kept as a deterrent, but even that precaution seems unnecessary. Keeping a stockpile of guns to hand out or sell in the event of an invasion is much cheaper and more effective than a nuclear weapon. Ground-to-air missiles can be kept to discourage airplane bombing raids.

War is only profitable when there's a preexisting taxation and tribute collection system to usurp.

The current system of "punishment-based justice" and "statutory/victimless crimes" is completely defective. The correct goal of justice is compensation for the victims, and punitive damages to discourage irresponsible behavior. If someone is a repeat offender or too violent to be insurable, only then should someone be jailed.

14. Once you realize "Taxation is theft!" and "Government is terrorism!", then what can you do about it? A direct violent revolt is pointless. The bad guys have superior resources. Violence is destructive behavior and not constructive behavior. The leaders of a violent revolt can be assassinated/arrested/infiltrated/bribed. A violent revolt has no chance of success. The bad guys are extremely well prepared for a violent revolt. After all, violence is their specialty!

What about an economic revolt? Agorism is a strategy for pursuing an economic revolt. Agorism focuses on creating wealth, rather than destroying things.

An agorist revolution is self-sustaining, once it gets started. This is the most attractive feature of agorism. In the present, the power of compound interest is turned against individuals. Individuals have half their labor stolen directly via taxes. Inflation steals your savings. Regulations limit the ability of individuals to do useful work.

Agorism turns the power of compound interest in your favor. I estimate the productivity gains of agorists to be 2x-100x or more. The 2x gain is obvious, when you consider the direct cost of taxes. Gains of 100x or more are possible when you consider the crippling effect of regulations.

If agorists reinvest their profits in the underground economy, instead of trying to "launder" their profit, then exponential growth works in their favor. If necessary, gold and silver can be purchased as long-term investments in coin shops, purchasing with cash. An agorist should invest his profits in more capital goods, or in gold or silver. Gold or silver are liquid, and can always be traded back for slave points. A free market gold/silver/FRN barter network should be a priority for agorists. A surplus/deficit can be sold/purchased in the slave economy. I expect the agorist economy to run a "trade surplus" with the rest of the economy, once it gets started. Some agorists should target non-agorists or part-time agorists as customers.

The truth is depressing. Taxes and regulations are designed to stifle my productivity. The proceeds of taxation are used to hurt other people. The only way to live a morally just life is to be a criminal. I have a moral obligation to avoid paying taxes as much as possible. I have a moral obligation to ignore stupid regulations designed to cripple my productivity.

The only way stupid laws are ever changed is by civil disobedience. Agorism is a strategy for civil disobedience against stupid laws that restrict productive activity. In the case of economic civil disobedience, that will lead to the complete collapse of the State.

Agorists will inevitably find themselves the victim of State violence. However, it should be easy for an agorist to portray himself as the victim. "I'm just an individual trying to earn a living. Why are you harassing me?" If I were the victim in a tax evasion trial, I'd pursue a sui juris "jury nullification" defense. The judge would probably get angry, but who cares? How can the judge prevent me from speaking to the jury in my own trial?

I'm on the fence for whether I should attempt stealth-agorism or blatant-in-public agorism. I'm leaning towards blatant-in-public agorism, as a way to raise awareness and customers. That would be placing a bullseye on myself, but becoming a high-profile advocate for free markets might be the best defense. Plus, if I become a good public speaker, then I should be able to avoid conviction in a trial, if necessary. Also, if I seek public speaking engagements, being the victim in a criminal trial might be good publicity.

I'm eager to make the transition from theoretical agorism to practical agorism. There are lots of barriers to getting started. I lack sufficient interpersonal freedom to start working as an agorist, because I lack potential trading partners.

15. The only way to get people to accept such a corrupt system is via a massive brainwashing campaign. Public schools are essentially brainwashing centers. Mandatory public schooling is a key plank of the Communist manifesto.

A mainstream media monopoly also prevents public discussion of key issues. A mainstream media source will never ask "Does the USA have a fair monetary system?" or "Is the income tax moral?" or "Who needs a government anyway?"

16. A lot of people give me a hard time when I say "It might be possible to build a zero point energy generator." I'm not saying it's definitely possible. I'm saying that it must be seriously considered as a possibility, and is seriously worth investigating. If I had spare resources, I'd invest some on zero point energy research. I don't trust any university-based professor, so I'd have to fund the research myself.

The only conclusive proof would be a working Zero Point Energy generator.

My line of reasoning is that politicians, economists, and psychiatrists react in a certain predictable when when confronted with their fraud. When you mention the possibility of Zero Point Energy to a physicist, they react exactly the same way as a politician discussing "Taxation is theft". Therefore, I conclude that Zero Point Energy might exist.

To summarize:
  1. When a politician is confronted with "Taxation is theft!", he reacts in a certain way.
  2. When an economist is confronted with the Compound Interest Paradox, he reacts the same as the politician.
  3. When a psychiatrist is confronted with "The 'chemical inbalance' theory of mental illness is nonsense.", he reacts the same as the politician or economist.
  4. When a physicist is confronted with "It might be possible to build a Zero Point Energy generator.", he reacts the exact same way as a politician, economist, or psychiatrist.
A politician is brainwashed to believe "Taxation is not theft!", and is in denial of the truth. An economist is brainwashed to believe "The USA has a fair monetary system and fair economic system.", and is in denial of the truth. A psychiatrist is brainwashed to believe "Anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs are beneficial", and is in denial of the truth. All three of those professions react in the exact same manner when confronted with the truth that contradicts their brainwashing. When you suggest to a physicist "It might be possible to build a Zero Point Energy generator", he exhibits the same hostile reaction as a politician, economist, or psychiatrist. You don't have to say you have a working engine, just merely suggest the possibility, in order to get an emotional brain-shuts-down reaction from the physicist. My conclusion is "OMFG! Someone has brainwashed all the physicists to believe that Zero Point Energy is impossible! This technology must be real!" All the politicians, all the economists, and all the psychiatrists have been brainwashed to believe false things. It appears that someone has brainwashed all the physicists in the exact same manner.

Once you realize "It's possible to brainwash all the politicians." and "It's possible to brainwash all the economists." and "It's possible to brainwash all the psychiatrists.", then it's very easy to consider the possibility that "Someone has brainwashed all the physicists."

There is other evidence in favor of Zero Point Energy technology.
  1. Tesla's research papers were seized by the State.
  2. Some of Tesla's students attempted to stubbornly pursue his research, and then died mysteriously.
  3. There are rumors of Zero Point Energy technology researched in Germany before the end of WWII.
  4. People who work in factories with strong electric fields have reported strange phenomenon.
  5. The huge volume of misinformation on the Internet is an indication that something is being covered up. One effective technique for truth suppression is to make sure that 99.9% of the material on a subject is nonsense. This buries the 0.1% truth. I can tell, based on my readings of the Federal Reserve, income tax, and psychiatry, that there's a similar element of truth to the Zero Point Energy websites.
  6. Certain websites have accurate information on the evils of the Federal Reserve, income tax, and psychiatry industry. Many of those websites also have a section on Zero Point Energy technology.
The only conclusive proof of Zero Point Energy technology is a working generator. Unless presented with such an invention, I can only say "Zero Point Energy technology might be real and is seriously worth investigating." When you consider the potential gain, compared with the expense of hiring a few smart people to research it, I can justify spending money on the research, even if I intend to release the results into the public domain. In the present, monopolistic State funding of research and "peer review" means that a physicist will not seriously investigate Zero Point Energy technology.


Anonymous said...

"War is only profitable when there's a preexisting taxation and tribute collection system to usurp."

I've read Stefan Molyneux make this assertion. I'm not sure it's true all the time, though. What about land (lebensraum) or natural resources? Kill or subjugate all the people, take their land and what's on/under it. I don't think the United States gets any tax revenue from Iraq. The neocons invaded Iraq for geopolitical reasons, as an imperialistic attempt to expand its influence politically and militarily, to bring more of the world under its direct or indirect control and force its way of life on people. I don't think taking over a people's income-theft system is always or even usually the goal; taking their property and productivity (land, factories, farms, oil) directly seems more plausible.

Anonymous said...

Fan-bloody-tastic post.
Excellent summary.

Anonymous said...

FSK wrote: I'm on the fence for whether I should attempt stealth-agorism or blatant-in-public agorism.

The real question is whether your version of stealth/blatant in your face agorism is likely to be viewed as an attack on the fnords in power.

Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital is a good example of in your face agorism that tells it like it is but does not directly confront or attack the government (as far as gmen are concerned).

Irwin Schiff, Peter's father, a famous anti-tax protester and now tax felon, is a good example of in your face agorism that is perceived by the jboots as an attack on their business, and thus he has been taken out.

If you value your life, as opposed to valuing the story on page 17B when the jboots get you, use a nonconfrontational model for whatever you do.

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