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Friday, April 10, 2009

Does Michael J. Fox Have Tardive Dyskinesia?

On the subway, I saw a war veteran. He was wearing a "support our fallen comrades" shirt, which made it pretty obvious. He was obviously doped out of his mind via anti-psychotic drugs. He had this emaciated look. I could tell he was taking a high dose and had been taking it for a long time. I considered telling him that the drugs were bad for him, but didn't.

Anti-psychotic drugs are prescribed to many war veterans. That prevents them from being haunted by their memories of what they learned while at war. After being exposed to extreme stress during war, veterans start questioning other things. The veteran is labeled as defective, rather than acknowledging the Matrix.

I saw Michael J. Fox on the Daily Show. He had an emaciated look almost exactly the same as that guy on the subway.

Most celebrities are reluctant to say if they've been taking antipsychotic or antidepressant drugs. Due to pro-State brainwashing, people are trained to not admit that they have been labeled with a "mental illness".

If Michael J. Fox were addicted to "recreational drugs", then he could also develop an addiction that would lead to shaking.

I only have direct experience with antipsychotic drugs. I expect that antidepressant drugs and "recreational" drugs would have similar effects after long-term use. Any drug that alters your brain chemistry is incredibly damaging.

If you take anti-psychotic drugs for an extended period of time, you develop a condition called "tardive dyskinesia". You develop permanent shaking and restlessness.

Anti-psychotic drugs block your neurotransmitters. To compensate, your body produces more neurotransmitters. Over time, this leads to shaking, even while you're still taking antipsychotic drugs. If you take the drugs long enough, the damage can become permanent.

When I was suffering withdrawal from antipsychotic drugs, I had weird shaking symptoms. My parents said that it looked like I had Parkinson's Disease. The symptoms went away after a month or two and my body recovered and readjusted.

If I saw a doctor while I had those symptoms, he would have prescribed drugs that would have interrupted my body's natural healing process. If I went to the emergency room, I would have been put back on anti-psychotic drugs.

My parents didn't bring me to the emergency room, because I was thinking clearly, even though I was shaking.

I wonder if Parkinson's Disease is merely a disease caused as a side effect of other drugs?

In order for Michael J. Fox to recover, he probably has to stop taking *ALL* drugs for a period of 1-3+ years and wait out the withdrawal effects. A State-licensed doctor will never advise his patient to do that. If someone reads this, follows my advice, and then something bad happens to them, then I could be held personally liable. Withdrawal is traumatic and nasty. He might not be able to handle it.

I'm not absolutely sure that Michael J. Fox has tardive dyskinesia, mislabeled as Parkinson's Disease. I'm mentioning it as a possibility. He looked suspiciously like the guy on the subway who obviously was heavily doped up.


Anonymous said...

Tardive Dyskinesia is caused by drugs that are dopamine agonists (meaning they mimic dopamine and turn "on" dopamine receptors in the brain.) Many antipsychotics are dopamine agonists, but so are Parkinson's medications. Parkinson's disease occurs when your brain stops making dopamine, so naturally dopamine agonists (which mimic this missing chemical) make sense as a treatment.

Anyway, the neurologist who gave a guest lecture for my Neuroscience class at my medical school brought up Micheal J. Fox in his talk. The neurologist explained that Micheal took something like 4 times the recommended dose of his Parkinson's meds to try and prolong his career as much as possible. Now, the neurologist explained, Micheal is a good example of someone with Tardive Dyskinesia.

So yes, I agree with your diagnosis but I don't think it was from "recreational" drug use. Poor guy just wanted to keep acting despite his disease. Still wasn't a good idea, obviously, but I figured he's got enough problems without being labeled "drug addict."

Anyway, I was just procrastinating by looking up other tardive dyskinesia examples when I stumbled on this blog. I know it's from 2009, so sorry that this post is kind of late!

Anonymous said...

To OP: Parkinson's disease is not the same as tardive dyskinesia; in fact, they're describing the opposite symptoms. People with PD are known to have difficulty moving due to a lack of dopamine in their brain. Tardive dyskinesia is a condition in which people who have it develop involuntary twitching movements. It is a long-term complication of using medications that increase the amount of dopamine present in the brain. Thus, one can say prolonged treatment of PD can lead to TD.

In the case with Michael J Fox, his symptoms of TD is the result of him using medications to treat/manage his PD. As for how he got PD in the first place, it's been theorized that he was taking recreational drugs that contained the chemical MPTP (1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine), which has been shown to cause a syndrome identical to that of PD.

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