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Monday, October 25, 2010

Juan Williams and the NPR Religious Cult

NPR is a dangerous religious cult that's threatening America. Even though the 1st Amendment forbids a State religion, NPR receives some government funding.

Imagine if someone said:

"If I'm on an airplane, and I see someone listening to NPR, I feel threatened. Is he going to raise taxes? Is he going to advocate for laws that cripple my business? Are religious extremists with guns going to kidnap me for violating some obscure law?"
NPR acts like a crazy religious cult. Consider:
  1. NPR issued a memo, saying that NPR employees are barred from attending the Stewart/Colbert rally. NPR restricts what cult members may do, even when not at work.
  2. NPR places restrictions on what NPR contractors/employees may say, even when not at work.
  3. By extension, NPR places restrictions on what employees/cultists may think. If you have the "wrong" personal beliefs, you aren't welcome.
  4. Many mainstream media corporations bar employees from self-publishing on the Internet, without their employer's consent/censorship.
  5. NPR says "Journalists must be impartial!", which is parasite-speak for "You must have the bias we want, while pretending to be impartial."
  6. If you break the rules, you are excommunicated/fired.
If you work for NPR, there are restrictions on where you can go. There are restrictions on what you can say. There are restrictions on what you can do while you are not at work. That makes NPR a crazy religious cult.

There was another issue, "How much State funding does NPR receive?" The answers were conflicted. NPR receives funding at a national level. Each local affiliate also receives State funding. NPR receives another State subsidy in the form of broadcast spectrum. NPR receives the monopoly right to use certain frequencies for their broadcast, another State subsidy.

Even "private donors" may be State insiders. If a CEO gives $1M to NPR, that's a type of State funding. The "donation" may be in exchange for favorable "news" coverage.

Fox also receives State funding. Like most large corporations, the News Corporation has debt on its balance sheet. This debt is at a negative real interest rate, making it an indirect State subsidy. The State cable monopoly carries the Fox channels. If I tried starting my own TV channel, then the State cable cartel would not carry my channel. I can self-publish on the Internet, but that isn't going to be as valuable as having my channel bundled with the others when you buy a cable package.

Juan Williams was working as a freelancer for Fox in addition to NPR. This gave NPR cultists a reason to want to get rid of him. Fox propaganda contradicts NPR propaganda.

This is a very disturbing trend. Someone says forbidden statement X. Then, they are fired, and usually blacklisted from getting another job.

At least Juan Williams isn't unemployed. His value to Fox increases, after being unfairly fired by NPR. Fox gave him a $2M contract.

Surprisingly, there was backlash against NPR this time. People are saying "Is it right to fire someone, just because they said something you didn't like?"

Even more offensive, Juan Williams' boss refused to meet him in person, to discuss his firing! The boss knows, on some level, "I did something wrong." That's scummy, especially since he was there for years. When I was unfairly fired, the person who organized it was never present.

That's a common State parasite attitude. "I'm the boss and you're not. Therefore, all my decisions are correct." In a State corporate monopoly, you become CEO by playing the parasite manipulation game, and not by being an actually skilled worker.

Depending on the contract details, Juan Williams should be owed the remaining amount. However, it may have a general "at will" clause, or a vague "personal conduct" clause. It probably isn't practical for him to sue for payment. Besides, he got a good contract from Fox News. Typically, when someone is excommunicated from the mainstream media, they are blacklisted and never find another mainstream media job.

Juan Williams' forbidden statement was "People in Muslim religious clothes make me feel uncomfortable, because I'm concerned about violent terrorism." The mainstream media plays a lot of anti-Islamic implied hate speech. Juan Williams crossed the line and was explicit.

An actual terrorist would try to wear inconspicuous clothing, rather than religious attire.

The whole "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy is anti-Islamic hate speech. If you support property rights and religious freedom, it's obvious they should be allowed to build whatever they want on their property. When the mainstream media doesn't say "WTF? Respect property rights and religious freedom!", they are promoting anti-Islamic hate speech. Religious freedom means respecting all religions, including the ones that are wrong.

The "guys framed by the FBI for a bomb plot" incident is more anti-Islamic hype. Summarizing that incident, a paid FBI informant talked people in to plotting to blow up a synagogue, when they probably would not have tried it without his prodding.

I have noticed one thing about strict Islamic people. They tend to be more severely pro-State brainwashed than most Americans. That's probably due to a religion that allows less individual freedom. There is a body language difference between strict Islamic people and typical Americans.

This is a disturbing pattern. A celebrity or journalist makes forbidden statement X. Then, he is fired. Usually, the victim never finds another mainstream media job, but Juan Williams was lucky. The mainstream media is a crazy religious cult that demands strict control of its members.


Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
WOW - FSK. You have helped expose pro-state trolls at NPR and CPB. Soon everyone will know the truth of Juan Williams being trashed by those same trolls. And what are they gonna do/say when it comes time for fundraising for "Bias-Neutral ETV" ???

FSK said...

I doubt that anyone on NPR or CPB's funding committee reads my blog.

This problem affect the entire mainstream media. They pretend to be impartial, while they have a flagrant pro-State troll bias.

If you have State-funded media, then of course there's a pro-State troll bias. This even applies to "for profit" mainstream "news".

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