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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Amero Subterfuge

A lot of conspiracy theory sites talk about the Amero. Allegedly, the Amero is a currency in North America that will play the same role as the Euro does in Europe. The Amero is "bad" because the USA would be ceding its monetary sovereignty to an unaccountable committee of people.

Is anybody paying attention? This has already happened! It's called the Federal Reserve!

Even if the Amero is created, the same bankers who control the Federal Reserve would almost certainly control the Amero.

Besides, there already is a currency used for most international trade. It's called the "US dollar".

Switching from the US dollar to the Amero is smoke and mirrors. It would have no noticeable effect on the average American, whether it's implemented or not. Even if there is a transition to the Amero, there would be an exchange of dollars and debts for Ameros at 1:1 or another ratio.

The Amero would be fiat debt-based money, exactly the same as the US dollar and all other currencies.

The adoption or non-adoption of the Amero makes no difference at all. The Amero is one of many things that distract people from issues of genuine importance.

According to Google Analytics, this post has been attracting quite a bit of Google search traffic. If you're interested in more information regarding the injustice of the current economic and political system and what to do about it, then you're in the right place!

Check out the "Best of FSK" list on the left sidebar for which posts have been most popular. My favorites are:
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  2. If you read the Communist Manifesto carefully, the USA is actually a Communist country!
  3. The CPI is a biased measure of inflation. This causes money supply inflation to be misreported as economic growth. If you use gold as your index of inflation instead of the CPI, then the US economy has been shrinking at an annualized rate of more than 8% per year since 2001!
  4. Agorism is the only resistance strategy that has a nonzero chance of success. You should boycott the Federal Reserve and income tax. You should use gold or silver as money instead. You should ignore all the regulations that are designed to restrict people's productivity and provide subsidies to large corporations.


Anonymous said...

The Amero, or whatever it's real life name (as opposed to development stage name) happens to be, will, of course be needed. This is because, the dollar is and always has been, worthless, and the only reason it is used is that the People didn't know they were foolled, i.e. they were confident in us dollar.

As that confidence washes away while the People observe the fraud and the farce, it will become unrewarding for the government to continue to use the dollar. It will become inefficient in extracting value. Something will be needed to be done again, to fool the people into stop watching the value.

Not necessarily, but usually such problem is dealt with by introducing yet another fraudulent unit of account, albeit under different name. Without understanding the true reasons behind the collapse of a former currency, the People assume that the new currency has features that are the result of government attempt to repair what went wrong. True, the new feature is usually it's name. They trust the new currency and the cycle repeats itself.

In this trust to a newly introduced unit, the people are no different than those trusting pyramid schemes. Late acceptors will be treated progressively different than the firs ones to accept the unit, and for the same reasons, i.e. to create trust in order to extract value.

As for the exchange rates, you are incorrectly assume that the 1:1 rate will be offered. Contrary to this, there will be "progressive" reasoning used. Up to a certain amount, the rate will be 1:1. From say 10000 USD and up to say, 1000000 the rate will be 5:1, and so on, just like with taxes. But don't worry, all the connected functionaries will be afforded an opportunity to exchange all their capital at 1:1 rate. This is because they will already be exchanging, while the people are watching expert after expert, authority after authority vehemently denying coming change of the unit. Finally, on Friday night, the president himself or his vice, or the fed chairman, will put to end "all baseless and harmful rumors". This one will swear this would not happen. The exchange will be announced the following Monday or Sunday night.

So, notwithstanding the reasons you have stated against introduction of Amero, it most probably will be introduced, precisely because none of the goals you have shown undesirable or unreachable, are actually sought. In other words, I agree, Amero will do no good, which is why it will be introduced.

Remember, the government is here not to do good. Amero can't do any good. The government is here to extract value. That is what Amero can help them with.

Anonymous said...

here here the Amero = not too distant future. Who cares if it fixes things.. but what if its a tool for a higher goal that we dont agree with?

Systemic Aberration said...

I think the point of controversy with the Amero is not really what it is or who controls it; instead, it seems that the imminent collapse of the US economy and the 'demonetization' (sic) of the US dollar would put everyone into the poorhouse.

Imagine this: The economy collapses. The treasury dept. says it is a force majeure (major force - out of their control), and says that the US dollar is no longer considered money, and that it is time for the U.S. to cut their economic losses. Like magic, the Amero is mentioned as the money messiah, and you will be able to buy 1 Amero with 100 of your US Dollars! However, 1 Amero only buys you a pack of cigarettes, some bread, and a 40 Oz. of Bud Light - but hey, at least we can buy things again.

If the overall goal of (insert mysterious shadow group here) is to force (further) economic enslavement upon the U.S. citizens, this would be a way to do it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we all just move to a better country that seems to understand the correct role and balance of government. No government is perfect, but there seem to be a lot more intelligent and unobtrusive ones than the US.

Maybe then government will start to realize that providing people with smoke and mirrors is not an acceptable solution.

Thankfully we have the age of readily available unbiased information on our hands, if we are lucky and plan accordingly we may, just may, make it out of this without killing each other.

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