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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Ultimate Seduction Technique!

I've read a whole bunch of these "how to meet women" guides. Assuming that there is a worldwide conspiracy to enslave everyone, most of these guides naturally have an unhealthy mixture of good advice and bad advice.

By having "seduction guides" contain carefully planted bad advice, this guarantees that everyone in the world will be emotionally crippled.

Some gay men claim they have an ability called "gaydar". This allows them to tell, just by looking at an unknown man, if they are straight or homosexual. This avoids the obvious embarrassment of flirting with a straight man.

I have discovered an equivalent ability, which I call "straightdar". This allows you to tell, just by looking at someone, if they are available, interested, and worth pursing. I only discovered straightdar a few days ago, so I haven't yet successfully used it to attract a date. In just a few days, I am amazed by straightdar's incredible power!

The application of straightdar is very simple. You look directly at the other person's eyes, without flinching or looking away. Don't say a word at all; just look into their eyes. Your gut reaction will be to look away immediately, but you should learn to resist. The more the other person is interested in you, the stronger your desire to look away will be! No matter what the other person does, keep looking at them. If they don't react at all, move on to someone else.

After awhile, you will learn to identify the most promising candidates with a brief glance.

The vast majority of people will not notice you at all. They will experience a vague uneasiness, but will say nothing.

A fraction of people will react with strong hatred. Do not let them discourage you from using this technique. When you get this response, move on to the next target.

A very small fraction of people, around 1% based on my estimate so far, will react favorably. These people are your seduction targets. Do not say a single word to the other person. Do not approach them or talk to them UNLESS they are able to return your eye contact and hold it. Only then, you should go over and talk to them.

I am male, so I have only tried this technique from a man's point of view. I don't know if it works with women. With women, you run the risk that the male might get overly aggressive and confused. My advice to women using this technique is to only acknowledge the man if he's able to return eye contact. If the man comes over and starts talking to you, say nothing unless he makes eye contact with you.

After discovering this technique, I'm so angry nobody explained it to me earlier. It's so simple! Try it out! If you already have a regular partner, try it out on them! If they don't respond favorably, my advice is to dump them.

I predict that it would take a novice 6-12 months to master this technique. The useful part about this technique is that it involves *NO* verbal rejection. This seduction technique relies 100% on nonverbal communication. If the other person is uninterested, they won't notice you. If the person is obviously angry, give up and move on; IMHO, this reaction means the person is attracted to you, but too brainwashed to respond favorably. It's worth it for the occasional success. They key is to AVOID AT ALL COSTS your gut reaction, which is to look away the instant the other person notices you. Move on to another person if your target is obviously angry or offended.

The really amazing part about this technique is that the more attractive the target, the more effective it is!

Once you've mastered this technique, the global conspiracy to enslave everyone is *OBVIOUS*. After discovering this technique, I can't believe how incredibly emotionally crippled everyone is!

I'm deeply offended that nobody explained this technique to me when I was in college.

Let me know if you experiment with straightdar and find success!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should become a 'love doctor' lots of money to be made in that racket. have a couple of luv doctors.

Anonymous said...

This is Jones.I didn't understand anything about women until i started listening to this guy...his dvd distills all his secrets into one great video

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