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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Primetime: What Not To Do

On Friday, I watched the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. The 2nd cartoon was about a class election. In sitcoms, elections are usually decided by one vote, and one of the main characters forgot to vote.

Afterwards, I saw the first few minutes of "Primetime: What Would You Do?" It was flagrant pro-State pro-war trolling. It was an interesting reminder. The mainstream media has zero credibility.

They had actors pretending to be antiwar protesters. They also had a paid actor pretending to be a prospective army recruit. The protesters were getting into a fight with the recruit.

They had hidden cameras. People were supposed to come and join the dispute, siding with the army recruit. The announcer was impressed at the patriotic people supporting the recruit.

The fake antiwar protesters weren't even that extreme. They were saying "You're going to other countries and murdering people!" The "over the top antiwar statements" were exactly true! The announcer expressed disappointment, that people express such anti-America sentiment. They played some clips of real antiwar protests, ridiculing the protesters.

I was deeply offended. It was an explicit advertisement for war. It was so pathetic.

Why isn't the opposite viewpoint mentioned in the mainstream media? I'd like to see some comedy show do a bit like this.

guy dressed like Charlie Brown with distinctive shirt (CB): Do we have to do this again?
guy dressed like Uncle Sam (US) holding a football: Come on! Kick the football! You know you want to!
CB: You're going to pull it away and I'll trip and fall. We do this every 2 years.
US: No, it's going to be different this time. I promise. I would never lie to you.
CB: I'm not dumb enough to fall for this again. Do I really look that stupid?
US: I'm going to get it right this time! I'm all reformed!
CB: OK, I'll give it another chance.
(CB tries to kick the football. US pulls it away. CB trips and falls.)
US: What a blockhead! You fell for it again! I can't believe you're that stupid! I fool you every two years! HAHAHAHAHA!!!...
(CB pulls out a gun and shoots US, leaving a bloody corpse.)

The mainstream media would never allow something like the above to air. I really should get a camera and start my own vlog.


Robin Smith said...

Have you watched the Keiser Report on Russia TV?

Its not mainstream. They do this kind of vloging already.

Very funny, direct deadly serious. Similar to FSK in some ways.

Keiser Report

dionysusal said...

I always hoped Charlie Brown would take a flying karate kick to that bitch Lucy's head and say, "Sorry, Lucy. I thought your head was a football. It's leathery, pointed at both ends, full of air, and spends a lot of time underneath sweaty men just like one." :)

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