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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beware The Supermarket!

I went to the supermarket. I noticed some people checking out the customers, looking for people to rob.

It was obvious, now that I have enhanced Matrix vision. If a policeman could see the Matrix as well as me, he would be super-effective!

Hopefully, somewhere there's a "psychopath task force" working on the problem of the Matrix.


Anonymous said...

Dude... I think you're losing it. As cynical as you used to be, you used to make a lot of sense. Not anymore.

fritz said...

We should join forces. Because I can feel what a person is thinking of but have a hard time noticing subtle cues that telegraph intended behavior.


Anonymous said...

How do the clowns and thugs selectively remove one vitamin from the foods? How is this co-ordinated across multiple countries? Why doesn't this process destroy other vitamins?

FSK said previously that the pharmaceutical drug he/she is taking replaces an intentionally removed vitamin from shop purchased food.

I might believe storage of vegetables and fruit for weeks (at a lower temperature to stop obvious rotting) before being moved to the supermarkets results in all-round partial degradation of vitamins. I find it hardier to believe in selective removal of one undisclosed vitamin.

If this was very widespread it would have probably leaked out.

Anonymous said...

What about all the landlords that get an income from doing no real work?

Excessive rents is a form of theft.

It robs workers from the ability to save.

Just because it is legal, doesn't make it right.

The system is broken.

This Blog Has Moved!

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