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Monday, April 4, 2011

"Your Taxes" Fnord

There's an interesting Statist phrase. They say "Pay your taxes."

The phrase "your taxes" sets the debate in the wrong frame. That makes it sound like a personal moral obligation.

I don't pay "my taxes". I pay the government's taxes. I pay tribute to my owners.

There are many State fnord phrases. They set the debate in the wrong frame, from the beginning. The phrase "intellectual property" is one example. Ideas, songs, and patents are not property. Similarly, "pay your taxes" is an evil fnord phrase.


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that taxes are far too high.

Rich people pay lawyers for trust funds and for "legal" ways to avoid paying tax on everything.

Poor people get screwed.

The effect of high taxes is to prevent people amassing capital which they could use to start up their own businesses. High taxes keep people as slaves.

The current system WASTES HUMAN POTENTIAL.

Another effect of taxing everything that moves is to interfere with private ownership.

If a family has a modest, standard house or flat, they should be able to hand it down to their children. 40% inheritance tax as in the United Kingdom means that if a family member dies, the remaining family has to sell the house and start living in the cold streets.

All because David Cameron wants his big country house and its mortgage interest payments paid for by the taxpayer.

This guy's family are worth millions but the taxpayer is paying his mortgage interest payment.

This tax money is obtained by THREAT OF VIOLENCE i.e. if you don't pay taxes you are kidnapped and sent to prison.

David Cameron's mortgage interest payments are not a gift from the taxpayer but rather taken by threat of violence.

So the MPs can live in nice houses, the rest of us have to be thrown out of our own houses which we have already paid for WITH TAXED MONEY.

We pay income tax and then we buy property. Then that property is taxed again and again.


Only a fool would surrender private ownership.

And for what? If you get sick in the UK you are not guaranteed treatment.

Witness the NHS doctor who was refused cancer drugs.

Why should your GP help you if helping you is taking money out of HIS budget?

The most fundamental human right is a roof over your head. But the government wants your house or flat to pay inheritance tax.

Raising this inheritance tax threshold is never done properly by governments so they can use it as a carrot during their electrion campaign to get votes. Once elected they break their promises.

Remember David Cameron saying in the televised leaders' debate that it was fundamental to hand your house down to your children.

As soon as this clown got into office, he forgot about his words.

Anonymous said...

Jesus answered the question with another question. What does belong to Caesar? Could it be nothing?


Jesus doesn't say they have to pay the temple tax, they are only paying it to avoid causing offense.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron's family are millionaires.

If you live in the United Kingdom, some of your tax will go towards paying the mortgage interest payments on his big country house. David Cameron claims almost the maximum expenses for being a Member of Parliament.

Why should poor people pay for a rich man's house?

DC said...

We are living in a weird time. In the United states government spending is currently not funded primarily by taxes collected. Where do they get the rest of the money? They borrow it of course. In the past they borrowed money from private investors or from other countries by selling T-bills. Right now the US Federal reserve is purchasing most of the T-bills.

Today Erskine Bowles who is the the co-chair of Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility (that's funny) stated that we only have two years left before the shit hits the fan.
I was shocked that a federal official would say such a thing. Normally they would say "we have tough times ahead" instead of giving a specific date. You can find the video on Youtube.

Also I noticed that Drudge report today promoted a stoy on the Von Nothaus trial. Here :

chiridan said...

When you guys say "borrowing", it is just the same offensive fnord designed to enslave people like me and you by having us not understand what is being done to us.

One can not borrow a penny from the FED, because the FED has no money. It prints it, counterfeits it.

Therefore, while yes, one can borrow from citizens, investors, foreigners, the same is impossible from the FED.

It is printing, monetizing, counterfeiting, check-kitting, but in no way is it a borrowing.

Another way they like to confuse people is to say that they are borrowing from the future.

First, it is impossible to accomplish without legal slavery, and second, it is totally impossible in practice, and always ends up being stealing from another man in the present, while may-be compensating someone else in the future.

They make sure we are not saying the truth, by letting us speak, and threatening to ignore us as if we have said something foul, if we disobey. But by doing as told, we are lying to others, and slowing down the process of accamulation of a "critical mass", because it will take someone years to figure out how he is being robbed, while thinking that since everyone politely calls it "borrowing" then it must be so.

We are trained, from our very youth, to not even dare to say it as it is. If we do, we are treated as if we have overstepped some "moral boundary". This is slavish. There is no sin is calling an immoral thing as it is. First step in breaking the chain is to break the bounds of expected and to dare.

In this case, it is in not being nice to an immoral authority, instead in calling a thief what he is, - a thief.

DC said...

@ chiridan Yes you are correct. The point of my observation was that now the Federal reserve is buying T-bills as opposed to times in the past where financial groups, foreign countries and individual investors were primarily funding the US government. I guess I did not explain my concern as well as you have done. The Federal reserve buying T-bills is plain theft which is different than private investors buying T-bills.

I am not trained as an economist, but it seems plainly obvious to me that we are going to have serious inflation. (invest in Yuan?)

It seems like the predictions of Ross Perot are coming true. I voted for him. He had all the charts and graphs showing how the US was fucked unless we made huge changes back in the early 90's. People told me I was wasting my vote. Apparently they all wasted their votes.

If you have any US dollars, now is the time to start worrying about them.


FSK said...


Don't buy yuan or euros. Buy gold and silver, and take physical delivery. All fiat currencies are headed for hyperinflation.

If there's 30% dollar inflation and 20% yuan inflation, a yuan investment will gain 10% relative to the dollar but have a 20% loss compared to true inflation.

DC said...

FSK - which foreign currency is not a Fiat currency? I actually do not know the answer. So I am just asking.

FSK said...

Absolutely none. They are all fiat.

The last holdout was the swiss franc. They abandoned their gold standard around 1999.

Anonymous said...

There are no hard currencies. The masters made sure there is no escape. The swiss franc was the last, but the US pressured their parliament to make it a fiat and they did, ending their country in the long run (next they were denied their secrecy, and now the push is on their guns), or the US would end it really quick in the short term, by using it's USAF.

Anyone wishing to have a real currency today, has to figure out how is he going to deal with USAF or US NAVY first. Notice that in Libya, the "raghead rebels" have already setup the central bank, even though they are not smart enough to even conduct war without our oversight.

Gold is the only option, but this is fairly late in the game, by all accounts one can't expect a physical delivery anymore as comex doesn't have the gold. Why didn't you do it yet, are you serious? Everyone has already done it. Most of those who are going to come through the crisis and aren't the big interest, have very little fiat left. Even the government is buying the remaining scraps through the pawn shops.

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