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Monday, April 25, 2011

Income Tax Fnords

Did you notice that the mainstream media had a lot of income tax fnords in March and April? Articles like this and this are subtle reminders of "You're a slave! Pay tribute to your owners!"

I watched CNBC's "American Tax Cheat". It was obvious flagrant pro-State brainwashing. It aired on April 14, to help intimidate the slaves into paying tribute.

Did you notice the evil body language of the tax collectors? It's worth watching, just to notice that. Most of them had medium emotional intelligence and low logical intelligence.

At one point, the IRS agent let out an evil-sounding laugh, and CNBC edited out most of it. That was very interesting. He was laughing at the stupidity of people who try to avoid taxes.

Here's another tip for identifying parasites. You can tell by the "laugh lines" over their cheeks. An evil person has nearly vertical laugh lines, as if their face were stuck in a permanent sneer. Someone with high logical intelligence has laugh lines at a 45 degree angle.

Literally, your face freezes that way! Based on your personality type, you use some facial muscles and not others. However, this is not an absolute indication of personality type.

They mentioned IRS prosecution of Willie Nelson and Wesley Snipes. The IRS agent said "Even celebrities are subject to prosecution. In fact, a high-profile celebrity prosecution helps keep the other slaves in line."

Willie Nelson and Wesley Snipes are not true insiders. They are high-ranking slaves, but they still are slaves. It's one thing to prosecute celebrities. It's another to prosecute high-ranking banksters for stealing trillions of dollars and wrecking the economy.

The main function of a celebrity is to provide a distraction for the slaves. If a celebrity starts disrespecting the State, then an example must be made. A celebrity is a replaceable cog. Any celebrity can be sacrificed, to make an example for the slaves.

I was amused by the story of the guy who hired a hitman to kill an IRS agent, and hired an undercover cop. If you hire a hitman, you're almost definitely hiring an undercover cop. I'm focusing on nonviolent resistance. However, if you do decide you need to kill someone, do it yourself!

Leading up to the tax filing deadline, the mainstream media had a lot of stories touting the IRS. It's a subtle hidden advertisement for the State. Any "news" story on tax filing tips or tax prosecutions is an evil fnord. It's a subtle reminder for slaves to pay tribute to their owners.

If you are smart about it, the risk of tax prosecution should be low. If you get paid on a 1099 or W-2, you should declare that income. If you're serious about tax resistance, you should deal off-the-books entirely in cash or gold or silver.

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