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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords For Senate?

This story was amusing. Gabrielle Giffords is now the frontrunner in the race for Arizona Federal Senator. Jon Kyl, a Republican, is retiring.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were heavily ridiculing Jon Kyl. I wonder if they were told to dis him to pave the way for Gabrielle Giffords to win?

No other Democrat will enter the race, until her status is determined. Republicans don't want to face her either, because they won't be able to run negative ads. She still isn't recovered enough to run.

This is amusing. Follow the reasoning. Gabrielle Giffords inspired a mentally unstable young man to become obsessed with her. He tried to assassinate her and failed. Therefore, she is qualified to be a Senator?

Most politicians are psychopaths. Jared Lee Loughner probably sensed she was a psychopath, and became obsessed by her.

Official State propaganda is that Congressmen are brilliant noble leaders. It's a shock to meet a Congressman and notice that they're really evil, more than anyone else you've ever met. It's one thing to abstractly understand that government is evil. It's another thing to actually meet a State leader and see how evil they are.

This is amusing. "Gabrielle Giffords was the target of an assassination attempt. She was so evil that she inspired someone to become obsessed with her. Therefore, she's qualified to be a Senator."

This shows the fallacy of representative democracy. "Who's a good candidate." doesn't match "Who would be a good leader." Gabrielle Giffords probably was permanently severely injured. However, no candidate running against her can mention this. The failed assassination is now a huge positive for her political career.

1 comment:

Gag said...

I see your point, FSK. Yep, too funny is the people's affinity to immediately promote to politics anyone who otherwise has become the suffering news.

Actually, this whole thing is double stupid. Because first, like you point out, it is ridiculous to think that just because someone was shot in the head, they now qualify to become a senator (or is there a hidden truth???...hmmm).
Second, it doesn't matter who we elect! Any monkey will do exactly as the smartest genius would, because in a communist democracy like ours, it's the millions on welfare that rule, and not some senator. The senators simply perform the wishes of the welfare receivers to stay in the office.

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