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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are Russia And Al Jazeera More Libertarian Than The US Media?

Adam Kokesh is a Libertarian activist. He now has an Internet broadcast with Russia Today. He had Stefan Molyneux as a guest.

"Russia Today" is partially financed by the Russian government. Does that make Russia more Libertarian than the USA.

I also saw that is sometimes cited on Al Jazeera. Does that make Al Jazeera more Libertarian than the US media?

I found that amusing. Both Russia Today and Al Jazeera are sometimes more Libertarian than the US State-owned media.


Anonymous said...

Socialism is liberty also.

Socialism is love:

FSK said...

Socialism is "You're forced at gunpoint to give your property to others." That doesn't sound like freedom.

Anonymous said...

The way Western societies are run needs to change. There is no democracy. There is no choice. The voter is given a choice between selected candidates all of which are basically the same.

Taxes need to be capped at 5 to 10%. If the government doesn't have the money to fix a problem, then it must find another way.

For example instead of handing out big welfare payments (UK please note), there should be land reform.

People should be given their own piece of land they can grow crops on. If they lose their job, then can grow their own crops to support themselves.

If they need anything else, welfare should cover the essentials.

Instead the working man is taxed so much he cannot form his own businesses.

The excessive tax is violently robbed from the working man and used to buy big property empires for Members of Parliament and provide big million pound houses to war criminal immigrants and people on welfare.

This is no way to run things.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron's family are millionaires. He is the Prime Minster of the UK, despite the fact that 80% of the population DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM.

He said he supported the inheritance tax limit being raised. He might have got some votes because of this statement. But when he got into office he broke his word.

If you pay tax in the UK, some of your money is going to pay the mortgage interest payments on David's big country house.

Are you a millionaire? Well you are helping to buy a millionaire a big house.

If you don't pay for David's house the police will kidnap you and throw you in jail.

Is David such a nice man after all??

DC said...

In the following video clip Hillary Clinton admits that the propaganda war is being lost (despite the huge resources of the US media machine) to Al Jazeera and others because they have better news coverage.

In this next clip Hillary Clinton says that "our private media" is sending the wrong message to the world.

in the video above she mentions that " our private media" can not fill the gap.
She says outright that the US propaganda machine took an unexcused break after the Berlin wall fell. If you listen carefully to her statement she says that the cold war propaganda machine ended when the Berlin wall fell and now we are paying the price.

FSK said...

One of my favorite quotes is Rockefeller saying "The Internet should have never existed." Insiders are annoyed that the mainstream media information monopoly was ruined.

BTW, Hillary Clinton had horrible plastic surgery. She looks hideous. I'm much more able to notice, when someone had plastic surgery. It looks unnatural.

Anonymous said...

> Socialism is "You're forced at gunpoint...

The problem is not that simplistic. Libertarians must, almost by definition, be pro state since they need the state to defend the inevitable inequalities. Without the state then an alternative, such as private police, seem incredibly unattractive -- I hate them more than the state. I was taught at an early age that government is a necessary evil. I think the #1 solution is campaign finance reform for the US. Stop letting the corporations and elite buy the elections. I'm with you in many areas - I think the entire government should be shrunk down and funded only by import tariffs as in the olden days.

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