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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can Sexual Harassment Occur In A Really Free Market?

DC has left a new comment on your post "Paper Or Money?":

If you expect shit-to-hit-fan a pretty good investment is wheat. You can purchase 5 gallon buckets of it and it will last as long as you are alive.

On another interesting topic I noticed today that Jay Severin was fired from his radio talk show job in Boston. He was a very high paid talk show host (1 million per year)for the last 10 years. I have listened to his show off and on for years. He regularly says that taxation is theft. I listened to the broadcast that got him fired. He was fired for saying that there is nothing wrong with a boss sleeping with his secretary, or many of them or all of them.
When he was younger and running his own business he would hire secretaries based on how hot they were. During the live broadcast he admitted that he would only hire cute, single, hot girls to work as his aides.

He got fired for being a Man.

Jay describes himself as a constitutional conservative. I think he a person who understands the truth but is not allowed to say it on radio.

Jay is a political analysis guy and he got fired for bragging about how many young hot staff members he fucked.

Is it a crime to fuck young hot women?

I guess his broadcast rubbed some upper level bitches the wrong way.
There are some interesting points here.
I didn't know that wheat lasts a long time.

However, in a true SHTF scenario, hoarding wheat isn't enough. If other people find out you have food and they don't, then they will rob you.

In a really free market, sexual harassment cannot occur. An abused woman will quit and easily form another job.

Prostitution isn't illegal in a really free market. If the employer wants a prostitute, he can easily hire one in a really free market. He'd hire the best worker as an employee, and separately hire a prostitute.

In a large corporation, the Principal-Agent problem occurs. Suppose you're a middle manager, hire an attractive secretary, and have a sexual relationship with her. Then, you're squandering the corporation's resources.

"Sexual harassment" cannot occur in a really free market. Those laws attempt to patch a corrupt system.

In the present, corporations have a monopoly and (maybe) abuse women. Are the women paid less due to abuse? Are the women paid less because they're less skilled workers? You can't tell, because it's not a free market.

Another example is the Wal-Mart class action lawsuit, that the Supreme Court recently certified. In effect, the legal system will say "If you don't have a certain % of managers women, then you're guilty of a crime." You might have a valid reason for each woman you didn't promote. However, an insufficient % of women managers is considered evidence of a crime.

It isn't "lock Wal-Mart's executives in jail" kind of crime. It's a "We're going to steal a lot of your property due to a class action lawsuit." type of crime. Due to Wal-Mart's anti-union policies, many Statists are very hostile to Wal-Mart.

Regarding monogamy, I never understood why a celebrity doesn't come out and say "I'm an awesome celebrity! Monogamy is for losers! As an awesome celebrity, I'm going to lay as many women as I can!" It's a "forbidden idea".

There are certain things you can't say, or your mainstream media career is over. Questioning "sexual harassment" laws is one. Non-monogamy is another. For example, Glenn Beck lost his show because he offended a very vocal minority. I don't like Glenn Beck. I object that he was fired because he offended people who decided to campaign against him.

If I don't like a show, I don't watch it. When evil people don't like a show, they pressure their corporate employer to fire him.


Anonymous said...

Bad things happen when there is a power imbalance.

Essentially employers have gotten to the stage where the majority of them act similarly.

If money was more evenly distributed then it would be one step towards the slaves having more power to push back against oppressive employers.

The current government and banking system constantly sucks money away from the slaves.

Without substantial reserves of money, slaves cannot walk out on bad jobs and cannot form their own competing companies.

The status quo legal system doesn't help. There are lots of legal strategies to wreck the plans of people that used to work with or for you.

Anonymous said...

The reference system whereby an employee cannot get another job without a permission slip ( = reference ) from his current or last employer is rife for abuse.

France, I think, has a better system. When an employee leaves a job he or she must be given an open written reference in his/her hand. Most other countries have a system whereby the reference is kept secret and sent directly to the new employers. Without openness the old employer can lie. Or even the reference can change over time AFTER the employee has left.

A friend of mine left one job. He asked for a reference. It was good and he got a new job. Years went by and he asked his old company for another reference. This reference was bad and stopped him getting a new job. What had changed? Well one manager left the company and the remaining managers obviously didn't like him.

Plus what is to stop a manager asking for a bribe in order to write a decent reference?

"Give me 1200 dollars or I will write bad things about you."

Don't think bad things like this don't happen.

Employees can't really speak out about abuses because they will just get a bad reference and suffer greatly when their careers are wrecked.

Anonymous said...

This is a true story, but I was told it so many years ago I've forgotten the details.

In one US company a woman had some sort of sexual interaction with a man higher up in the company than her.

She got fired and the man kept his job.

Companies support the directors and managers in a company, but NOT the employees. If a manager or director acts badly towards you, you will end up getting screwed, not the aggressor.

Complain about things and they will only construct a case against you from thin air.

When you go for your next job, your reference will say you are a troublemaker, don't fit in or are not a team player. All these descriptions are hard to pin down what exactly they mean and you will find it hard to sue against these sorts of vague descriptions.

Vague jelly is the lawyer's friend.

Complain and your employer will screw you. Your reference will say you are a troublemaker.

Anonymous said...

First, no one owes us a job. From here it follows, that no matter the law, you don't have to agree to a job contract unless you want to or unless it satisfies all of your demands.

So, no woman has to take any job lesser than what she wants, say a CEO. If she is really that valuable, then she will be hired.

If she is valuable, and she is not hired, then the company is going to lose money, and that is going to happen all over the world. Eventually, someone will figure out that there is a supply / demand dis-balance and get ahead of competition by hiring women like her.

You might say, this is in free market. Yes. Stop patching the system! Instead, demand free market! Anyone who is said to be concerned with any unfairness in job market and who is not concentrating on throwing the government out of economic system is simply a statist in a camoflage.

Anonymous said...

>If she is valuable, and she is not
>hired, then the company is going to
>lose money,

The thing is that the majority of companies all have a certain level of inefficiency.

It is hard to individuals to compete, because the slaves aren't allowed to accumulate money. Without significant savings you don't have the resources to set up a competing business.

The whole government and banking system is designed to suck money from people to stop them getting powerful.

> Instead, demand free market!

And how exactly do you demand a free market?

People demonstrate in the streets, but nothing gets done.

Anonymous said...

>You might say, this is in free
>market. Yes. Stop patching the
>system! Instead, demand free

In the United Kingdom a man offered some plumbers a better deal than their current employer. They would actually get a cut of the business.

So they left their employer and joined the new man. Bear in mind these people are plumbers. That means unblocking crap from toilets.

There is nothing secret or complex about clearing crap from toilets.

Yet the legal system did not like this. Slaves were competing against a former employer.

Lawyers said there are trade secrets in unblocking crap from toilets. Do you agree? Do you think these people are crazy?

I suppose if you have the police backing court actions you can say with a straight face there are trade secrets in unblocking crap out of a toilet.

Justice by guns, not by truth and real authority.

So the old employer gave the legal system a big wodge of cash and the nice legal system shut down the new company.

How does this differ from the mafia?

The legal system in the UK goes against a free market.

The legal system in the UK is NOT RIGHT TO WORK.

DC said...

Wheat will last thousands of years, perhaps indefinitely, if stored properly. Wheat seeds have been sprouted from samples collected in Egyptian tombs. ( I am a little suspicious about this, but scientists claim it is true.)

Wheat is very cheap right now compared to the effort of growing it yourself. Trading dollars for wheat seems like a good strategy.

There is only one crop of wheat per year. If the general public were to be convinced that food stores were important then the price of wheat would shoot into the stratosphere.

I personally am not into wheat to make money. I just want to make sure that I do not have to pay for it during the spike.

Kylie said...

sexual harassment laws are no longer plausible. Yet there remains an incontestable dilemma of women not being treated appropriately in many realms especially in work and yes that includes being bad-mouthed for references

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