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Monday, April 11, 2011

Paper Or Money?

There's a lot of State propaganda regarding money. State comedians say that paper money is superior to gold and silver.

Paper money is "flexible". "Flexible money" means "Insiders can easily steal via inflation."

Gold and silver are "inflexible". This is good. This prevents insiders from stealing via inflation.

Another joke is "The free market discredited the gold standard." Did the free market declare gold ownership illegal in 1933? Did the free market allow the Federal Reserve to print more gold-redeemable paper than they had in gold reserves?

Under a State fractionally-backed gold monetary system, a default is inevitable. State insiders print more gold-redeemable paper than they have gold. The "free market" leads to a run on the State fractionally-backed paper. The "official" price of gold starts deviating from the real price.

The "free market" is blamed. The State caused the default, by printing more gold-redeemable paper than they had gold. Sensing a default, people rationally start hoarding gold. In 1933, Roosevelt robbed people who acted rationally, by declaring gold ownership illegal.

Look at it from an individual point of view. Suppose your only monetary choices were:

  1. paper
  2. gold/silver/copper, valued at the metal price
There's no rational reason for an individual to prefer paper to real money. With paper, you can be robbed by inflation. Gold/silver/copper are excellent at preserving purchasing power over time.

State comedians say "You can't eat gold." You can't eat paper either. With gold, you can put it under your mattress and preserve purchasing power. With paper money, you're forced to invest it, lest you get robbed via inflation.

In a hard collapse SHTF scenario, both paper and gold will be useless. In a soft collapse, paper will suffer high inflation while gold and silver preserve their purchasing power.

There's a lot of State propaganda denigrating gold. There's a lot of pro-State brainwashing regarding money. You're an idiot if you prefer unbacked paper to real money.

From an individual perspective, there's no reason to prefer paper to gold. With paper, you can be robbed via inflation. With gold, you're protected from theft via inflation.


Anonymous said...

The fact that gold in inconvenient in an everyday use, always prompts a certificate, which then is misused to first fractionalize the practice, and then to convert it to fiat, then to abuse even that to the point of collapse.

Also, people have a peculiar weakness in that they like to nickname everything. Once they get to use a gold coin, they name it something, say a "sovereign". The government then uses the name to apply it to progressively lessen the resemblance with the original, eventually ending up with a worthless fiat under the same name. If people could abstain from this naming propensity at least with regards to money, then it would indeed be strange to call today's game participation points "ounces of pure gold", or at the very safest, it would be very hard for gold debunkers to continue to debunk gold, while at the same time promoting the use of "ounces of pure gold".

We are all to fallible for some magic, we want magic, no matter our reasonable deductions or experiences. Take fractional reserve banking for example. It is based on an idea that a thing can be in two places at once, or pure magic, in other words. I am of course referring to an idea that one can loan his money with interest, and still draw on it anytime he wants. This is a core promise that excuses the fractional reserve banking, and yes, this means that our rational world runs on pure magic.

Another magic that we exercise is the belief that we can trust our government not to steal, i.e. not to issue more points than there is gold on deposit. Believing in such nonsense is the same as believing in magic, and yet, our brave 2011 super-techno world runs precisely on this belief.

DC said...

If you expect shit-to-hit-fan a pretty good investment is wheat. You can purchase 5 gallon buckets of it and it will last as long as you are alive.

On another interesting topic I noticed today that Jay Severin was fired from his radio talk show job in Boston. He was a very high paid talk show host (1 million per year)for the last 10 years. I have listened to his show off and on for years. He regularly says that taxation is theft. I listened to the broadcast that got him fired. He was fired for saying that there is nothing wrong with a boss sleeping with his secretary, or many of them or all of them.
When he was younger and running his own business he would hire secretaries based on how hot they were. During the live broadcast he admitted that he would only hire cute, single, hot girls to work as his aides.

He got fired for being a Man.

Jay describes himself as a constitutional conservative. I think he a person who understands the truth but is not allowed to say it on radio.

Jay is a political analysis guy and he got fired for bragging about how many young hot staff members he fucked.

Is it a crime to fuck young hot women?

I guess his broadcast rubbed some upper level bitches the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

If theft is not a crime in a particular society, then truth must be!

But, with almost 10 mil in savings, nothing can stop him from keeping hiring hot girls till the day he dies, and from bragging about it!

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