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Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Obvious Google Search Flaw

Search for "magnavox". The #1 result is Magnavox's website, as it should be.

Search for "Magnavox 515h". (I'm thinking of buying one.) Magnavox's website is not in the top 10 results. That is an obvious defect in Google's search engine.

I'm annoyed. If I search for "XYZ", then XYZ corp's website is usually #1. If I search for "XYZ w", where XYZ makes w, then XYZ's website should be one of the top results.


Nari said...

If I want to find a manufacturer's website, I'd search for XYZ. However, if I am looking for info on their product and typing "XYZ gadget XX-000", then, obviously, their stupid website would be the last thing on my mind. I would need other websites that have info on XYZ products. So, the Google search does exactly what it supposed to.

Tell me FSK, if you need a cool tip about excel tricked out formula, do you want to see any information from the Microsoft?

I don't. Microsoft knows the least about excel. What about some cool stuff about WD HD TV? Do you think it is anywhere near Western Digital website? Nope! WD is the lamest source when it comes to their player. And so it is. The manufacturer is interested in one thing only: sell you a newer version. As far as the manufacturer is concerned, every defect in the product is a feature, pushing you closer to the cash register. They don't care about solving your needs.

Because our economy is fake, other things also don't make any sense. Such as the manufacturer ending up the worst place to look for the information about their product. They don't care!

Taxation coupled with inflation requires that there be no investment, but the volume and velocity, and that is exactly what they are doing.

I will give you another example. Go to any big manufacturer's website, and use their own search box to type in some of their own products. You will find nothing (not all of the firms, but most. WD and HP are actually know what they doing with search, but there are a myriad of those who don't! Try sony. Type "slv-798hf", - this is a vcr they made. It will come up with nothing, because they couldn't care less about you stuck with their product, they are not selling it anymore. Now type the same in google. You will find tons of links, pictures, and even some items for sale. This will include a manual download link from Sony. Why didn't you get it from their site? The official reason would be that you supposed to know that their "support" site is elsewhere. The real reason their search isn't referencing their support links is because they want you to get pissed off and buy a new gadget!).

Why make a useless search box, and waste an opportunity to showoff to a prospective buyer? Because, the search box is there for looks, not for function. It was placed there by a worthless web designer, who is a friend of a thieving manager, who know that the company's CEO is a rich boy lame duck idiot who was born into his chair, and won't even think of testing a search box!

This state of existence is defined as "decadence". It sucks, but we nevertheless have to go through it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is bad that most web searches use Google.

It gives them a huge monopoly position. People need to move over to use or as it is now called

Unless your business is on the first page of results you can suffer.

If Google tweaks their algorithms and you get pushed off, your business can go bust.

You can pay to use Google Adwords, but can you afford to pay 10 to 20% of your total sales for online advertising. Google Adwords is not scaleable.

Anonymous said...

Google search algorthims direct searches to where Google wants them to go. I found that out through detailed research many years ago. Where Google wants you to go is not a free and happy place.
Never trust Google. Never.

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